How to keep cats from nine to five

       If you don’t keep a dog, it’s good for you and for your dog. You don’t have time and energy. You start raising a dog at least four times a day. You don’t have time to feed it. When you are a child, you have to teach him not to urinate at home, which takes a lot of time and energy. Although the older ones only need to eat one meal a day, they have to walk their dogs. If they don’t walk, they will be socially inferior and seriously bite their owners and strangers. When it comes to trouble, it’s really hard to deal with them. Don’t have a dog when you don’t have time. But if you’re rich and have a big house with a yard, you can feed one.

       First of all, you should ask your co tenant whether he or she agrees with you to have a dog. This is very important.

       If the other side doesn’t have a problem, it’s easy.

       I remember my dog took three injections and got a dog certificate. My dog just bought back when less than a month, just bought back in the evening will bark, because of fear or not used to it, this stage should pay attention to touch it, give him a sense of security. Dogs are actually very smart. They can quickly recognize what they can and can’t do from their owner’s expression, voice and so on. Basically, my dog never poops and urinates at home when he is three months old. All of them are solved in the grass when walking him sooner or later.

       In order to survive, there is no way to go to work. Dogs are used to it. Remember to walk the dog separately in the morning and evening.

       My family has a Dalmatian dog. It is calm and alert, strong, muscular and lively. It is not shy. It has a smart expression. It is easy to be taught, sensitive and alert. But it is easy to get along with children. The Dalmatian is well proportioned, has no exaggeration or roughness, has great endurance and runs quite fast. This is her picture

       It is a spotted, special dog; calm and alert; strong, muscular and lively; not shy; intelligent in expression; well proportioned; without exaggeration or coarseness. The Dalmatian has great endurance and runs quite fast. The head is rather long, the forehead is flat, the distance between the eyes is appropriate, the ears are of medium size and high position, the chest is thick, and the tail is long and curved upward. The neck is in a graceful arc shape, long in length, and smoothly integrated into the shoulder blades. The back line is smooth, the chest is deep, the chest volume is large, and the width is moderate, the ribs are well supported, but there is no barrel chest. The bottom of the chest extends down to the elbow. The bottom of the chest is in a graceful curve, and it is raised moderately to the rear of the body. The back is level and strong. The waist is short, muscular and slightly arched. The fossa of the whole waist is quite narrow. The hips are almost flat against the back. The scapular muscles are smooth and lean back. The length of the upper arm bone of the upper arm is roughly the same as that of the shoulder blade, and it is connected with the shoulder blade at a sufficient angle so that the foot claws can be located just below the shoulder blade. Elbows close to the body. Dalmatian

       The forelimbs are straight, strong and bony. The glue bone has a slight angle, showing flexibility. The hindquarters are very powerful and have smooth but very clear muscles. The knee joint is well bent. The hock position is low. When the Dalmatian is standing, the hind legs are parallel to each other from the hock to the feet when viewed from the rear. Nursing knowledge: need enough exercise; need to comb every day, but hair shedding more, not suitable for indoor. Dalmatian, also known as spotted dog. Height: 56-62cm, weight: 15-23kg. Country of origin: Yugoslavia. I believe anyone will be impressed by the Dalmatian dog with black spots on a white background. According to the ancient Greek carvings and ancient Egyptian murals, the dog has a history of thousands of years. Some people believe that it originated in Egypt and India. Loved by Gypsies, he was exiled throughout Europe. In the 19th century, the nobles in England and France regarded it as the guard dog of the carriage and ran behind the carriage. For this reason, it was also called the carriage dog. Coat color and spots are one of the important criteria for judging Dalmatian dogs. Therefore, any coat with spots other than black spots and melasma is inferior. The Dalmatian dogs love cleaning and bathing. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the hair or take a bath frequently. This kind of dog is indispensable for full exercise. The dog is calm and alert; strong, muscular and lively; not shy at all; intelligent in expression; easy to teach, sensitive and alert, but easy to get along with children. The Dalmatian is well proportioned; there is no exaggeration or coarseness; it has great power and runs very fast.

