How to manicure Siamese cat nails – how to cut nails for cats?

       1. Put the cat on a higher platform, such as cutting nails on the cover of the washing machine. The slippery surface makes the cat struggle to keep balance and unable to concentrate on resisting. Hold the cat’s one foot with the left hand and squeeze it slightly with the thumb, index finger and middle finger to make the paw stretch out. Then hold the nail knife in your right hand, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front end of the claw, and then use the small file on the nail to polish the claw. When pruning, don’t cut too much to avoid hurting Siamese cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other claws in turn.

       2. Cover the cat with a piece of cloth. The cat will be quiet in the dark and cut her nails in the above way.

       3. If the cat can accept strangers, ask trained strangers to cut their nails. The arrival of strangers and the change of environment will make it unable to guess its purpose. In confusion, it is easier to give up self-defense and accept management.

       4. Train cats to cut their nails.

       (1) Feed the cat snacks and praise the cat at the same time. When the cat is quiet, cut her nails. If the cat is not quiet and refuses to cut her nails, she will not feed snacks and let the cat form a habit.

       (2) Prepare a small iron bucket and put some in it. When the cat starts to resist, it will shake the bucket in its ear. The collision sound of * * will stop the cat. Smart cats will also have a long memory and will no longer resist cutting their nails.

       (3) Prepare the water gun, when it resists, hold the water gun to nourish it, but don’t use the water gun to prop its head.

       5. Be careful when cutting nails, don’t cut blood line. If the cat’s nails are white and transparent, the blood line is basically visible. If the cat nail is dark, can only cut a little bit, do not cut to the blood line, or it will bleed more than once, then use hemostatic powder to stop bleeding.

       It needs to be emphasized that all owners need to understand that although the cat has to adapt to nail cutting when it is still young, the smaller the better. If the cat is only one or two months old, it is not suitable for nail cutting. It is too delicate and blood line is not clear. On the contrary, it is easy to hurt the cat and make the cat fear the nail cutting. We can choose to cut the cat’s armor when it starts to show signs of rubbing its claws.

       Tool selection: pet nail clippers (cat’s) and dog’s nail clippers are too large to operate. Do not use scissors or human nail clippers, because cat’s claw nails are also layer by layer. It’s very easy to cause cat’s claw nail to be broken (we often say it’s approved), even bleeding, wound inflammation and so on.

       Nail cutting angle: in the process of trimming, the cat’s nails should be perpendicular to the nail clippers as far as possible, so as to avoid cutting nails at random angle, causing nail fragmentation and infection.

       Number of cuts: cat’s front paw has 5 nails, 4 in front and 1 in side, which is called accessory toe

       A cat has only four nails on its hind paw

       So there are 18 in total. Don’t miss it!

       The specific nail cutting method: when cutting, you can sit or squat, put the cat on both legs, with the cat’s head forward, gently clip the cat’s body with both legs. Then lift the cat’s paw with one hand, gently press the claws with the two fingers of food and thumb to push out the cat nail, and use the other hand to hold the nail knife to cut the front end less.

       Be careful to see that there are dark blood vessels in the part near the flesh of the cat nail. It will hurt very much if you cut it. It will bleed because a piece of meat has been cut off. The location of blood vessels may be deep or shallow. If cats often grind their claws, the blood vessels will be more hidden. If cats don’t often walk outside, the blood vessels will be close to the nail tip and must not be cut to the blood line.

       If you can’t do it yourself, you can go to the pet store and let professionals cut it. You can wash, cut and blow.

       If you cut it yourself, it depends on whether you have the patience to buy a special nail clipper for cats.

       Do your own protection, and then develop a reward mechanism. Every time you cut your nails, give your cat some delicious food.

       Gradually, the cat will not be so resistant to cutting nails.

       To cut a cat’s nails, you should see that there is a blood line inside the cat’s nails. If you go there, you will feel painful and bleed. If you want to cut your cat’s nails again, you will be very uncooperative.

       Cat fingernails are so sharp, how can I lose it? This problem depends on your pet cat? If it’s a pet cat, you can take it to a pet hospital for professional staff to cut it off. If it’s a cat raised in the countryside, it doesn’t need to be cut off. It’s used to catch mice. Sometimes it can be used as claws

       Cats trim their nails about 2-3 weeks. But the specific combination of the growth of the cat (after all, some owners love to polish their nails on the cat scratch board for a long time). During the pruning process, the cat may be unhappy, meow or scratch you to express dissatisfaction. Don’t yell at it or hit it. Oh, of course, you can give it a little bit of reward after the snack, or you will not be able to cut all the small food after it.

