How to prevent cat to cat fighting?

       Cats also have territory. The male cat in your family is afraid that the female cat will rob its territory~~~

       Cats distinguish each other by smell. Your cat has been castrated ~ ~ so the smell of male and female is not obvious, but it will increase the fear of cats (especially for male cats)~~~

       It is fierce to the female cat is to protect itself, and they can not distinguish the smell ~ ~ the other is an adult cat ~ ~ its fear is more obvious~~

       I don’t know if you can hold your male cat? Fierce or not? If you give it to you, you can hold it more and pacify it. Slowly hold it close to the female cat day by day. After getting familiar with it and finding that the female cat is not threatening it, put it on the ground and touch it, and then approach the female cat to make it familiar with each other’s smell. After a long time, it will not be so fierce~

       PS: when new pets get along with their original pets, they should not take care of the new pets, but should pay more attention to the pets at home, so that they know that their owners still love them, otherwise, it will aggravate their rejection psychology~~

       Two cats live together, it is very happy to get along with each other. Once they fight, it is not only the problem of injury, but also the life of the owner. In the face of such a dilemma, what would you do?? We usually use the dimensional model of human thinking to solve problems, but the fact is often the opposite. Our thinking and learning have long been assimilated by our parents and society, so we often use that model to treat cats, but we don’t know how wrong this thinking is in the cat world!

       Step 1

       Let the cat have a desire for food first, so you can’t eat it casually. It must be fixed time (fixed time is not fixed time), and the total amount of food should be reduced by at least 20-30%, so that it can have a higher desire for food. The remaining 20-30% will be made up through snacks.

       Step 2

       Let the two cats avoid meeting each other first. You need to set a range of activities at home. There must be a fence between the two cats to prevent their interaction, fighting, etc. You have to adjust it according to your home environment.

       Step 3

       The way of feeding each meal is to let the two cats see each other, but not to cause the distance of fighting. Put the food of two cats here, put down the food at the same time, and take away the food and evening at the same time, so that the cat can see each other and smell the other’s presence when eating. If you do this slowly, the cat will be able to see the other Fang is related to food.

       Just answered a similar question, because your original three cats have grown up, so this situation is inevitable, and their relationship is very difficult to ease. Cats and dogs are animals that like to compete for pets, but you might as well try the following methods. The cat looks calm on the surface, but it is actually very jealous. When it sees the owner doting on the new cat, it will be jealous and deliberately attack the new pet. Most of the time, the new pet for the kitten, the owner holding the kitten, said to the cat predecessors: “this is a kitten, take care of it more yo.” He thought it would be safe and sound, but in fact, the cat’s predecessors were already depressed. Cats are not gregarious and like to act alone. The arrival of the new kitten makes it feel that its sphere of influence has been violated, and will subconsciously resist, and some even run away from home. First of all, in order to avoid future disputes, the only way is to give face to senior cats. Think about ginger is still old and spicy, so you should imitate the cat’s voice and greet the cat’s elder, and then embrace it to show that you still love it. This is very important, so that the cat can feel at ease. When cats meet, they can hold their ancestors. In addition, if you smear the urine of a cat’s ancestor on the new kitten’s buttocks, it means that the cat’s ancestors have recognized this new partner, and disputes will be reduced.

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