       Dalmatian is recognized as one of the most elegant breeds, with white and clear black spots, and can call people. In the 19th century, in Europe, especially in England, long-term companionship on the side of the carriage was used to prevent robbery on the road. The historical origin of this dog is still unknown. Some people think it is a British dog because of its frequent participation in the activities of the British aristocratic society. It is also believed that this dog originated in northern India. In the middle ages, it passed through Dalmatia and Yugoslavia with the gypsy carriage and arrived in Europe. Therefore, it is called the Dalmatian dog. Others believe the dog came from Egypt or Greece. Apart from the speckled features, the Dalmatian looks like a Boeing dachshund, so there seems to be a link between the two. Nature: lively, intelligent and diplomatic dog. And close to the nature of people, children like, like regular sports, full of vitality. When a Dalmatian dog is born, it is white, and the spots can be changed. When a dog is a dog, it appears a slight spot. As it grows up, the spot becomes obvious and becomes a unique mark

       Height: ©ƒ 58 female 48 cm weight: male 27 female 20 kg dog breed size © nursing requirement © exercise demand © getting along with other dogs © guard door defense ability

       The ideal shoulder height of a Dalmatian is about 19 to 23 inches. Too large or too small are defects. Any dog with a shoulder height of more than 24 inches, male or female, is disqualified. The whole length of the body (from the sternum to the buttocks) is approximately equal to the shoulder height. The Dalmatian dog has good physique, strong and strong bones, but never rough. Dalmatian

       The head of the Dalmatian dog is well coordinated with the whole body. It has the right length and no loose skin. Expression: the expression of the Dalmatian dog is alert and intelligent, showing a stable and outgoing temperament. Eyes: slightly open, medium-sized, round in appearance, well positioned on the head. The color of the eyes is usually brown or blue, or a combination of the two. A darker color is ideal. Usually, the eye color of black spots is darker than that of liver spots. Abnormal eyelids or eyelashes (entropion, ectropion, inverted eyelashes) are serious defects. Lack of eye pigment is also a serious defect. Ears: the ears are of medium size, with a slightly wider (proportionate) base, tapering, and rounded tips. High position, close to the head, thin and delicate texture of the auricle. When the Dalmatian is alert, the top of the ear is level with the top of the head, and the tip of the ear extends to the position of the cheek line. Head: the head is flat with slight longitudinal indentation in the middle. The width and length of the head are equal. Stop: the stop is moderately clear. The cheeks blend smoothly into a powerful tone. Muzzle: the outline of the muzzle is parallel to the outline of the head, and its length is roughly the same as that of the head. Nose: the color of the nose is black for dogs with black spots and brown for dogs with liver spots. Lack of pigment in the nose (partly or completely fleshy) is a serious defect. Lips: neat and tight, bite and: scissors bite. Maxillary protrusion bite or mandible protrusion bite is disqualification. [neck, topline, body] neck: it is in a beautiful arc shape, quite long, without fleshy, and smoothly integrates into the shoulder blade. Topline: smooth, chest: deep, chest volume large and moderate width, ribs well supported, but no barrel chest. The bottom of the chest extends down to the elbow. The bottom of the chest is in a graceful curve, and it is raised moderately to the rear of the body. Back: horizontal and strong. Waist: short, well-developed, and slightly arched. The fossa of the whole waist is quite narrow. Buttocks: relative to the back, almost flat. Tail: a natural extension of the topline. The position should not be too low. The roots are thick and thin to the end and extend to the hock. Never break the tail. The pose is a slightly upward curve, but never curl to the back. A circular tail or a tail too low is a defect. [forebody] scapula: smooth muscle and lean back. Upper arm: the length of the upper arm bone is about the same as that of the shoulder blade, and it is connected with the shoulder blade at a sufficient angle so that the feet can be just under the shoulder blade. Elbow: close to the body. Forelimbs: straight, strong and bony. Rubber bone: the rubber bone has a slight angle, showing flexibility. [hindquarters] the hindquarters are very powerful and have smooth but very clear muscles. Knee joint: good bending. Hock: low position. When the Dalmatian is standing, the hind legs are parallel to each other from the hock to the feet. Cattle legs are very serious defects. [feet] feet: very important. The front and rear feet are very round and compact, the pads are thick and elastic, and the toes are arched. Flat foot board is a very serious defect. In dogs with black spots, the toenails are black and / or white; in dogs with liver spots, the toenails are brown and / or white. The claws can be removed. [coat] the coat is short, thick, delicate and adherent. It’s neither wool nor silk. The appearance of the coat is smooth, shiny and healthy. Coat color and spots are one of the important criteria for Dalmatian dogs

