How to prevent cat lacrimal gland

       Some secretions often appear in the cat’s eyes, especially when eating too much salt or eating human food, the hair around the eyes will change color. If you do not do care for a long time, lacrimal glands will be formed, which not only affects the beauty of the cat’s face, but also may cause eye infection, which seriously affects the cat’s health.

       1. Do not use eye drops for cats. Cat eyes often appear in some secretions, if ignored, it will form around the eyes “lacrimal glands”, and sometimes change the color of hair, so often clean up. Use cotton ball or gauze dipped in warm water on the eyes, soften the secretion, and then wipe it off with a dried cotton ball. Cat’s eye is very sensitive, can’t give it eye drops because of eye dropsy.

       2. In addition, boric acid water may cause inflammation, which must be paid attention to when using. Some breeds, such as Persian cat, are easy to get dirty around eyes due to tears. However, if there are symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, and mental depression in addition to eye dropsy, they may be ill and must be sent to the hospital immediately.

       3. In addition, if there is too much eye dropsy and the eye is almost unable to open, it is better to send it to the hospital as soon as possible.

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