       To cut a cat’s nails, you only need to cut the front claws. Therefore, the owner should consciously hold the cat’s small hand (forepaw) when touching the cat, and gently let the cat get used to the master’s grasping on the front paw. When the cat thinks that this is a friendly and loving expression of the owner, they will be very relaxed and will not retract the claw. You’ll find that when the thumb is up and the other fingers are down, the cat’s nails stick out. This is good for pruning.

       Siamese cat’s paw is sharper, as a pet cat, parents should pay attention to often help it care for its paws, to avoid Siamese cat scratching people or scratching things at home.

       Siamese cat

       The specific methods of nursing Siamese cat paws are as follows:

       Hold the Siamese cat in your arms, hold one of the cat’s feet with your left hand, squeeze it slightly with your thumb, index finger and middle finger, and then you can stretch out your paws. Then hold the nail knife with your right hand, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front end of the claw, and then use the file on the nail knife to polish the claw. When pruning, don’t cut too much to avoid hurting Siamese cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other claws in turn.

       Bathing Siamese cats can not only keep the cats clean and beautiful, but also remove some parasites on the body surface, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and play a role in disease prevention and fitness. It’s better to cultivate the habit of bathing from an early age, and then to bathe cats when they are adults. Cats will be very reluctant.

       All the above can be classified as bear children. Kittens are very lively and active

       Then the cat is not a dog. It can’t understand its name, and it can’t understand the hint of human. The cat is a cold animal. In short, it’s not a completely domesticated animal

       In summer, it’s still too hot to turn off the temperature during the day. Wild animals will find cool and ventilated places to stay in. There are no creatures in the world who are not afraid of heat

       It’s inevitable for a cat to play with its claws. If you don’t bite it, it’s good. If you think it’s too serious, you’ll beat him and yell at him to let him have a long memory

       Kittens can be deworming, and the vaccine takes more than two months

       Considering the physical condition of family members, if there are pregnant women or newborns in the family, do not keep cats for the time being, because the cats have Toxoplasma gondii, the health of pregnant women or newborns will be affected. Or people with allergies to pets should not have cats for the time being.

       The health of the cat before taking the kitten home, first take the kitten to the pet hospital, do deworming, so as to ensure the health of the kitten and family.

       Prepare pet supplies. To raise a kitten, you need to prepare cat food, litter, cat nest and other necessary supplies in advance to make the cat’s life more comfortable.

       Check the items at home, kittens are lively and active, so the items that are afraid of falling must be collected to avoid being damaged by kittens and causing losses.

       Don’t try to tease the cat. As a new member of the family, family members, especially children, should not tease the cat. Because the kitten will recognize new life and have a sense of self-protection, it will inevitably hurt people. So we should wait until we are familiar with the kitten before playing with it.

       Close the doors and windows. After you have a kitten, you should close the doors and windows of your home to prevent the kitten from running away. The kitten is not familiar with the new home. If it runs away, it is difficult to find it.

       The medicine should be put well, the medicine in the home or some insecticide should be put well, so as not to be eaten by the kitten. The result is unimaginable.

       To do a good job in cleaning cats, cats in the wild will carry a lot of bacteria, so the cleaning work is particularly important. The water temperature should be selected appropriately, not too cold or too hot. It is appropriate to feel the temperature with your hands. If your hands feel hot, do not use this water to bathe the kittens. Cats will be very disobedient when they take a bath for the first time, We need to have a lot of patience, when kittens get used to this way of bathing, kittens will be very obedient.

       The basin for preparing food for kittens should be kept clean. Kittens love clean animals. After cleaning the pots, kittens are not easy to get sick. After all, illness comes from the mouth. If you grasp the “eat” part, the kittens can live longer and spend more time with us.

       When feeding, we should pay attention to timing and ration. Of course, it’s better to be in the same place every time. It’s good for the kitten’s health to form a habit. We all eat regularly and quantitatively. Therefore, our modern life expectancy will be much longer than that of primitive people.

       What’s more, don’t feed milk to kittens. Milk is a good thing for us, but for kittens, it’s a disaster. It will cause indigestion in kittens. In serious cases, it may even lead to diarrhea.

       To be sure, no problem without air conditioning.. Because the room temperature is basically below 40 ¡æ. Unless you don’t turn on the air conditioner, you should exceed the temperature, but pay attention to the drinking water. And more water. (almost every cat owner will find that their cats prefer to drink water in the basin rather than in the bowl.. Or in a teacup In addition, the cat toilet should be taken care of frequently.