       For this reason, any coat with spots other than black spots and melasma is inferior. The Dalmatian dogs love cleaning and bathing. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the hair or take a bath frequently. This kind of dog is indispensable for full exercise. [color and stripes] color and Stripes: color and stripes and his overall appearance are the key factors to be considered in the evaluation. The background color is pure white. A dog with black spots. The spots are thick black. The color of the spot is liver brown. In addition, any color stripes are disqualification. Spot: the spot is round and clear, the clearer the better. The spots range in size from 10 cents to half a dollar. The size of the spots was suitable and evenly distributed. It’s better not to mix the spots. Usually, the spots on the head, legs, and tail are smaller than those on the body. It’s better to have spots on your ears. Tricolor (rarely seen in this breed): tricolor is disqualified. Brown markings were found on the head, neck, chest, legs and brown tail of dogs with black or liver spots. Bronze black spots, discolored or / and darkened liver spots due to environmental influences or normal changes in the coat are not tricolor. Color block: color block is disqualification. Color block refers to a large area of pure black or liver colored hair without white coat. Larger than the normal spot area. The color block is dense, the color is shining, and the boundary is clear and smooth. A large area of color formed by mixing or overlapping many spots is not a color block. This area shows many individual spots, rugged boundaries, and / or white hairs. [gait] in the history of raising Dalmatian dogs, he was once used as a carriage dog, so gait and endurance are very important. It’s steady and easy. The balance of the front and back angles, combined with powerful muscles and good conditions, forms a smooth and effective movement. The driving force of the hindquarters is strong, which matches the full extension of the forebody. Keep the topline level. Elbows, hocks, and feet do not bend inward or outward. With the increase of running speed, it tends to a single track. [temperament] the Dalmatian is stable and outgoing, but dignified. Shyness is a serious defect

       The key points are as follows!!! ??£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡

       Feeding methods

       Because of the large size of the individual Dalmatian dog and hunting dog, it is more active, so the food consumption is relatively large. Therefore, the supply of feed should be more than that of other breeds. In daily food, should contain meat products 500 grams, and add the same amount of biscuits or cooked dry ingredients. The meat should be cooked, chopped, mixed with dry vegetable material, mixed with appropriate amount of water, and then fed. Feed must be fresh and clean, feeding utensils should be washed frequently and disinfected. Feeding should be fixed at a fixed time, limited to 15-25 minutes to eat, when the surplus food and utensils will be taken away, forcing it to develop a good habit of fixed-time feeding. Dalmatian

       You should also feed 2-3 clean water every day. Dalmatian is a lively and active dog. You should take it out for a walk or run in the hospital every day. After each exercise, brush it to remove the dirt and dirt on the fur, and then wipe it with velvet or soft towel for a while, so as to keep it clean and beautiful. It should also be bathed regularly, every 10-15 days when it is cold, and every 3-5 days when it is hot. Every 3-5 days, it is necessary to remove ear wax, dental wax and wash eyes with 2% boric acid water (dip the water with absorbent cotton wool) to prevent eye diseases such as keratitis. And trim its feet regularly. At ordinary times, it should be trained and trained to form the habit of not scratching clothes, curtains and sand release without claws, and the habit of obeying the master’s command and loving cleanliness, especially the habit of defecating at fixed points and not defecating anywhere. In breeding, we should pay attention to observe its diet, behavior and other manifestations and state, once found to have disease should be treated immediately. In addition, this dog has a very big characteristic – not general lecherous! It is worth noting that the appearance of the spotted dog is very similar to that of the British Boeing Da, so we should pay attention to distinguish them~

       As an office worker, you can’t take care of your cat at home during the day. Therefore, in the selection of cats should choose a more independent character of the pet cat. In this way, on the psychological level, the cat is relatively strong and independent, and its dependence on its owner will be relatively reduced. This is very important for office workers.

