How to keep two months’ chinchilla – two months’ life!

       Don’t disturb it too much for the moment. Chinchilla is timid and needs time to get familiar with the environment. Of course, it is also related to the cat’s personality.

       It’s better to eat grass for about a week for the cat who just came back. It’s not a big problem to eat less food at this stage. Don’t give snacks. The 2-month-old cat’s gastrointestinal function is not perfect. Eating snacks is harmful to health.

       By the way, it doesn’t eat food. It may be that the food you feed is different from what it used to eat, so it eats less, but it doesn’t matter. It will be better after a long time. Must not connive it does not eat staple food, as a last resort, can take hunger treatment!

       Cultivate feelings: spend more time with him, be patient, take your time, and scratch is a good way to let the cat down his guard against you.

       I hope you and cat can have a good life~

       My cat does not eat food, only eat grass, there is no way, you can supplement it with other food. It takes a while to cultivate feelings. Take your time. Anyway, don’t be forced to hold it. I just hold my cat compulsively. As a result, I take it out of phobia

       It’s good to scratch it more. Cats like to scratch their necks

       That little guy, basically very timid, and people familiar with the feeling or the individual has a big factor

       I have two of them. They are always afraid of people. As soon as the hand is close to me, it will coo and coo, and the other will be very docile and curious. As long as the hand is put at the mouth of the cage, it will climb out along the hand, climb up to your shoulder, and run on both sides

       Chinchilla is afraid of the environment. If you keep it in the same room all the time, you always let it out to play. One day, when the table is moved away, other things will make it very nervous. If you let it out, you will bump it.

       Don’t scare it, bit by bit. At the beginning, let it calm down and don’t tease it all the time, and then slowly rely on the food to cover the relationship and divide the personality. Some can recover after a week or a month. Don’t frighten it, especially if there are children. Don’t knock or throw things into the cage

       Almost, just come back when you can’t disturb him, first let him familiar with the environment, and then slowly step by step, general little guy out of the wind is a small wild man, do not let you touch, slowly good, my family now more than a year, almost let the wind run with the master, but sometimes will be short tempered, ignore you, do not let you touch! ~They are the kind of big man type little pets, ha ha

       Just take home the kitten don’t force it, let it gradually adapt to the new home, and wash hands before playing with it~

       Originally, I wanted to tease it with small snacks, but 2 months is too small. You can put the food in your hand and let it eat. It will like you when it is familiar with you, but it needs time. Please be patient with it. Chinchilla is very sensitive

       Do not let touch is a normal situation, cultivate more feelings! When he was a child, don’t feed indiscriminately. His stomach is very fragile, and he has diarrhea easily. It’s better not to feed snacks for 2 months, just feed one day of grass instead of food. A little bigger, you can make some dried apples and papaya, but also less to feed! Hope it works for you

       Just bought it, right? Chinchilla is timid and needs a period of adaptation. Just take home, do not immediately play with him, let him get familiar with the environment, the first day not close to the cage, insist on feeding him every day, slowly for a long time, he will be with you. You can eat cereal, but it has to be pure wheat.


       Although the cat chinchilla is small in size and generally kept in a cage, it is very troublesome to clean up and smell big. Besides, this little guy is always jumping up and down. It’s very noisy. It’s not very cute. It’s just cute in animation. Mink hasn’t raised it. But I think it’s expensive. Now I don’t have enough money to raise it. Ha ha ha

       Cats, born in heaven, eat everything, but dirty, urine stink, chinchilla, can only be kept in captivity, small physique, can not hold to play, can only appreciate pet mink, love clean, long sleep time, not disturbing people, high IQ, can hold play, walk more, please go to “mink net” for further study

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