How to identify American short cat

       1¡¢ Look at the stripes. Generally speaking, the short and white stripes will be more expensive than the standard spots. The distribution of the short and beautiful stripes is special. Generally, there is a vortex pattern on both sides of the abdomen. 2¡¢ Look at the claws and nose. If the claws are pink and the nose is pink, it is called five powders, and the price of five powders will be more expensive. 3¡¢ Looking at the body shape, if the body is big and the face is big, the appearance is also good.

       When choosing to buy American short and white, it’s best to buy this kind of Silver Tiger spot and white. This kind of cat has tiger stripes on its body, and it’s white on its chest and claws. In particular, these white lines also show symmetry, which can be said to be the most precious. The overall white area should be about 50% of the body, which is the best quality Of course, its price is relatively high.

       If you like American short haired cat, you might as well take a look at the breed standard and the champion cat’s reward Choose your favorite short and beautiful type before you start to choose a cat. If you don’t limit the varieties, just look at the edge of the eye, it doesn’t matter. Just like it~

       Secondly, an ideal American short haired cat should have a strong and uniform body, with a medium to large size. Although the female is not as strong as the male, the overall coordination should be the same as that of the male. The length of the pure American short haired cat should be slightly longer than its height. From the side, the body is divided into three equal parts. The tail length is equal to the length from the shoulder to the bottom of the tail.

       The white range of the four claws is more symmetrical and even. The first requirement of American short and white claws is to have symmetrical four white claws. In addition, the patterns on the body, the outline of the face and the structure of the limbs are relatively symmetrical, which is about the evaluation of short and white. In the process of keeping a cat, you should choose a cat according to your own preference rather than a standard.

       Don’t buy it. It’s all a bunch of things! At present, many families keep cats as long as they are purebred, and they will be sold as what they like. Although there are more than 60 colors in meishou, the most common pattern in domestic cat houses is short and beautiful tiger patterns, which are also called cheese cats. As for the common fish bone pattern color, it is not an expert to start with. The probability of string is also very high. Novices recognize that tiger stripes are short and beautiful, colors are easy to recognize, and they are of mixed blood The possibility is very small, as shown in the picture!

       What’s more, buying cats face-to-face in the same city. It’s easy to be cheated by foreign consignments. It’s also very common to see the breed and color of the cat with random hair, or infectious diseases caused by long-distance shipping!

       The first thing we want to popularize is that meiduan is a cat species. From the name, we can see that this is a short haired cat originated from the United States. There are many short and beautiful colors and stripes. There are more than 60 kinds of approved colors and more than 10 kinds of stripes. At present, the domestic comparison of the standard stripes (tiger stripes), fish bone stripes and stripes with white (cheese cat).

       Use the shovel excrement official’s house to explain the shape of the standard stripes for you.

       Name of Master: black girl

       Gender: small public offering

       Age: 10 months

       1. The forehead is M-shaped pattern

       2. Butterfly pattern on the back

       (this one is shot according to the master)

       3. Three lines on the back

       4. Spiral pattern on the side of abdomen

       The fish bone pattern is shown in the figure below. You can refer to the picture to check the number.

       There are also stripes and white is everyone’s favorite cheese cat, I also like it very much.

       (as like as two peas?

       Generally, the chest and limbs are white, and there are eight character face.

       As for the price of different cities, there are great differences. Generally speaking, the pet level is between 3000 and 5000, and the competition level is about 8000-10000. You can choose according to your own economic situation. However, a lot of time to keep a cat is to see the edge of the eye, their favorite one is the best.

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