       Maybe the owner of the cat would like you to leave early and return late. Cat star people are lazy. They don’t want you to disturb them by sleeping in the sun. When the cat comes home in the evening and the owner is full of sleep, remember to play with her at this time. Cats don’t need too much exercise, so they don’t make a mess of your home when you go to work like a dog. But the refrigerator, the wardrobe, the air conditioner and the chandelier should be careful. These high places are much more fun for cats than you are, so don’t put expensive and fragile things in such places. Every day after work, I saw the soft and lazy cat owner. I picked it up and sucked for a while, which just drove away the fatigue of the day. The cat who had a rest day just enjoyed playing with her and tickling her. At the weekend, you should also remember to take the cat owner to visit the outside world, breathe fresh air, roll on the lawn and stretch.

       When Bai is at home alone, parents should prepare some delicious food for her in advance. For example, feed your cat before you go to work in the morning to make sure it won’t be hungry all day, and have enough water for the day. In order to avoid the cat too boring and lonely, you can also buy some toys that the cat likes, so that it can pass the boring time. 4¡¢ Office workers in a row after five days of working time, in the weekend time, as parents can not spend in bed. It’s a good choice to take your cat out for a walk and stroll around the garden.

       Office workers should choose the right cat species according to their own personality characteristics. For example, if you are quiet and afraid of loneliness, you can choose a cat with a sweeter and quieter personality to raise. If you are cheerful and lively, you can choose a cat with a naughty, cheerful and lively personality. And cats with gorgeous long hair are more suitable for diligent, like to clean up and take care of their owners. And lazy owners are more suitable for short haired cats, because short hair is relatively good for cleaning and finishing, not easy to deposit dust and dirt.

       If you are a busy office worker, you should choose a cat with strong independence, easy hair care and strong character to raise. You can’t choose a cat with sweet personality, over dependence on its owner, and having long hair and hard to care for. Such as American short hair cat, British short hair cat, foreign short hair cat, Bengal leopard cat, these independent strong short hair cats are more suitable.

       Now who doesn’t go to work? It’s boring for a dog to stay at home during the day. But the key is to interact with him more after you go home. You should really love your dog rather than try to be fresh. If you have a dog for the first time, start to prepare dog kennels, utensils, toys, baths, combs, etc., and then buy dog food every month. Dog food a few yuan a Jin to dozens of yuan a Jin have.

       It is suggested that:

       1. You don’t have to go out for a walk every day, but you’d better make sure there are at least a few days a week.

       2. Cost depends on the individual, as long as you take care of her, I think it’s good. The dog is very loyal, you do not have a conscience drop on its body to spend, enough. Dog food domestic to imported, the price difference is very big, the better 600 yuan 30 pounds. In addition, every year to vaccinate, sick to see a doctor

       3. Although I have my own home, but also from 9 to 5, but my dog is still very lively, because I am at home time with him to play. Most of them are office workers. I don’t think that’s a problem.

       I also go to work. In fact, you just need to give it food and drink, put some toys at home, and accompany it more after work. The automatic feeder and water feeder I bought in * * can be set every time. When the dog is hungry, he can go back to eat. Toys are indispensable at home, because he will not have them at home after you go to work. Usually regular deworming vaccination, more observation of the dog’s physical condition is no big problem.

       First of all, I am also from Beijing. I have three cats in my family. I have been sterilizing, epidemic prevention and seeing a doctor at the companion pet hospital in the northeast corner of the official Park. It is quite regular there. You are recommended to go there. (it’s not advertising them, but there are too many poor hospitals now.)

       1. The vaccination needs to be given cat triple vaccine and rabies vaccine every year, 60 yuan per kind. About 200 female cats were sterilized and more than 100 male cats were male. However, your cat is relatively small and does not need sterilization for the time being. It is better to wait until it is sexually mature. And the cat is still small, not suitable for it in a hurry to deworming or bathing, its resistance should not be high, in a hurry to expel insects or take a bath is easy to make it sick, you can use a towel with warm water to help it wipe. If a cat has a skin disease such as ectoparasites or tinea felis, it will scratch the itch frequently. You can rest assured that there are not many germs that cats can infect people.

       2. If the cat is too small to drink milk, you need to prepare it: add 3 ml water, 2 tsp sugar and 6 drops of cod liver oil to every 9 ml milk or milk powder, and feed the cat about 3 ml every 2 hours. If the cat has been weaned, you can feed the cat food and canned kittens, which are available in supermarkets. It is suggested that do not homemade food to cats and cats, which is easy to cause malnutrition of cats and cats, resulting in vitamin deficiency, resistance will be reduced, easy to get sick.