       Siam is known for its enthusiasm, liveliness and agility. Especially when it comes to kittens. Super active. It’s going to be quieter after 2 years old. But at that time, you will miss the “little whirlwind” that tripped at your feet when you were a child.. At least my family is like this.. 5555 ~ if you want to play with it, you can refer to my family’s method.. My family’s super love to lose things, it gives you back the game (like a dog).. It can be a little paper ball or the kind of black skin band that you use to tie your hair (the latter is its favorite).

       You can consciously cultivate it to remember its own name, and often call its name when feeding it delicious. Call it a name after a long time. Knock on the food box is the situation of God and horse.. It’s never been done. In addition, if you don’t want the garbage basket to climb, first, close the kitchen door. Second, the garbage basket in the room should be covered. My cat never touches the trash can.. Don’t you have this hobby? In addition, cats remember to eat or not to fight.. No matter what mistakes it makes, you can find ways to avoid them. When you hit it, it only remembers to hate you and be afraid of you. And the character gets worse. As for why you hit it, I don’t understand. Don’t hit it.. That’s pathetic.

       This one, I want to hold Siam. My answer is: never try to hold it from the front.. Otherwise, you’ll see the end. You can pick up the cat from behind with one arm dragging the foot. One held it from the bottom of its upper limbs. Want to see your face? Look for your wall mirror..

       This one, it’ll get used to it. Be patient.

       It’s normal that cats don’t sleep in a fixed position. As long as it can sleep, it is basically where it feels comfortable. No air conditioning, but better ventilation. Don’t you have a screen at home? My cat is not allowed to enter except the kitchen. Anywhere else you like. But never let it go out to play. It likes to sleep on the sofa or bed, on the quilt under the feet of family members. It’s a little bit cold. When the room temperature is below 20 ¡æ, it likes to sleep in the quilt.

       Nail clippers for cats should be provided regularly. When cutting nails, be careful not to cut the white part, it will hurt. Just cut off the sharp corners on the top. It can be said that no cat likes to be held. But some cats are very docile. You can do whatever you want. Don’t rush to hold it if you can. Experience the feeling that it likes you, depends on you and entangles you.

       It is necessary to do deinsectization and vaccination. Please go to the regular pet hospital and use the vaccine made abroad.. It’ll be fine if you’re bigger. Treat it in the right way. Don’t ignore it or harass it too much. It is old, will be more and more sensible, more and more docile ~ is really a lovely cat.. The one in my family will die if he is not noticed. Must stay at the center of attention.. For example, we have a happy chat, it must squat in the middle of everyone.. The most eye-catching position. You read and write, it squats in the line you want to see… Is that interesting? I’m six or seven now.. It’s much quieter..

       If you are afraid of the cold, try not to turn on the air conditioner. Take protective measures. Your cat is still very small and easy to get sick

       Nature of two cats

       Three, my Siam has been five months, calling him or ignoring you. Shout more and train more. It will be better when you grow up

       My cat always wants to be my scarf

       Most of the five cats are timid

       6. Be afraid of cold. Don’t take a bath for less than three months. Blow dry the bath in time

       You can fix his paws while he’s asleep, but don’t cut it into the meat. There’s a tutorial on the Internet that’s easy to find

       Eight dozen vaccines will be better. My Siam also loves to scratch your ears. You can use a cotton swab to help it clean up. Maybe the structure of Siamese ear is different from that of domestic cats. If it is easier to get rid of insects, you can take it to a pet hospital or a Veterinary Station for consultation. If a cat doesn’t like someone scratching his stomach, you can touch your stomach by touching your head, chin and tail. Cats generally don’t like it Love to scratch your chin

       Besides, Siam should be very sticky

       Bengal cat

       Cutting a cat’s nails is really a technical job. First of all, you should grasp the opportunity to cut their nails; second, you should protect yourself from being scratched; third, once the cat resists, you have to find ways to appease them. In short, this is a process of wits and bravery between the owner and the cat. However, we have also found some tips in our long-term practical experience. Owners may as well try to cut their nails when they encounter any problem.

       1¡¢ Let the cat get used to showing her nails

       Many owners will find that as soon as they pinch the cat’s foot pad, they will try to leave because they know you are going to cut their nails. In order to avoid this situation, you can pinch their footmats from time to time when playing with them. You can also touch their toes while combing their hair. When cats are used to exposing their nails, it is much less difficult to cut their nails.

       2¡¢ Cut the cat’s nails in the small room

       Where to cut your nails? Yes, if you want to cut your cat’s nails more smoothly, you’d better place your nails in a small room or bathroom (remember to close the door). When cats find that there is no other way to escape, they will obey.

       3¡¢ A towel can help a lot

       Towels don’t let you wrap around your hands to prevent being scratched by cats. Some cats are very resistant to cutting their nails. It is possible that as soon as you take out the scissors, they have already escaped. In order to keep the cat from fighting with a towel, don’t let the cat fight against it. If one person can’t finish the work, you can ask your family to cooperate with you. Also, you can talk to cats quietly, and most cats will soon be quiet.

