How to raise a kitten – how to raise a kitten

       Keeping a cat is a science. In fact, if you want to solve the problems of eating, drinking, laza and being naughty, you can raise a good cat. But if you want to have a harmonious relationship with cats, you must raise them with your heart. This is the most important thing. You can’t say it, but you can only understand it. As for the recipe, kittens are just when they are growing up. It is recommended to buy regular cat food with balanced nutrition, because the nutrition of cat food is well matched. When the cat is a little bigger, you can eat chicken liver, a little thinner raw meat.

       They only eat the food that can camp and scatter grain, and wait for the farm to buy food. Because they drink this chicken, they are good for cats. If you want to raise a cat, you need to raise a cat. But if you want to raise a cat, you are more determined than raising a cat. If you want to learn from a cat, you should pay attention to meat, but the cat can’t be raised. The liver is better for a time. It’s about love. To heart small key to reach and some of the relationship, eat a little. It’s a match for the thin cat

       For two cats, two litter basins, two water basins and two rice pots must be used. It is the nature of cats to use cat litter. It is not necessary to teach them to use litter. If they are not willing to use cat litter, it may be that the litter is not cleaned frequently, or the brand of cat litter should be changed. Do not change the litter, take away the lumped stool inside, and replace all the litter regularly.

       Don’t milk the kitten. The 8-week-old kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself. It’s better not to give the kitten milk! The composition of cat’s milk and milk is not the same, some cats have no digestive enzymes that can digest milk, eating milk will cause diarrhea. It is suggested that he only be given cat food for kittens.

       In addition to cat food, it is recommended to give the kitten a little meat every week, but the amount should not be too large. A few small pieces of nail plate are OK. It’s even better if you can chew and feed the kitten, because the cat’s digestive system lacks an enzyme that can be supplied by human saliva, which is good for the kitten’s digestion and absorption. As for tinned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you have to feed them, you can mix a little bit of Canned Rice and give it to them. Because canned cats are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. Carbohydrates like rice are good for the growth of cats. It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat in a kitten less than three months is likely to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw). Kittens or with warm water to soak the cat food soft, easier to digest. Eat less and eat more, don’t eat too greasy food. (Gaga) don’t give the cat mice. Lots of bacteria.

       Of course, it’s better to feed cat food, which is more convenient, and the nutrition for kittens is enough. If the kitten is less than a month, you can also feed milk powder, but it’s very expensive. If you can’t buy cat food, make cat food.

       You can buy some fish, mix it with rice and feed it to him,

       You can also buy some chicken liver and mix it with rice,

       Or chicken breast meat, beef, he would like to eat.

       It’s just that the kitten is relatively small, and his gastrointestinal function is relatively weak. It is not recommended that you feed too much meat. Also saves the kitten to be able to dyspepsia. Also do not feed milk, will cause the kitten diarrhea, because the kitten’s stomach to the milk absorption is not good.

       In addition, when cooking for cats, do not put salt. Cats will get a lot of diseases if they eat salt for a long time.

       Now that you have a kitten, you should be responsible for his health. Be a good cat father and cat mother~

       The cat is a kind of lively and lovely animal, the cute spirituality always makes people deeply love. If you are very lucky to have just received your own baby cat, then you should pay close attention to learning some key knowledge about taking care of the baby cat, so as to help it grow healthily and happily~

       1¡¢ Prepare daily necessities

       Cat food

       The digestive and immune system of the kitten is not fully developed, and it is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort or other diseases. It needs special nutrition to support the development of digestive and immune system. Many of the kittens who have just been picked up can’t adapt to the new living environment all at once. They are prone to diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of indigestion and gastrointestinal discomfort.

       What kind of kitten food is available to support the development of the digestive and immune systems of kittens? When it comes to digestion and the immune system, the first thing to consider is easy to digest protein and prebiotics to help digestion and absorption. After communicating with the cat friends around, most of them commented that the Royal cat food was not bad. Compared with other brands that only distinguish between young cat food and adult cat food, Royal also divides the nutrition of young cats into two stages, and formulates the product nutrition according to the nutritional needs of young cats at the corresponding stage, which makes it feel more professional and accurate. The Royal cat’s milk cake is made for kittens under 4 months old. At this time the kitten just weaned, teeth have not grown fully, also not strong, can not eat very hard things. Therefore, the Royal cat milk cake is designed to be easy to mix with water. After being softened, it is between the liquid and the solid. It is suitable for the newly weaned kitten to chew. In addition, DHA, a brain puzzle formula, can help kittens become smarter in the future. There is also Royal Kitten Food, suitable for kittens from April to December. At this time, kittens are in a critical period of immune and digestive system development. The high digestible protein l.i.p and prebiotics in this cat food can help them better digest and absorb nutrients.

       Cat litter

       Cat litter is used to cover up the smell when the cat goes to the toilet and tells the cat where the toilet is. When you put down the litter, the cat will go to the toilet by itself, which is very convenient. In terms of material, corn cat litter is recommended, with good adsorption and air permeability.


       When a cat is young, it’s also natural to play. If the excrement removal officer is busy during the day and has no time to accompany his cat, he can buy some cat toys so that the cat will not be particularly lonely.

       2¡¢ Parenting tips

       The master has just come to his new home, and the strange environment may make it a little nervous. At this time, you can put it in the quiet corner of the living room or kitchen. This safe space can let it begin to get familiar with the environment and explore, and gradually get familiar with other members of the room, all kinds of sounds and smells. After a while, it will start to find all the places it can enter and get used to everyone’s coming and going.

