How to maintain Siamese cats

       In the past, Siamese cats were pets that only nobles could keep, but now Siamese cats have entered thousands of households. In order to make Siamese cats live a better life, many owners do everything they can. However, the maintenance of Siamese cats does not rely solely on giving them the best food and living environment. What suits them is the best. In order to raise Siamese cats, the owner must do the following work well:

       1¡¢ Healthy and reasonable diet

       In addition to giving the cat comprehensive nutrition, the owner must also pay attention to the fact that soft food such as canned food can not exercise the cat’s teeth. If you eat soft food for a long time, it may make the cat more likely to suffer from dental calculus. In order to avoid this situation, the owner should control the proportion of dry food and wet food. In addition, the owner should not take chances to let the cat eat some food that should not be eaten. If there is any problem, the cat needs to bear a lot of pain.

       2¡¢ You can’t miss a groom or a manicure

       There are three benefits of grooming: 1. Find out whether there are wounds and parasites on the cat in time; 2. Stimulate the cat’s blood circulation, so that the cat has a healthy body; 3. Remove the dead hair that hasn’t fallen off to prevent the cat from swallowing too much hair when cleaning the body.

       Manicure can avoid cat scratching people or other animals, scratching furniture and so on. In order to cut the cat’s nails more smoothly, the owner must adhere to the principle of “fast, accurate and ruthless”. If you can’t cut the cat’s nails at one time, you can save it for the next time.

       3¡¢ Frequent bathing is not a good thing

       Cats are clean animals themselves, so they don’t put their bodies in a mess. However, this does not mean that the owner does not need to wash the cat’s body. Regular bathing of the cat can remove the dust and odor from the cat and reduce the incidence of disease. But the frequency of bathing must be well controlled, in general, a monthly bath can achieve the effect of cleaning the cat’s body. If you bathe too often, the cat’s body oil balance may be broken, which is not conducive to the health of the cat’s skin and hair.

       4¡¢ Maintenance in special period

       When the cat is in a special period (young, old, pregnant, etc.), the owner needs to give special care.

       1. When cats are taken care of by their mothers, the owners do not have to worry about their food and other problems. However, once the cat is weaned, the owner should start to take care of the kitten. Because the stomach capacity of the kitten is small, but they need a lot of nutrition and calories, so eating less and more meals is the standard of feeding them.

       2. In addition to adequate nutrition, the elderly cats should also make corresponding changes in their food: increasing the proportion of soft food and reducing the proportion of dry food. In addition, the appetite of old cats may also become worse. Owners can prepare some other food regularly to stimulate their appetite.

       3. When the cat is pregnant, the owner may need to supplement the cat with additional nutrients to ensure the healthy growth of the mother and fetus; when the cat gives birth, the owner should help the mother cat to take care of the young cat. For example, when the mother cat has no milk or the milk is not enough, the owner will buy special milk powder for the kitten.