How to maintain the tail of puppet cat – how to raise a puppet cat?

       What should be paid attention to when raising puppet cats? The following Borch network for you to find six points need attention, I hope you can remember Oh.

       Puppet cat

       1. Muppets are suitable for indoor breeding. Therefore, it is better to have complete cat equipment at home, such as cat scratch board and cat climbing frame, so as to reduce the possibility of cats scratching furniture and other items.

       2. Puppet cats are good at flattering their owners and are always inseparable from their owners. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys, and likes to participate in the daily life of the family. Muppets are extremely gentle and lack of protection. If you want puppet cats to be happy, you’d better spend more time with them to play games.

       3. Puppet cat is a kind of medium and long hair cat, so daily fur carding is essential. Because Muppet cats are gentle in character, and this breed of cats lose less hair, combing their hair is a relatively simple job, but careful care can bring unexpected beauty.

       4. Muppets are sociable, and they don’t like to be jealous like other cats, so you can keep other pets while keeping Muppets.

       5. Puppet cats like to have close contact with people. They are willing to follow you and lie down on you to sleep. Therefore, the cat owner must be patient with them and let them always be by your side, so that it can feel the love of their owners.

       6. Muppets are a late maturing breed. Their coat color is at least 2 years old, and their body and weight are at least 4 years old. The whole body of the newborn kitten is white. After a week, the color of the face, ears and tail of the kitten began to change. The fur did not stabilize until the age of 2, and it was not fully grown until 3-4 years old.

       Some cats grow different hair after the hair changing period. For example, white hair usually occurs in cats who change their hair for the first time. It mainly depends on the genes of the cat’s parents or previous generations. As long as the cat gene with white hair color can grow white hair when changing hair, which is different from the previous fur color.

       Or it could be

       1. Long term exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration. 2. The color of a cat’s fur changes with age.

       3. Lack of certain nutrients and malnutrition, there will be discoloration reaction.

       Cats are lovely, docile, clever, mischievous, wild, each has its own characteristics. Chinese cihuahuamao, some docile, some naughty, some obedient, but I think no matter what personality is very cute.

       What a standard looking muffie with a “heart” fluffy, soft bib on her chest

       If you must ask the docile cat, then generally speaking, the cat breed will be gentle and soft. The puppet cat is the most obedient cat in the breed. Puppet cats are also called Braddock cats. They are called puppet cats because of their excellent personality and are like dolls. They are also called “dog cats”, which means that they are obedient like dogs and human beings like dogs. Puppet cat has strong patience. Children scratch and tug at it, and it also bites people with anger. Therefore, puppet cat is considered to be the best friend to accompany children and the elderly.

       Puppet cats are larger, adult female cats are more than 10 kg, and adult male cats are about 20 kg. Although the long hair is fluffy and thick, its advantage is that it is not easy to entangle and knot. There is a heart-shaped, thick neck in front of the chest and a fluffy tail behind the buttocks, which is incomparably beautiful.

       Puppet cats have key colors such as puppets, double puppets, three colors, glove colors and Sanskrit colors. Among them, there are white + seal color, white + blue color, white + chocolate color, white + lavender color, etc.

       The most beautiful Muppet cat, known as “muffie”, is a little prince who looks like a little princess and comes from a New Zealand family. Muffie, as a kind of doll, is a kind of photo that people like***

       Like other cats with key colors, key colors are also distributed on the nose, ears, tail and four claws. The key color is slowly growing. The newborn kittens are all white. With the development of the body, the tyrosinase gene in mammals gradually shows their activity. This enzyme can promote the deposition of melanin. The higher the enzyme activity, the more melanin.

       The key color of the kitten is light. With the development of the body, the color of the hair will be stable for three years

       When the body temperature is low, the higher the enzyme activity. When winter comes, all kinds of cats with key colors will have deeper color. The key colors of puppet cats are really slowly growing out. It takes about three years for kittens to mature and their fur color to stabilize. The origin of puppet cat is in the 1960s. It is the offspring of white long hair cat and Berman cat. Therefore, I always think that this kind of Muppet cat with an important point on its nose is inherited from Berman cat’s characteristics.

       Muffie and his brother rommi, rommi’s key color is on his nose and face, and his coat is lavender.

       This is a Muppet with chocolate highlights

       Puppet cat and cat with white gloves, wearing white gloves, that means its arms and legs are dark. There are also Sanskrit, bobcat and hawksbill patterns. The price of BUAN cat is very expensive.

       How to raise puppet cats?

       Puppet cats are long haired cats. Cat owners all know that long, thin and fluffy fur must be diligent and clean people to serve them. Otherwise, the family is Maotian maodi! Do not dare to wear dark clothes, out of six must roll to take care of. Puppet hair and ordinary hair will shed hair, and is a perennial hair, especially in spring. The only effective way is to comb it every day. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools for combing hair. The one I used to be regarded as a magic tool is to roll cat gloves. The following picture shows the hair I pulled off after combing it for a minute. This is the fur of an ordinary long haired cat. Puppet cat likes to communicate with people, the owner must satisfy its desire, accompany it as much as possible, so as to avoid its emotional loss.

       Muppets are prone to diseases

       Inflammatory bowel disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and polycystic kidney disease are common diseases of Muppets. The closer the blood relationship is, the more likely it is to develop the disease. Therefore, keep Muppet cat, must pay attention to its diet to add some probiotics, in order to prevent intestinal disease. Other genetic diseases need more observation and attention.

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