       3. It’s very dangerous for cats and kittens to take a cold. It’s very dangerous for cats to take a bath now. It’s very dangerous for cats and cats to take a bath. Frequent bathing can also damage the sebum of cats and cats, resulting in dull fur color of cats and even lead to skin diseases such as pruritus. Still suggest to use warm towel to wipe cat, can wipe a bit frequently. Cat’s fur should be combed regularly. Buy a special comb, brush and open knot comb for it, preferably once a day. It can promote the metabolism of cat skin and remove excess dander. Cat’s ears are prone to ear mites, pay attention to the prevention of cats and cats, you can use a clean cotton swab with special ear drops to clean the ear canal of cats at regular intervals. By the way, cat ear mites infect people.

       4. Cats and cats need some space for activities, but they may not be very large. Don’t worry about this. As for the rest place, as long as it is warm, dry and clean, although I have prepared cat nest and cat climbing frame for my cats, they are basically not used. As for the problem of going to bed, as long as it is clean, it doesn’t matter.

       5. Cats and cats are very independent animals. As long as food, water and litter are arranged for them, they can take care of themselves when there is no one. If you have enough money, you can buy them regular food utensils and automatic water dispensers. If you save money, you can prepare fresh and clean food and water in the basin and water basin every day.

       6. Cats will go to the bathroom by themselves. Prepare a cat toilet or plastic basin for it. It is larger than the size of a cat. The litter is filled in it. The cat will excrete there by itself. All you need to do is clean up the cat’s excrement with a litter shovel every day. Then give it some litter. Replace the litter in the litter basin at intervals, and then disinfect the basin.

       7. Be sure to communicate with your mother. In fact, cats are not animals that need to worry about. Unlike dogs, they go for a walk every day. In addition, how pitiful the stray cats are. Now it’s thirty-nine days. It’s very cold outside. Cats and cats will freeze to death if they lose them. Talk to mom. She’ll agree. In addition, you should take care of the cat as much as possible to make the mother feel that she is not simply looking for a burden.

       8. If you want to be close to cats, you should first have love and heart. You should spare more time to play with cats, touch them, and talk to them. In fact, cats are very smart. They know who is good for them. For a long time, when the cat fully trust you and rely on you, it is difficult to get close to it.

       9. Most of the time cats are sleeping, but most of the sleep is light sleep, some movement will wake up. If we say active, it is more active at night, after all, it has nocturnal nature. A cat that has been sterilized will no longer sound heartrending.

       There are still many problems about cats and cats. Cats have more than 70 kinds of common diseases and 20 kinds of abnormal behaviors. I hope you can have time to study this knowledge, which can enrich yourself and be fun. In addition, there is a magazine in Beijing called pet life – Cat fans. It will also introduce some cat problems.

       I wrote some cat disease prevention and common sense of keeping cat in my baidu blog, if you want, you can go and have a look.

       A cat larger than a napkin carton usually lasts about a month

       1. Now there is no need to go to the hospital for examination. The newborn kittens can get antibiotics from the milk of £¤ and thus have innate immunity to the disease. In the first few weeks, this natural antibiotic is very effective, so there is no need to vaccinate the kittens. Two months later, the natural immunity of the kittens began to decline, so they need to be vaccinated. However, a very small number of kittens are allergic to the vaccine, May cause danger to life

       Kittens less than 12 weeks or less than 3 months can’t get rid of internal and external parasites

       If you want to see whether the kitten has fleas, you can comb it carefully with a fine toothed comb. If you see small black particles, you can put them on a wet napkin. If you find that it turns reddish brown, it is flea excrement, which contains undigested cat blood

       If the kitten has fleas, you need to carefully comb the small black particles in the fur with a fine toothed comb, and then wipe the kitten with a warm towel. The flea repellent should not be used until 12 weeks later, although some drug instructions indicate that it can be used early

       Fleas on cats can’t parasitize people, because fleas like to parasitize in places with higher temperature, while kittens’ body temperature is about two degrees higher than that of humans. Therefore, although fleas occasionally bite people, they will never parasitize on people. You can rest assured

