How to increase the amount of cat’s fur – how to increase the amount of cat’s hair and how to care for it

       1¡¢ The food is rich in variety and the nutrition should be balanced

       If you want to make your cat’s hair better, it’s crucial to supplement nutrition. Do not feed the cat a single cat food, the cat’s nutrition absorption is not good, of course, the hair can not be healthy and shiny. Can prepare some high protein, rich in vitamin food, chicken, fish. Make sure your cat has a balanced diet every day.

       2¡¢ Supplement soft lecithin nutrition granules

       In addition to the nutrition supplement in the daily diet, you can also give the cat lecithin nutrition granules, which can help the growth of cat hair and prevent skin diseases.

       3¡¢ Regular cleaning and hair care

       Don’t bathe your cat frequently. Just keep your cat clean. Comb your cat’s hair with a professional comb once or twice a day. Especially in the season of cat hair changing and depilation, we must pay attention to combing frequently, because at the same time, we are massaging the cat’s body, which is good for the growth of cat’s hair.

       4¡¢ Get in the sun

       Taking a cat out for sunbathing everyday can promote the blood circulation of the cat’s body. With proper exercise, it can promote metabolism and make the hair grow healthily.

       1. Correct and effective diet therapy

       Anyone who has ever owned a pet cat should know that cat hair needs enough nutrients such as protein, vitamin E and vitamin D. Only meet the nutrition of cat hair, can it be more beautiful.

       Therefore, if you want the cat’s hair fluffy, you must let the cat eat healthy. Pet owners can prepare some high protein, vitamin rich food for the cat, such as beef, salmon, chicken breast and so on. You can also feed the cat some meow. Want to… Lecithin supplement hair needs trace elements.

       2. Take care of the cat’s hair in time

       Pet owners in daily life must do a good job in the cat’s hair care, must comb it 1-2 times a day. Every year during the period of cat’s hair changing, more attention should be paid to combing. At the same time, when combing the cat’s body can be very good, which is also very good for the growth of cat hair.

       In addition, the cat’s bath also plays a very important role in the cat’s hair. When you give your cat a bath, you should choose the state. Fun. Cat. Shampoo. Don’t wash cats with soap, detergent or detergent.

       3. Sunshine bath and sports

       If the pet owner has time, he can take the cat to sunbathe, which can promote the cat’s blood circulation. At the same time, the pet owner should guide the cat to exercise reasonably at home to promote the blood circulation of the body, so as to better promote the health and growth of the hair. At the same time, it can also promote the metabolism of the cat, so that the cat can digest food better.

       Gross weight has something to do with the natural and acquired feeding

       If the quality of the cat is good, it will have a lot of hair

       In addition, in the usual diet to add more hair products meow want lecithin fish oil and so on

       Usually give the cat to eat fish, chicken, beef, shrimp and other high protein meat

       When the hair is well nourished, it will explode slowly

       Want Garfield’s hair thick and shiny. In daily life, to strengthen the nutrition of cats, you can feed cats some meow. Think. Lecithin, used to promote the growth of cat hair, enhance the toughness of fur, repair the damaged hair follicles, make Garfield’s hair become bright.

       What’s more, Garfield doesn’t have to wash too much like human beings. You can’t use adult bath products for cats. You should use cat’s bath gel.

       Cats and dogs lose their hair. Cat hair is more serious, cat tongue has barbed, like to use the tongue to clean their own skin, lick off the body hair, usually, to pay more attention to the care of cat hair, eat food can not be too salty, to pay more attention not to cause skin disease, can also be used with hair beauty powder to eat, with a little hair care wave

       There are many reasons. Check if jinjila’s skin has problems, such as tinea felis or parasites. If the cat has tinea felis, the skin will have obvious changes. Different from the normal skin, the cat’s skin will have erythema, increased dandruff, hair loss and baldness somewhere. When the nutrition of jinjila’s body can’t keep up with the time, the natural supplement of hair and hair loss will occur. Pet owners can’t often eat single food and cat food for cats. They should change food regularly and supplement nutrition for cats. They should make nutrition meals three to five times a week to make the cats eat balanced nutrition. We should pay attention to the diversity of diet, which can be appropriate Some chicken liver, duck liver, vegetables and fruits should also be properly fed. Meat with supplementary nutrition, consider feeding some meow. Think. Lecithin nutrition powder. If the cat’s hair is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to knot and fall off. When cleaning, you should use the bath products suitable for the cat. Do not use the bath gel like human, which will cause great damage to the cat’s skin and the natural hair will also be greatly affected