How to let the dog not lie down – how to let the dog not bite?

       It’s better to buy a cage to lock it up, because the general pet dog is more docile, and will not have such aggressive performance. First lock it up, and then gradually cultivate feelings with him, such as feeding, combing and touching. If you can slowly correct it, it may be a short-term cause of irritability. If you can’t correct it for a long time, you should Think about how to deal with the dog, so as to avoid inevitable trouble.

       There are several reasons for biting people: your dog is likely to be a dog in estrus. At this time, the dog will appear abnormal to things, and will bark and howl inexplicably. Sensitive dogs will have different degrees of doubt about people and animals around them. In order to “protect yourself” and make some warning attacks, this is a normal reaction!

       Dogs have rabies. The main symptoms of rabies are: high degree of dryness, fear, unwilling to let people near, cry like wolf howl, green eyes, fear of water, wind, light, sound, etc., and gradually appear throat muscle spasm, drooling, paralysis, respiratory and circulatory paralysis and other symptoms, and eventually died of respiratory and circulatory failure.

       Dog breed is not pure, it is a string! General string of character temperament are more irritable!

       Landlord, your dog eat POOP is the lack of trace elements performance, you go to buy some pet specific trace elements for it to eat, a week to eat stool phenomenon is good!

       There are several reasons for biting people

       First, your dog is likely to be in estrus. At this time, the dog will appear abnormal to things, and will bark and howl inexplicably. Sensitive dogs will have different degrees of doubt about people and animals around them, and make some warning attacks in order to “protect themselves”. This is a normal reaction!

       Second, dogs have rabies. The main symptoms of rabies are: high degree of mania, fear, unwilling to let people near, cry like wolf, eyes green, fear of water, wind, light, fear of sound, and gradually appear throat muscle spasm, drooling, paralysis, respiratory and circulatory paralysis and other symptoms, and eventually died of respiratory and circulatory failure.

       Third, the dog breed is not pure, is a string! General string of character temperament are more irritable!

       I advise you to buy a cage to lock it up, because the general pet dog is more docile, will not have this kind of aggressive performance, first lock it up, and then gradually cultivate feelings with him, such as feeding, combing, stroking these most basic start, if you can slowly correct, it may be a short-term cause of irritability, if it can not be corrected for a long time We have to consider how to deal with the dog, so as to avoid the inevitable trouble!

       I hope my answer to you can help, if you feel satisfied with the best answer! thank you!

       If you bite or scream, give it two sentences and hit it in the head. But usually, the dog should be trained regularly, such as making gestures to make the corresponding actions according to the gestures, and then give the dog biscuits or dog food as rewards.

       The training of dogs deepens the relationship between people and dogs

       –Dogs, no matter what breed they are, need to be trained.

       –Why do you say that? Because if you raise untrained dogs, the dog owners are the most tired and the neighbors are the ones who suffer the most. Among them, the most pitiful is the dog that has been abandoned by its owner and alienated by the people around him because he has done something wrong without training.

       –Untrained dogs like to bark. It barks when people or other dogs or cats pass by. Sometimes they bark without a reason. Untrained dogs can’t understand people’s intentions. It also barks harshly at night or in the morning when people need quiet. In this way, it will be complained by the neighbors, and the owner will immediately turn to the dog’s reprimand, showing that he can’t bear it and is very angry. The dog still barks for no reason. For the sake of the relationship between neighbors, dog owners often beat the dog to stop it. However, this way makes the dog completely distrust the owner, and it can’t be saved. The relationship between the dog and the owner is cracked.

       –In addition, lively and active dogs, as long as they see people at home will jump forward. If you put on clean clothes ready to go out, at this time, all over the mud dog jumped over, is very annoying. But this is just the dog happy performance, can not stop. It is common for a large dog of medium size to knock down a child or an old man. But dogs don’t always jump around like this. It’s only when you see your family that you’re happy.

       –Untrained and pampered dogs are developed into “stubborn dogs” that even their owners can’t control. When visitors come, it barks. Even some dogs will have no scruples to eat the food on the table or bite the guests, or even threaten the family members. When you go out for a walk, you slowly drag the host to walk, and you don’t care about your defecation in front of someone else’s house It will make people very unhappy.