       After 12 weeks, both in vitro and in vivo parasites can be considered

       For external parasites, you can use Simmons cat flea less than 25 yuan a bottle, 30 ml, not toxic, pregnant female cats can use, remember to buy a cat, not to buy dogs, this medicine can remove fleas, ear mites and ticks. But there are fake in the market, must buy in the regular pet store

       You can spray the cat’s whole body against its fur, and then massage it with your hands to let the drug penetrate evenly. Basically, there will be no fleas in two days. A bottle can be used many times

       Freon works well, but it’s expensive and needs to be used up at once, so it’s not suitable for home use

       Don’t buy Miechongning. Although it looks cheap, it’s not cheap for a small bottle. Moreover, it’s toxic. It can damage the cat’s skin and fester

       Don’t give your cat a collar. The medicine in the collar is very toxic. Even adult cats are easy to be poisoned. And after three months, the drug will be useless. The most important thing is that if your cat is free range, it must climb trees. If the collar hooks the branches, it will be dangerous

       To get rid of the parasites in the body, you can buy anlex deworming tablets produced by Xi’an YANGSEN for cats to eat. A box of six tablets is only about two yuan and six pieces. The dosage is twice a day, half a piece each time. If you eat it for three days, you will beat down the worms in your stomach

       It can be used to treat Enterobius vermicularis, Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris duodenalis, strongylodes faecalis and tapeworm infection alone or in combination. After eating it, the worms will be discharged on the same day, and the cat will have no discomfort.

       Don’t take changchongqing, which has a strong reaction and is mainly aimed at Ascaris lumbricoides. Tapeworms, Ascaris lumbricoides, pinworms and hookworms are common worms in cats

       Repel the cat every three to four months

       2. Kittens should not be weaned now, but do not give the kittens milk. Milk contains lactose, and some cats lack lactose digestive enzyme or lactose enzyme, so it is easy to cause chronic diarrhea. Some kittens will be allergic to milk protein, and the result is chronic diarrhea

       Although not all kittens drink milk like this, but for the sake of kitten’s health, it is recommended not to drink milk. Go to the pet store to buy special cat milk powder, dog milk powder can also be adjusted and fed with syringe, two to three hours, each time feeding 10 ml left and right. If the kitten can lick, you can put the milk in a shallow dish for the kitten to lick

       When feeding a kitten with a syringe, you need to gently place the syringe in the kitten’s mouth, and then gently put the syringe into the kitten’s mouth. Pay attention not to be too violent, or the kitten will panic. Gently push the syringe, and the milk will slowly drip into the kitten’s mouth.

       Be sure to heat the milk to 38 degrees, and the temperature of cat blood is the same high, then you can feed the kitten.

       Refer to the following methods:

       After adding hot water to the milk (such as adding cold water, milk and water are not easy to mix) and then inhaled into the syringe. Before feeding the kitten, try the temperature on the back of your hand first. Don’t be too hot or too cold.

       If you can’t buy cat milk powder, it’s recommended that you use the rice paste or boiled rice soup with some meat or fish paste. If you don’t want to buy it, you can chop the fish and meat into the rice paste and give it to the kitten. Add a drop of children’s vitamin (only one drop a day is enough)

       Four weeks later, that is now, you can still feed some canned cats or wonderful fresh bags, but the main thing is to feed them with milk. Two months later, while feeding, you can make the cat food soft with water. Besides, you can also put some cat food that is not soaked in water. Sometimes the kittens will go to eat them themselves

       Now you can choose cat food for young cats. When the cat is one year old, it can be changed into cat food

       3. Do not take a bath for the kitten within three months, and wipe it with a warm towel. Even if it is more than three months later, it is better not to take a bath frequently. Generally, once every two months, because there is grease on the cat’s fur, it can be waterproof and dustproof. If you take a bath often, the cat will be easy to get dirty. Moreover, due to the dry skin, it is easy to cause skin diseases and parasites

       4. It doesn’t need a big house to raise a cat, but only a small space can make the cat happy

       Cat’s nest is very important, mainly depends on how you prepare to raise

       If it is stocking, there will be more or less fleas on the cat. It is suggested to use cardboard boxes or plastic packing boxes with towel cushions inside. Then it is OK to throw them away and change them. If cloth is used, flea eggs will easily parasitize inside, and cats will not be willing to enter

       If it is domesticated, there is no flea problem. Cloth or velvet ca

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