How to make Persian cat have gorgeous hair

       Persian cats are known as the nobility of cats. In order to make their hair more gorgeous, many owners will try various ways, such as supplementing sufficient nutrition with food to make hair healthier, using hair protecting agent to make hair softer and brighter, etc. In fact, in the process of daily maintenance, the owner only needs to “touch and comb twice” to achieve the purpose of making Persian cat hair smoother and brighter. So what is “one touch, two combs”?

       As the name suggests, one touch is always touching the cat. Owners may be puzzled. Can touching cats make their hair beautiful? Touching the cat does not immediately let the owner see the effect of beautiful fur, which requires the owner to insist for a long time. Caressing the cat every day can not only satisfy the cat’s spirit, but also promote the cat’s metabolism. When the cat’s body is in a healthy state, the hair growing in this “fertile soil” will not be bad.

       Second comb refers to the owner needs to comb the cat regularly. Combing can help the cat to clear the body of the body does not fall dead hair, reduce the cat swallowing too much hair and produce hair ball. When combing, the owner can also observe whether the cat’s body has wounds or skin diseases. If the cat has a wound or suffers from skin disease, its hair will generally become dry or easy to fall off.

       For cats who don’t like to be stroked or groomed, the owner can make the cat adapt to the process step by step. In addition, when the cat has finished grooming, the owner can also give them some food reward. After a period of time, the cat will be happy to be touched and groomed by the owner. Adhere to the cat “one touch, two comb”, and then cooperate with the owner’s food tonic, cat’s hair will show a soft and smooth state.

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