How to pacify a cat in a car – how to pacify a kitten?

       You can hold her in a quilt, put it in a box, and then play with her, and bring her toys and food that she likes to play with to stabilize her mood.

       Touch her, gently pinch the back of the neck, she is very comfortable, or play with him.

       Gently raise his forehead, and then stroke along the direction of the hair, he will be very comfortable.

       Rub his ears and he’ll be happy, too.

       Cat (English name cat), also known as cat, domestic cat, wild cat, belongs to the cat family. Cats and Wildcats are widely used in families all over the world. It is speculated that the ancestors of domestic cats are desert cats originated from ancient Egypt, Persian cats, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years.

       General cat: head round, face short, forelimb five fingers, hind limbs four toes, toe tip with sharp and curved claws, claws can stretch.

       Nocturnal, hunting other animals by ambush, most of them can climb trees.

       There are fat pads on the bottom of the cat’s toes to avoid making noises when walking and not to scare rats away when hunting. The claws are in a contraction state when they are on the road to prevent the claws from being blunt, and will be extended when catching rats and climbing rocks.

       Cats are actually


       My family






       Adapt to the environment or




       Where’s the cat

       My cat

       I like my massage






       Want to eat again


       To touch





       Hello, hello



       Come on


       Like cats




       1£º First of all, bring out of the house the cat must have been immune. It’s better to feed less food before going out to avoid vomiting during driving.

       2£º Secondly, it is necessary to prepare a ventilated trunk for the cat. When driving, put the cat in it. Never put the cat directly in the trunk of the car.

       If the cat is frightened and explodes, for example, seeing a more powerful animal and feeling the danger of the surrounding environment, just take the cat away and take it to a safe environment to relieve the cat’s sense of crisis.

       Sometimes cats don’t like to be disturbed, but some people prefer to be close to the cat and want to cuddle. In order to resist and refuse, they will blow up their hair. At this time, as long as the person is far away and does not disturb, it will return to normal in a short time.

       When the cat is eating, there are other animals to grab food, because they are afraid that the food will be robbed and the hair will explode. At this time, only drive away the animal that grabs the food and let the cat enjoy it alone. The fur will gradually get better and the mood will gradually calm down.

       Extended data:

       matters needing attention:

       1. Keep a cat should pay attention to vaccination time in kittens about 12 weeks, before a year old to play twice, 20 days interval, after once a year.

       2. Keep a cat must pay attention to take the cat vaccine in time, because the cat plague virus on the kittens less than four months of its harm is quite big, and the virus can be transmitted without direct contact.

       3. In the precautions for keeping cats, before vaccination, kittens can not take a bath, because the resistance is very poor, it is easy to catch cold, leading to diarrhea or even more serious conditions.

       4. The short hair of vaccinated cats can be washed once a few months, and the long haired cats should be washed once a month. Pet shampoo should be used to avoid human hair shampoo.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – fried hair

       There are many external factors that cause cats to be scared, such as being chased, fighting with other animals, lightning and thunder, and suddenly changing to an environment. When these factors stimulate the cat, it will often lead to the cat not eating for many days, ignoring its owner, hiding in the corner of no one, how to shout, and even occasionally make a terrible cry. When our cat is in a similar situation, we should be vigilant. First of all, we should check whether there is any injury on the cat, and if so, it should be treated immediately. If not, just simple fear, at this time do not catch it, as long as its food can reach the place, and then you leave. If you’re worried, you can go further and observe. When the cat thinks it’s safe outside, it may come out to eat. In addition, you can also find some of his favorite toys to attract his attention. Just remember, don’t get too close to it.

       Try not to bring in other animals if you have a cat at home

       Don’t try to play in harmony~

       It’s like taking a lion to you and saying, “get along well and play together.”~

       My family is also very timid. If strangers come, they will get hurt

       The longest record was 18 hours of not getting out of bed

       But wait until the smell is gone and the investigation is clear

       it will be OK

       It’s said that I just came to decorate my house. My mi is still in bed~~

       There are some on some treasure. You search for cat mint. Cat Mint is a kind of herb, which contains a chemical substance called nepetalctone, which is oily and easy to excite cats. This kind of substance is similar to a kind of human sedative. It will not produce exciting effect for human beings, but will relax people’s nerves and promote sleep.

