How to judge whether a cat is obese or not needs to be controlled

       Compared with dogs with more exercise, cats are more prone to obesity, especially after sterilization. Obesity not only brings a lot of inconvenience to their life, but also has a great impact on their health. Compared with normal cats, obese cats are more likely to suffer from hypertension, respiratory tract and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the owners should learn to judge whether the cats are on the edge of obesity and take timely measures.

       For the slim cats, such as Siamese cats and Singapore cats (details), if you get fat, you will first show it on their bellies. When they had a tight lower abdomen appeared soft pouch meat, the two sides of the body obviously bulged out, showing a jujube shaped, that they should lose weight. And when their faces and necks are obviously silly, it means they are too fat.

       But the original body fat cats, such as exotic short hair cats, can see the ratio of their head to stomach. If the width of the belly is greater than the width of the head, it indicates that their diet has exceeded the standard, and obesity has occurred.

       For cats with relatively strong body size, you can see the protrusion of their scapula. When the cat lies down, there is no obvious protrusion at the scapula. Then, you need to control the diet and start to lose weight.

       For cats with more fur, it is usually to help them wash after bathing. When the fur is close to each other, observe the proportion of different positions to determine whether they have obesity.

       How to lose weight for fat cats

       First, you can reduce your cat’s food intake by a quarter, and let your cat eat seven or eight percent full at each meal. You need to pay special attention to reducing the amount of food that is high in calories and fat. You can choose cat food specially formulated for fat cats, and don’t give them human food.

       Second, after reducing the diet of cats, then increase their exercise. Of course, don’t increase the amount of exercise at once, but gradually increase it so that they can have some time to adapt. For example, you can increase the time of walking around the bend every day. You can walk for 2-3 times in the early stage of weight loss. You can tease them with the toys they are interested in for a while, so as to increase the amount of exercise.

       Third, in the leisure time, do more indoor high consumption sports, such as running, jumping, etc. to consume the cat’s excess fat and heat, has achieved the effect of weight loss.

       To help your cat lose weight is to insist, because it takes a long process. Weight loss is not a day two days can be completed, rely on daily accumulation, slowly return to normal weight. In order to restore the healthy body and physical fitness of the cat, it is necessary for the owner to work hard to lose weight. This may be a month, two months, or even longer, but for the sake of the cat’s health, we can only stick to it, so as to ensure that the cat is not troubled by obesity.

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