How to keep the cat from stretching its paws – how to keep the cat from grabbing people

       Cat slaves should have had the experience of being caught by a cat. Cats are very happy. Maybe you touch her sensitive nerves when you are not careful. So how should we train cats to avoid hurting people?

       1¡¢ Water spray

       The cat is afraid of water. If the cat obviously attacks you, spray water on it to stop it. If the cat bites again, think about it.

       2¡¢ Yell

       Although the cat can’t understand the content of our speech, it can hear the change of the tone and tone of our speech. If the cat launches an “attack” on you, you should clearly reprimand him and pat him to warn him that this is not the right behavior. If the cat repeats it, it can get good results after a period of time

       3¡¢ Visual field shift

       The kitten has unlimited energy and will want to find someone to play with him. If possible, the family can have two cats, so that they will not be lonely when the owner is not at home, and they will not have the energy to attack people.

       4¡¢ Venting

       Prepare some molars, claw stones, toys, paper balls, etc. for cats. Cats will catch mice and be aggressive. They will let them vent with toys to satisfy their nature of biting.

       5¡¢ Nail clippers

       If the cat at home is used to catching people and can’t change it, the best way is to cut their nails! This at least reduces the pain.

       Never do amputation operation!! I took my cat to have sterilization operation yesterday. I heard that the anesthesia for sterilization can be used to amputate fingers. I did it together. I didn’t know about the amputation operation before. I thought that there should be no pain in general anesthesia, but I didn’t expect it! After returning home, the anesthesia failed. The cat was in a coma for several times! The cat didn’t like to be covered with gauze at all, and tried to break it open, for fear that it would infect the wound. This night, he kept dressing it up, and it would bleed a lot of blood! Small claws are purple, estimated to be blood stasis inside, looking at the pet so painful, I hate myself! I’d rather it scratched all the furniture in the house! I admit that my ignorance has hurt it, and I feel very guilty! I really want to tell all cat owners not to do this operation! The pain of the cat is unimaginable! Really?

       It plays with you, you find it a few toys that can make it interested, it won’t hurt you when looking for you to play?

       After a year old kitten, you ask it, it may not be willing to play with you, kittens on this time the most lovely.

       When it grabs you very hard, you should tell it softly, gently, gently hug sister.

       If it hurts you, pick up one of its small claws. Don’t pat it too hard. Tell it that if you do, you’ll be beaten.

       Often talk to cats, such kittens grow up with human nature is also sensible.

       Buy him some toys to play with

       For example, a table tennis ball, a board that can be scratched, and a ball that can sing and move by itself, I bought a ball for my cat. As soon as the ball pressed the switch, it sang, jumped and flashed, scaring the cat all over the room. I bought this for 15 yuan. The quality is also good. I haven’t changed the battery for half a year.

       The cat’s paw is actually out of the reason. Maybe when you hold it, it feels like it’s going to fall down, and it will want to catch you. My cat is also a little cat. It doesn’t know that it hurts you to stretch out its claws. The next time it hurts you, you will call in front of it, grab its claws, touch its nails and tell him that you can’t stretch out the nails When it hurts for a long time, it will have a long memory. It can also cut his nails after the bath and let her grasp some special claw training things, so that you won’t hurt so much when it accidentally catches you

       First of all, you should cut off its nails. Just cut off the white one. Pink is from meat.

       Cut it carefully. When cutting, don’t cut too close to the pink side!

       This should be not completely trust you! You said it was picked up outside. It’s more or less on the alert. You need to get in touch with it more. Get along with a long time should be no problem!

       I used to have cats like this. Because it was very small at that time. It’s often clawed! It’s OK after a long time! Come on!

       If you want to train your cat not to scratch, you need to prepare some cat scratch boards for them before you start training.

       When choosing a cat scratch board, find a paw board that is at least as high as the cat’s, the height at which the cat stands on its hind feet. Make sure the cat’s claw board is fixed in place so that the cat won’t sway when it scratched. The cat scratch board should be rough and tough.

       Place the cat scratch board near the furniture that the cat has scratched, or place the cat scratch board in the place where the cat may scratch, such as the place where the Champions League cat food is normally fed. Pay attention to put more cat scratch boards at home.

       If you want to make the cat scratch board more attractive, you can rub some cat mint on the cat scratch board. Then take the cat to catch it once, leaving the smell of the cat on it.

       During the training process, we should also prevent the cat from scratching. When the cat approaches and tries to scratch a piece of furniture, it says “no!” out loud Or spread the smell around the furniture that the cat doesn’t like, which can reduce the cat’s interest in furniture.

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