How to make a cat like to kiss you – how to make a cat closer to you?

       For a cat that is not afraid of human beings, you can scratch its chin and the back of its neck with your hand. It will like it. For a cat who is afraid of people not coming near people, we must be patient. First, we should give delicious food, and then we should stand a few meters away to watch it eat. If it dares not come over, we should go further and gradually shorten the distance until it is not afraid of your approach. We should scratch our chin and neck to strengthen our intimacy.

       Many excrement removal officials will find that their cats are getting fatter and fatter. If they don’t lose weight, their health may be affected. But many cat owners will worry about whether dieting their cats will make them bear a grudge and stop caring about themselves. However, according to the New York Times, a new study published in the Journal of pet behavior suggests that after eight weeks of weight loss, cats are actually more intimate when fed.

       Cats are close to their owners

       Researchers at Cornell University’s School of veterinary medicine used 48 cats, each of which was at least 25 percent overweight than their normal weight. They asked the cats to take three different diets, all of which had the same number of calories. Before a cat goes on a diet, owners must fill out a long-term survey of the cat’s behavior and observe how the cat reacts before and after eating. After eight weeks, more than three-quarters of the cats in the experiment were thinner than before.

       They walk up and down in front of you, beg and meow more often before meal time, but their begging for food doesn’t appear earlier than before. These changes are visible to the naked eye, and some owners say their cats purr and sit on their knees more often after eating. So even though the owners limited the amount of food, the cat didn’t hold a grudge, on the contrary, it became more intimate with its owner.

       There are many reasons why cats are fat. It includes the complex behavior of interaction between people and objects, that is, people express their love for cats through feeding, while cats learn to obtain feeding through “intimate behavior”. “The cat has learned how to manipulate us: when it’s hungry, it becomes the stickiest cat in the world. People are willing to do anything to make their cat happy. ” Many cat slaves feed their cats casually so that they can have a big meal at any time. But boring housecats, like bored people at home, may be too full. “Cats are not good at self-discipline,” Dr. Goldstein said.

       Therefore, in the cat for weight loss, a proper diet is also necessary, do not worry about the cat and your intimate problems, they will not hate you. Try to fix the feeding time to 2-3 times a day, and use toys and other playthings to arouse the cat’s nature and burn calories. Not only close the relationship between you and your pet, but also let the cat have fun!

       First of all, we should take food to coax it, buy toys to amuse it, and the most important thing is not to force it. For example, if it hides, you can find it everywhere and pull it out. It’s normal for a cat to recognize that it barks when he gets home in the first few days. Cats like people to touch its chin and tickle it gently. Hugging it more can increase the familiarity of each other. Cats hate bathing the most. If they just get home, don’t grab them to take a bath. Otherwise, they will be impressed and hate you, and run when they see you

       You can touch its head every day when it barks

       Duoduo appears in front of it

       Some cats don’t want to see strangers

       Or you’ll be scared

       Don’t hit it when it calls

       Or next time I see you, I’ll think you’re going to hit her again

       So it could be aggressive

       Answer supplement

       The kitten has just left her mother

       What about it

       Maybe it’s because I’m so sad that I miss Mom***

       Or hungry to eat

       Cats and cats are the most sensitive these days. We should treat them well

       Answer supplement

       Don’t feed anything, because a lot of food may be good for people, but it may be fatal to cats, and the ingredients in cat food are enough to keep cats in good condition, because cat food is prepared according to the body structure of cats… If it is a kitten who needs breast milk but does not have a female cat to feed, it is better to buy milk powder for pets.

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