       4¡¢ Enough is enough

       Cats don’t seem to have much patience. If their resistance is too fierce, the owner can let them go first, lure them with delicious food to calm their mood, and then they can start cutting their nails again after their emotions are stable. And if they don’t want to cut their nails, you have to wait until the next day or better, but remember where you cut them.

       A cat’s nail is the best weapon for climbing, hunting and defense. Usually, cats constantly search for rough surfaces to grind their claws. In addition to using scratch marks to mark territory, cats also need to peel off the outer layer of the front end of their nails in order to reveal a sharper new layer below. Claw sharpening is a cat’s way of “maintaining” their nails. Most cats can take care of their own nails, but if the nails grow too fast and too long, it will cause a lot of trouble to the cat, and even cause diseases.

       If we spend a little time each week trimming their nails for cats, we can also relieve their urge to scratch furniture.

       When cutting nails, gently press the sole of the cat’s foot to expose the nail from the sole of the foot. Just cut off the transparent cutin at the front end. Don’t touch the pink tender meat. The peripheral nerves there are very rich. The cat will be very painful.

       Sharp special nail clippers should be used. The cat’s tolerance for this is limited, and it’s best to complete it before it starts to get upset. If you only cut one or two claws, you must let it go. Don’t let the cat cut its nails and be forced together to avoid future trouble.

       If you can give them a little praise and reward after cutting their nails, the cat will quickly adapt.

       I cut my pussy with a nail knife, = = hold the cat, pick up a cat’s hand, gently pinch the meat ball, and then cut it after the nail comes out, but pay attention not to cut the red and red part of the nail, otherwise the cat’s hands will bleed, as shown in the picture

       If you use this nail clipper, I’ll teach you to cut it obliquely, because the cat’s nails are big, your nail clipper can’t get in

       Hope to adopt = w=

       If you haven’t cut your nails before, don’t rush to cut them. You can buy a cat’s special nail clipper and put it in the house so that the cat can adapt to the existence of scissors. At the same time, pinch its claws occasionally, and don’t make it too disgusted to see the nails. When it’s familiar with it, cut it. If you can cut a few, and then cut it the next day, it’s patience Live, you can’t force him

       Most owners are reluctant to give the cat toe surgery, and take a regular manicure method. It would be a very simple thing for a cat to start this job from an early age. Tools / raw materials: special scissors for cats (sold by pet dealers). Do not use the nail clipper for human use. If you are not careful, it may crush or hurt the cat’s paws. The blade is sharp, and the whole process will be easier. It’s a blade with a short hook. It may be easier to get started. Step / method examine the cat carefully (be sure to do this before really pruning, try to be familiar with the structure of its claws). If the claws are white (as most cats do), toenails and meat are easy to identify (with good light, of course). As you can see, the tender flesh under the toenail is pink, at the root of the toenail. The skin under the toenail and the part growing from behind are very easy to identify.

       Depending on the size of the cat and its owner, the cat can be fixed in the arms or on the legs or on the floor with both legs. Press the cat to the ground with the arms bent so that it can’t move. Grasp its feet with your hands (sometimes it will escape from under the arm, which needs more practice). Keep your cat’s back to you so it’s impossible to catch you or run away easily. Hold the nail clipper skillfully and squeeze the cat’s paws with your hand. The toenails will show. Do not cut the tender meat below, otherwise the cat will be very painful and there will be blood everywhere. When there is doubt, try to cut it as little as possible. Of course, that means pruning regularly. Trim each toenail on the tender meat, and don’t forget the thumb. For cats, the “thumb” is just on the front paw, which is the human thumb. They never touch the ground. Some cats are multi toed, with up to seven toes on one paw. Usually there are four toenails on each claw and a “thumb” on each forepaw. The hind claws don’t need to be trimmed often or at all; they don’t grow fast and are not so sharp. Be sure to hold one of the four claws; it will be easier to practice more. If you can’t control the cat, you’d better ask for help. Note: when trimming the cat’s paws, the larger cat usually resists more fiercely than the smaller cat; regularly check the cat’s paw and trim the paw every week. Different claws grow at different speeds; cat’s toenails keep growing, just like human nails. But unlike humans, the outer layer of a toenail falls off to keep it sharp. The cat will tear them apart or scratch to get rid of the inner layer. It’s normal. It’s like a person trimming his nails. You can see pieces of toenails on the ground, especially in front of you; that’s normal.

       Use the same posture for each trim: it will make you more proficient, and in the same position can reduce the cat’s concerns.

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