       –The purpose of training dogs is to make them understand their owners. It is a very pleasant and safe thing for a dog to obey his master. In addition, the dog is very happy to be caressed or rewarded for obeying his master.

       There are many kinds of spiritual training for dogs.

       In addition, training methods are attached:

       reference material:

       How to train a dog to be obedient

       Our puppies must be taught to obey orders from childhood. It’s like the rules of pediatricians. Only in this way can we adapt to our daily life and enjoy ourselves.

       First of all, we should strengthen some basic training. If some dogs hear someone passing by the door, they will howl; if there are more people going in and out, it will bark at random; if there is any movement at night, it will bark as usual to wake people out of their sleep. In this case, you should immediately grasp its mouth with your hand, shake your head and say “no”. After a few attempts, it will understand what it means and will not scream because someone is passing by.

       Secondly, we should pay attention to strengthen the training, especially those prohibited behaviors. The methods are similar. For example, some puppies like to bite furniture, tablecloths and potted plants. It doesn’t help if we lose our temper, hit it and kick it. It should be opened immediately, its mouth closed with one hand, and a sharp voice of “no” or “no”. The tone of voice must be strong, not to appear weak, not to be blind or indulgent.

       It is worth reminding that when the dog has the above behavior, if it is touched by the hand and the tone is gentle, it will be misunderstood as encouragement.

       Basic obedience training of dogs

       Due to different temperament, some dogs are easy to train and some are difficult. But if you train properly, whether or not you have a band around your neck, you will be obedient. Generally speaking, six-month-old dogs are required to begin formal obedience training, but some dogs can start early, and others grow later. Training requires not only the trainer’s patience and control, but also the dog’s patience and control. If you have little or no experience with dog problems, you’d better ask a veterinarian or an experienced dog trainer from your local breeding club for guidance.

       1. Train the dog to wait and come

       A. Ask the dog to sit down with a simple gesture. Whenever you’re going to teach your dog something new, ask him to sit down to make sure he’s focused.

       B. When the dog sits down, he can give a second command, “wait.”. At the same time, walk around the dog with the leash to see if he is sitting all the time.

       C. Walk in front of the dog, back to the strap and repeat the command “wait” if. If the dog moves, go back and practice again.

       D. Call the dog’s name and immediately say “come here.”. Praise the dog or let him go until he sits down.

       2. Train the dog to keep down position

       A. When the dog was sitting, the command “get down” and pat the ground gently. In training obedience, start with a command and a look.

       B. Pull on the strap in order to enhance the effect of the command if necessary. At the same time, the command “do not move” is issued. This command can be used when you want the dog to remain in a down position before you return to it.

       C. Go forward to the length of the leash and turn to face the dog. If the dog wants to move at this time, you can use the palms of your fingers to indicate that you should continue to strengthen the meaning of “don’t move”.

       D. Go back to the dog in about a minute to see if it continues to stay down. The obedient dog does not move even when the trainer is away. This kind of training can strengthen the dog’s obedience to the master’s command.

       E. Release the dog from a position. Praise the dog after each practice. Make it understand that practice is over. With a touch and a few words of praise, most dogs will feel very happy and willing to accept all kinds of training obediently.

       Correct dog bites

       A dog that is usually very docile and does not attack people suddenly becomes very unfriendly to the children of the host family in a certain period of time, and even barks at them, which makes the children scared and hurt. The reason is mainly due to the jealousy of dogs.

       In order to correct this kind of behavior, we should not punish it, but care and reward. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

       The specific method is: when the child is away, the owner should give the dog a cold shoulder, or even ignore it completely. When the child is with the dog, the owner should show his concern and caress for the dog, and feed him a piece of delicious food. If the dog is repeated several times a day, the dog will gradually form. The appearance of the child can also make it get the care and caress of the owner, so as to get along well with the child and no longer attack.

       Moreover, some children are not friendly to dogs, often beating and kicking them, which is also a reason for dogs attacking children. This should guide them to get along well with dogs.

