How to raise a British short haired cat

       As one of the most popular cats in the family, the British short haired cat is also very popular. Naturally, the breeding of British short hair cat has become the most concerned problem. So, how to keep the British short hair cat well? What’s the secret?

       1. Diet

       If you have a British Shorthair cat at home, you should take good care of its diet. As far as diet is concerned, all cats have a common feature, that is, the digestive function of the intestines and stomach is relatively weak, and the British Shorthair cat is no exception. If the owner changes food too suddenly, it will lead to diarrhea, but it does not need to worry too much. As long as you slowly and reasonably make it adapt to the new cat food, do not change all at once, it is not easy to diarrhea.

       Cat food preservation: it’s very important to keep your own cat food. Cat food can’t be in contact with air for a long time. Dry food should be kept in a sealed box at ordinary times. There are special sealed boxes for storing cat food on the Internet. This must be necessary. Cats need to keep the leftover cans well, cover them with pet cans, seal them in sealed boxes and put them in the refrigerator. When feeding again, be sure to heat it. A can can can can only be stored for two days even if it is put in the refrigerator.

       Nutrition: usually also want to give their own British short hair some nutrition supplies, the most important is to vomit hair cream. I also often feed some hair care and mouth cleaning snacks, and I also feed vitamin cream several times a month.

       Fresh food: it is strongly recommended to feed the canned fresh cat food to British short hair. Its nutritional value is much higher than that of ordinary cat food. More attention should be paid to the preservation. The canned food must be consumed one day after the can is opened, and the cat food should be consumed within 7 days.

       2. Adaptability

       The ancestors of British short haired cats have left them with a fine tradition of hard work, which makes them better than ordinary cats. They can be calm and have no fear in the face of unfamiliar environment. Its adaptability is very strong, will not change because of the change of the environment! Character. British short hair cat bold curiosity, but very gentle, not to lose temper, not to mention shouting!

       3. Sports

       British Bobcats like to get close to their owners and sleep on your knees. However, cats who don’t exercise for a long time are likely to get fat, and those who are overweight will have problems in their health. So, you should play games with it for at least half an hour every day.

       4. Cleaning

       The care of a British short haired cat will make you feel amazing and simple, because these guys are naturally beautiful. A short coat never knots. You just need to comb it with a comb every day. Although it will often use its spiny little tongue to comb the fur, but it can not completely remove the dust on the bottom, so give it a bath once or twice a month, and trim the feet once a month.

       5. Daily life

       It is very important to give the British short hair a comfortable space. It is suggested to buy more rubbing boards and put one in the sleeping place of cats. Cats have the habit of grinding and scratching after getting up. And give meow more room to hide. Spending time with your cat every day can improve your relationship.

       6. Hair care

       This is one of the most important links. It is essential to take care of British short hair every day. Once or twice a week plus a thorough combing of care fluid. Spray the hair care spray on the cat first, then massage the hair with pet gloves, then comb it. This effect is very obvious.

       Every week you should cut your nails and brush your teeth (if the cat doesn’t like it, you can use love spray for pets). The eyes and ears of cats must be cleaned every day. There are wet paper towels for cats on the market.

       It’s easy to say, but it’s not simple. A cat is like a child, and its diet, daily life and care all need to be taken care of by its owner. So when you want to raise a British kitten, you must be patient enough.

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