How to raise a cat in the dark clouds? Introduction to the cat

       Unlike Siamese cat, Scotch fold eared cat and Russian Blue Cat, the black cloud snow cat is like “whipping Hydrangea”, “cow cat” (with only black and white colors like a cow), “hawksbill” (whose color is like the shell of hawksbill, which is a mixture of black, brown, yellow and brown), “three flower cats” (most of the colors on the body are white, black and yellow three) And so on. It is a general term for one of the common domestic cat breeds that the public unanimously call it. How to raise a cat in the dark clouds?

       Black cloud Snow Cat: refers to such a cat, its body is generally pure black, only four claws are white. Like four feet on the snow, it’s very cute and popular. In addition to being black, cats with four white paws and other colors (for example) can also call. This cat is a common breed and is not very expensive.

       How much is the price of the black cloud Snow Cat: the price of the black cloud Snow Cat depends on its variety and appearance. If it is true, the whole body of the cat is pure black, and only four paws are white. No matter what kind of cat it is, it will be more than 1000 yuan. If the chin, abdominal belt, four feet of white hair called “black cloud cover snow”, not “dark cloud step snow”.

       Raising black cloud Snow Cat: there is no big difference between the raising of black cloud Snow Cat and general domestic cat. In terms of diet, the cat food suitable for them is selected according to the cat’s age. The young cat can also buy milk cake and so on. It is not allowed to feed a lot of milk, which will cause diarrhea. Cat snacks can be used as a reward and emotional training tools, absolutely can not be used as staple food, otherwise the cat will be picky. Cats are more active in the evening and in the morning. Parents should put enough cat food and water during this period. In addition, don’t forget to do vaccines and deworming.

       The above describes how to raise the black cloud Snow Cat, do you want to raise one?

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