       Toddlers are not allowed to stay alone with dogs in case of accidents.

       If it is found that the dog also attacks other small animals, it is necessary to strictly restrict the dog before it is ready, such as tethered breeding.

       ***Dogs that cannot be corrected should be eliminated.

       Let the dog understand that it is happy and safe to be with its owner

       The so-called dog that can coexist with human beings refers to the dog who has learned the rules of human society. The so-called human society refers to the family of the owner and the surrounding environment. Living in an apartment in the city is different from living in a single house far away from the earth in the mountains. The environment is naturally different and the living rules are also different. In the urban environment, there must be “can” and “can’t do” things. Teaching a dog some rules is called “training.”. “Training” is not equal to “reprimand”. This is very important. In human society, the use of reprimand on children, it is easy for them to have rebellious psychology, not to mention the dog who does not speak to people. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the effect of training dogs only by reprimand, and it will lead to the other extreme, making dogs produce “people are not trustworthy”. Some people think that verbal teaching is not as effective as corporal punishment. So, when the dog is disobedient, kick it or hit it. In this way, for them, it is tantamount to threatening their life and safety, thus creating a kind of rebellious mind. In this way, the original training purpose is lost.

       Although the dog is a kind of intelligent animal, but also is not easy to teach once can learn immediately. It should be taught over and over with patience. We should put an end to a series of bad behaviors such as reprimand and corporal punishment. Those who are good at training dogs will make them understand that it is the happiest and safest to be with their owners.

       In order not to confuse the dog with his family’s orders or to be disturbed by doubts about the rules, the family should unify their views.

       (1) The whole family came together to make a unified rule.

       In training dogs “can” or “can not do” on the standard to achieve unity.

       For example, whether the dog can sit on the sofa and other issues, according to the different circumstances and conditions of each family, to form a unified answer.

       If it’s a family rule. There are no barriers to implementation.

       (2) The password should be in the same language.

       In obedience training, passwords are signals for dogs to listen to. Therefore, the whole family should unify the password, so as to achieve good results. For example, when calling a dog to sit down, whether to use “sit down”, “squat down” or “sit down”, the whole family should use a common password. Short, clear sentences are easier for dogs to understand. Therefore, try to choose this kind of sentence.

       (3) Don’t call the dog’s name when you scold the dog.

       When the dog does something “can’t do”, do you even scold the dog’s name, for example: “Dongdong, you’re a bad thing.”. In this way, it will cause a kind of conditioned reflex to the dog. When he is called to his name, he must be scolded. Therefore, when the dog’s name is called again, it will ignore, and even run away.

       During training, calling the dog’s name should be limited to giving orders or praising the dog. In this way, the dog will think “name” is a very “happy” thing, when you call it, it will immediately run to you.

       There are three ways to make obedience training simple and smooth

       1. Command with language;

       2. Use rope and other tools to transmit signals through the body;

       3. The host trains through body movements such as hands or body. If we can use these three methods at the same time, it will be better. Especially at the beginning of training, the dog can’t understand the command. At this time, auxiliary means such as hand or dog rope can better convey the purpose of training.

       Go and stop. At any time, take the left foot first and shout out the “go” command at the same time. The left foot guides the dog. Stop, first stop the right foot, and then put the left foot up, and at the same time, shout “stop” command. Move naturally and fluently.

       Turn right and back (dog left). The purpose of this drill is to stop the dog from going ahead all the time. Step out the left foot first, then turn right. The left foot step should be a small half step, so it is more convenient to turn.

       When taking the dog out, try to avoid stopping and waiting for the dog or pulling the dog to the side by force.

       Turn left. Go left. This method can be used to correct the situation when the dog comes to the front slightly or speeds up suddenly. Turn left and collide with the dog to restore the original position. The specific step adjustment method is: step out of the right foot, take this as the axis, turn left 90 degrees, so that the left foot can hit the dog. If you are used to the dog following the person on the right, turn 90 degrees to the right so that the left foot can hit the dog.