       Catnip is the English name of catnip. It smells cool. Dry the plant and grind it into pieces. Put it in a cat toy and you’ll see the cat crazy! About 50% of the cats are interested in the smell of the grass leaves and like to scratch, but this does not mean that cats must eat cat mint to maintain health. In fact, cat Mint is a kind of hallucinogenic plant, some of which can cause temporary damage after eating

       Pictures of Schizonepeta tenuifolia (cat Mint)

       Camphor grass is also not addictive. In short, cat Mint has no substantial help and harm to cat’s health.

       The roots and leaves have mint flavor, which can repel rats and beetles. They are popular in China for making tea. The leaves and flowering branches can treat cold, nausea, cooling, headache and scalp itching. As cats love this plant, pet toys made from its dried leaves sell well abroad.

       Domestic pet shops sell small linen bags filled with cat mint and cat scratch board with cat Mint powder. Cats will forget these toys. In foreign countries, in addition to selling mouse toys filled with cat mint, crushed cat Mint grass, and canned cat Mint seeds and soil, you can buy them and grow them yourself, so that cats can eat fresh cat mint. Cat Mint will not only make the cat crazy and happy, but also the role of vomit hair.

       The effect of cat Mint is very short-lived. It is neither addictive nor side-effects. About 70% of the cats respond to the smell of cat mint. When they get a toy with cat mint or cat Mint grass, they will rub their heads on it, then roll, roll, even drool on the ground, and lick the cat mint. But after a long time, they will suddenly wake up, seems to be very embarrassed for their gaffe just now, pretending to walk away as if nothing had happened.

       When the cat’s appetite and energy is low, let the cat smell the cat Mint is beneficial to the cat’s recovery; however, it should not be used frequently. If used too often, the cat will not be sensitive to the smell. And also pay attention not to use too much at a time, a pinch the size of the thumb cover is OK. Cats who “smoke” too much cat Mint at a time can cause breathing difficulties.

       In the wild, such as African wildcats, cat Mint also has a fatal attraction. In the male wildcat courtship, cat Mint played a very important role


       Important role. Male cats usually hope that the courtship process is smooth and romantic, so they usually roll in the cat Mint bush, making the whole body full of cat mint fragrance. Female cats are usually fascinated by the smell, which makes it easier for males to mate and mate. Scientists have found that this phenomenon occurs because cat Mint contains a chemical compound called Schizonepeta endolipid, which is the same pheromone produced in the urine of cats during courtship. Such a key to chemistry just fits in with the lock in the cat’s brain, and doesn’t work for other creatures.

       The attachment of cat to cat Mint is also described in Michael Bolen’s the botany of desire

       “Then I thought of frank, my wayward, irascible male cat. I’m used to the hallucinations of the plants. Every summer evening, around 5 o’clock, Frank would walk into the botanical garden with a heavy step and enjoy the cat mint for an hour. First it sniffs hard, then it fiddles with the leaves with its teeth, and then it rolls up suddenly. It seemed to me to be a kind of sexual orgy. Its pupils contract into pinprick like holes, gazing more or less nervously at thousands of miles away, ready to face the invisible enemy or something else, who knows? Maybe it was the lover who jumped up for it. Frank would roll around in the mud, get up, make a funny cross, and then jump up until he’s exhausted

       In addition, the book also talks about plants that make other animals hallucinate, such as the “Yagi” vine, which makes it difficult for a leopard to give up

       Nepeta cataria belongs to Mentha felis [2]

       ¡°¡­¡­ The tukalu Indians of the Amazon basin noticed that the leopard was not a typical herbivore, but that it was hallucinating by eating the skin of a “Yagi” vine. So these Indians followed their lead, saying that eating the “Yagi” vine would give them “leopard’s eyes.”

       So the nature is wonderful, and the relationship between plants and animals is also very delicate. There are so many behaviors and secrets waiting for human beings to explore and explore. Today coincides with the International Biodiversity Day. Writing the above words is actually to show you the wonderful and colorful biological world. Like the human world, they are also full of potential secrets and wonderful illusions. If one day the various and rich of them disappear, along with their secrets and values, what a lonely and lifeless wasteland will be left behind. It’s better to take action, publicize and protect the common creatures around us, and contribute to the preservation of the earth’s priceless treasure – rich and diverse biological resources.

       The cat is actually very good, my family has a cat. The cat is not good may be not adapt to the environment or other factors

       To live that cat, my cat likes me to massage its chin or touch her forehead. Never eat again

       Tease her, do not touch her stomach and lower body Oh, he will have a sense of crisis, hold her more, feed it, the cat is very good and good

       Oh, you have to refuel Oh, now many people do not like cats, too do not love, alas

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