How to make a cat can

       No, my cat has been eating well.

       It is not recommended to feed canned staple food. The grain itself is the allergen of cats, which can easily lead to sub-health obesity.

       If you make your own cat meal, you must add some lysine and other elements that your cat needs. You can buy it at the mall.

       Note: like boiled chicken, if only cooked alone, the cat will get sick after eating for a long time.

       This can has a good reputation, and also has the effect of hair removal.

       However, no matter what can you can, you can’t eat it every day. The best way for a cat to grow healthily is to let the cat improve her life occasionally and eat the staple food seriously.

       I hope I can help you~

       American Curl

       Cat parents, you care about cats in every detail, just like treating children. When you buy a cat can, you are always afraid of adding bad food in it. But you can’t make a can of cat. Don’t worry. Here’s a little series to introduce a super economical and nutritious canned cat.

       1. Frozen chicken breast and an egg. This must be prepared.

       2. The dead shrimps

       The shell that just died will be hard and soft, and it will die for a long time; the meat that has just died looks transparent and white, which is the one that has been dead for a long time. Generally, you have to run against luck, and it is generally 7 yuan / kg. If you have been dead for a long time, you are not recommended to buy it, or you can buy a live one for 10-13 yuan / kg.

       3. Sesame oil

       (1) Methods:

       The chicken and shrimp meat are chopped and mixed together. Pay attention not to shrimp shell, the ratio is about 1:2. The shrimp meat will be better to eat. Stir the eggs in it. According to the cat’s preference for sesame oil, put some sesame oil, do not put salt and MSG chicken powder. You can put some white rice or cereal or mashed potatoes properly. I think it’s good to put some cereals.

       It’s a big meat pie, which is cut into several portions according to the amount of each meal. I usually make more, and then put it in the fresh-keeping bag and freeze it. I take out one portion each time and heat it in the microwave oven. No cat loves it. Generally 7 yuan a jin of shrimp with a piece of chicken breast 2 yuan, add an egg 5 hair, about 10 yuan cost, the canned food can be eaten for several days, but also very nutritious.

       If you want to make your own canned cat, you should prepare what kind of meat, such as salmon meat, beef, chicken breast, etc., cook the meat, cool it in the air, beat it into the shape of meat paste, add a small amount of water, or add some vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, etc., but in a small amount, because cats are carnivorous animals, pay attention not to put grain, food materials should be mixed into mud, add less The amount of salt, cooked and cool can be eaten by the cat. If you can’t eat it, you should put it into the fresh-keeping box and put it in the refrigerator. Before eating, it should be heated in the microwave oven. You can’t give the cat cold food.

       If you buy canned cats on the market, most of them are canned meat, which contains a small amount of grains and vegetables. When selecting canned cats, pay attention to whether the raw materials of canned cats are pure meat, and do not have the brand of meat by-products and meat powder. In addition, the content of grains should not be too much. The cat’s intestines are short and can’t consume too much grain. In addition, there will be a lot of carbohydrates after grains are absorbed My body can’t digest so many carbohydrates. Long term consumption will increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

       There are many problems with the canned cats purchased in the market. It is better to feed the cats to freeze-drying. The nutritional content of freeze-dried cats is higher than that of cans, because freeze-drying technology maintains the color, flavor, nutrition and appearance of raw materials. It is also made by freezing and does not contain preservatives. It can be stored for more than 5 years at normal temperature. It has good rehydration property and can be soaked in warm water for feeding, which is crisp and crisp Cats with digestive and gastrointestinal problems and cats who don’t like drinking water can be fed in this way.

       In the evaluation of lyophilized brands, the evaluation result of Longnuo brand is the best among all freeze-dried brands. Seeing this evaluation result, I chose lono freeze-drying. It is not only nutritious, but also my cat loves to eat. Therefore, I replace cat food with freeze-dried food. Because I don’t have to worry about the expiration date, I often store a lot of Longnuo freeze-dried products. They can also try to feed the cat freeze-dried, nutritious and healthy.

       Compared with cat food, canned cat tastes better, so many cats do not like to eat cat food after eating canned cat. However, the price of canned cat is relatively expensive. A good one costs tens of yuan, and a cheap can is not easy to eat. Therefore, many owners want to make their own canned cat for the cat to eat. But the self-made cat can is far less viscous than the canned one. So how to make a thick can of cat?

       1. Prepare rich food materials

       The ingredients of canned cat must be rich, because the nutrition of single food material is relatively simple, so it is difficult to provide rich nutrition for cats. It is necessary to prepare a variety of high protein meat, such as beef, chicken breast, fish, shrimp, eggs, etc. if it is to make canned snacks, only meat is needed, and no other ingredients are needed.

       If you want to make canned staple food, in addition to rich meat, you need to add a small amount of animals, a variety of vegetables, such as asparagus, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, and a small amount of carbohydrates, such as sweet potato, purple potato, potato, etc.

       2. How to cook canned cats

       All the above ingredients should be mixed into mud, or chopped directly, the more broken the better. Then put the ingredients in a bowl, add a small amount of salt (a little bit is enough), and then put them in a pot, and steam them with water, generally about 20-40 minutes.

       When the cat’s rice is cooked, take it out and cool it. Keep the soup. The cat can eat as much as you can. Seal the food in a fresh-keeping box and put it in the refrigerator. If the cat wants to eat the next meal, remember to heat it and feed it.

       3. Add other components

       The nutrition of the self-made cat can is far less than that of the canned food, or the cooking material is too long, which leads to the loss of nutrition. Therefore, some pet nutrition powder should be mixed into the self-made can to meet the daily needs of cats. In addition, if the cat’s intestines and stomach are more sensitive, it is recommended to mix some cat probiotics into the can for gastrointestinal care.

       If cats still prefer canned cats to homemade tins, owners may choose to buy canned cats with high cost performance, which is affordable. Cats also like to eat them, such as canned cats.

       Ingredients: saury, chicken breast, carrots, corn, shrimp, raw eggs, cooked egg yolk, pork

       Production method:

       1. Saury, chicken breast, carrots, corn and shrimp are put in the cooking machine and mixed into meat puree.

       2. Put the meat paste into the container, add raw eggs and egg yolk, and stir well (feel dry, add some water).

       3. According to the amount of cats once, put the prepared cat food in the refrigerator freezer with fresh-keeping bags.

       4. When you need to eat, take out one generation and put it in a container and steam for about 10 minutes.

       5. Take out the steamed cat food and give it to your pet.

       Buy all kinds of meat that your cat likes to eat, then press it in a pressure cooker, stir it, and bring meat with soup. This is safer and healthier food than canned cats.

       My family is home-made all kinds of meat, cats eat safe and healthy, also very fresh, no additives, inducers and so on.

       One time can be divided into two parts and put in the refrigerator to refrigerate. Take it out and warm it before eating.

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