       Turn right and the dog left. Correction method used when the dog is walking slowly or is not in the correct position although following its owner. Take the left foot, take this as the axis, turn 90 degrees to the right, and then step out the right foot. If you are used to the dog following the person on the right, turn left. The point is the same as turning right.

       “Go”, “stop” and other signals are guided by speech, physical control and action. Turning right and back, turning left, turning right, etc. is not through words, but only by physical control and action.

       In the training process, the master’s action guidance and password should be clear and easy to understand. In addition, in order to complete the obedience training perfectly, we should first carry out sufficient footwork training.

       Of course, there is another reason for dogs to bite, that is to see whether you have vaccinated dogs.

       If you’re vaccinated, that shouldn’t be the problem

       If you don’t get vaccinated, you have three or four percent of rabies

       If this situation, please go to the hospital immediately for examination and treatment.

       Anonymity 2009-12-2315 I spent the summer vacation at my aunt’s house. My aunt’s house is in the countryside, and the public security is not very good. It’s normal to keep a dog. The next family is rich and powerful in this village. I don’t know whether it’s intentional or unintentional. Let the mad dog out! It’s crazy because it chases people and bites people’s pants every day, especially the fish in his hand! Listen to cousin said, a few months ago also bite the kitten, its owner not only did not apologize, but also smile, like nothing! I can’t look down. I really want to kill it. I’m afraid that after I leave, its owner will use this excuse to embarrass my aunt’s house and retaliate! The people in the village dare to be angry and speechless about the dog chasing people and robbing people’s food! I don’t have much ambition. I just want to kill the dog, but I don’t want to be found out! Please teach me what to do! I can’t see it anymore! Add: it’s not the kind of pathetic cute dog you imagine, it’s a crazy dog with hair loss! Keeping pets is for us to eliminate loneliness, to cultivate our feelings, not to give people trouble! Add: I’ve never had the heart to shoot down a dog or a kitten. It’s not what you think! Supplement: I ran to my aunt’s yard and bit the kitten who was born more than a month ago and couldn’t walk, and then dragged it back to his house. The owner never apologized, but also privately disposed of the kitten’s body. After that, he said to us with a smile. In this society, is it allowed to bully others? Add: its owner doesn’t take the matter seriously. It’s also white to say what he says. His friends all say, well, he shouldn’t kill the dog. What should I do? Do you still want to live like this in the village after I left? There is no defense team in the village. There is no dog fighting team in the village. There is rabies. Who should we go to? Which friend has a better way? Why don’t you come here and help me to deal with it! I’ll answer anonymity

       Here’s a simple way

       That’s how I trained my Kaka. It’s nearly five months now, and four months later, I began to realize that it’s always embarrassing

       So I immediately took measures, you can call it, when it is about to pounce on you, do not have the heart to use your knees hard

       If there’s any sign of an attack, the person who wants him to do it will definitely work. The dog remembers the pain and works with his family and family Absolutely can get rid of the problem! My family card has been changed now!

       I hope my answer will help you!

       Teach the dog well and train it not to pounce.

       There are also dog nails to trim, let the dog in the designated position to urinate is very simple, mainly you need to be patient education, pull the dog to

       The position of his urine put his head down as close as possible to the urine, told him to smell, pull him up, tap his mouth, yell at him and tell him

       This is not good. You have to pretend to be fierce. After telling him to take him to the bathroom, tell him that he can pee and feel his head

       He wiped his urine with paper and put it in the bathroom. Next time he smelled it, he would go. If you saw him pee at home, he usually would

       Man where to find a place to smell, at this time you should take good care of him, a urine immediately picked up in the bathroom, closed the door does not let out, the main is heavy

       Be patient.

       Dogs have not been used to raising since childhood. Now it’s time to train because dogs understand their owners’ instructions only through conditioned reflex. In the future, as long as their relatives fight, don’t have the heart. They know that their relatives will be beaten. If they have more times, they will form a conditioned reflex. Never have the mouth of relatives. Don’t be impatient. This is the way to train dogs. You need it to learn something, as long as it does, you give it a reward. It will definitely do it as long as it hears your instructions in the future. It knows that there will be a reward for doing so. This is the conditioned reflex

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