       Although a cat is an animal, it can do what human beings can do. As long as the owner is willing to train the cat, he will have more skills. We know that the cat has a certain ability to imitate. The owner often opens the door slowly in front of him. Over time, the intelligent cat learns to imitate. Build a deep friendship with your cat in your daily life. Hold it often and call its name gently. Caress the chin, abdomen, head, or parts of the body that it likes to be touched. Let it feel your deep love for it.

       Finally, make sure it is kept in a relatively safe environment, such as keeping away chemicals such as rodents and cockroaches, and fragile items such as glasses. In addition, one to four months of kittens in the tooth change period, especially like to bite things, so we should pay attention to the problem of wire leakage, to avoid the hidden danger of electric shock.

       Cut toenails 1

       If the cat is not allowed to go out, it is necessary to form the habit of regularly cutting the cat’s toenails. A little negligence, the cat’s toenails grow too long, stinging the meat on the cat’s paws, which will cause infection, at this time you have to seek veterinary treatment.

       Toenail removal (surgical removal) removes the cat’s natural defense system and is not recommended. To cut live meat under the toenails.

       Gently grasp the cat, one hand around its chest, the other hand to its claws. Gently press the sole of your foot to expose the seeds.

       Gently cut off the white tips with a nail clipper. If you are not sure how long you want to cut, cut a little bit carefully.

       Bathing cats maybe sometimes you need to bathe cats. Most cats don’t like bathing, so you may need help. After washing, dry the cat quickly with a large warm towel.

       Prepare the following items before you start:

       Fill a plastic bowl with warm water, about 10 cm (4 inches) deep. Try the water temperature. The cat will struggle to hold on to it.

       Squeeze a little cat into the water with shampoo. Pour water into the cat’s body with a cup and rub it down from the neck.

       Clean the cat with enough warm water, then wrap it in a large towel and dry it.

       Blow dry with a hair dryer after a bath unless the cat is afraid of it.

       Urination training

       Place the bedpan in a quiet corner, and when the kitten appears to be using it – squat down, raise its tail – put the cat in the bedpan

       Kittens will cover their faeces with straw mats. If the kitten is excreting outside the basin, don’t let it smell hard. The smell will make it feel like it’s a place for defecation. It will be the same next time.

       Beginners: kittens can learn to use bedpan when they are around

       Law of life

       Training a cat is not like training a dog, but it can cultivate a certain law of life for the cat, making it easier and making the cat happier.

       It’s important to let the cat know its name. Call it before feeding and sleeping, so that it can get familiar with it as soon as possible.

       Grooming: groom the long haired cat at the same time every day – feeding is the best time. Comb the short line cats once a week at a fixed time.

       Feeding: the time and place of feeding the cat remain unchanged.

       Play: play is very important for the growth of cats, especially for cats who are used to indoor life. Spend 10 to 15 minutes playing with cats every day

       First of all, let the cat adapt to the new environment. The cat is a very sensitive animal. Don’t rush to hold it. Let it adapt to the environment slowly.

       Secondly, the cat’s nest will give the cat a sense of security. Cats like to bask in the sun. Therefore, the cat’s nest should be placed in a warm and suitable place, but not by the window. It is better to place it in a ventilated but windless place to meet the requirements of heat preservation. The cat’s nest also needs to be easy to clean. The cat mat should be soft and not easy to wear. In addition, the environment should be minimized Its interference.

       The following is the cat’s diet. I prefer freeze-dried cat food. Both young and adult cats can eat it, because freeze-drying can not only be used as a staple food (of course, not for young cats), but also as supplementary food. Because the intestines and stomach of young cats are not good, it can not be eaten as a staple food. However, it can be soaked in warm water to make freeze-dried meat pieces, which is fresh and delicious The mouth is easy to chew,

       This feeding method takes into account the intestines and stomach problems of the kitten, so that the kitten can digest easily. In addition, freeze-dried ground powder can be sprinkled on the cat food. This feeding method not only increases the taste of cat food, but also does not let the young cat not digest and produce gastrointestinal problems. In addition, the nutrition in freeze-drying is very high, which can enhance the immunity of young cats.

       Cat food

       For a new baby cat, you should first know its birth date before you can choose a suitable cat food

       1-4 months cat milk cake

       This period is the weaning period of cats. Any life in this period is extremely vulnerable and needs to be taken care of. Because we can no longer get enough antibodies from the milk of the cat mother, and the immune system has not developed well, there will be an “immune window period”. Cat milk cake is a nutritional staple food tailored for the suckling cats in this period, It can provide the high-energy, high protein nutrition urgently needed by the weaning cats and help them regulate their body temperature (which is why we are always worried about the baby cats catching cold).

       4-12 months old cat food

       At this time, cats changed from deciduous teeth to permanent teeth and became real predators. They needed to supplement high digestible protein and appropriate amount of vitamin D, support skeletal muscle development patent antioxidant components, support immune and digestive system development, and appropriate protein and vitamin D content to support skeletal muscle development. Some excrement removal officials think that cat’s milk cake can be used as a supplement or snack to continue to feed the cat, but this is unscientific, because the heat demand of cats in this period has begun to decrease. If you give them high calorie cat milk cake for a long time, it will easily lead to obesity and overweight. So it needs to be replaced with royal cat food


       Prepare food basin and water basin respectively. It is recommended to use stainless steel material, which can be used for a long time without rusting and breaking. The plastic material is easy to be bitten by cats, and it is not as easy to clean as stainless steel. In addition, some cats may be allergic to plastic. Keep enough distance between the two bowls to ensure that the water is clean. The basin can be placed in several different positions to create a hunting environment, increase the fun of cats and help them drink more water.

       Toilet and litter

       Corn cat litter with high water absorption can be used. The size of the toilet depends on the size of the cat. If you want to reach the goal in one step, you can buy the largest size to make the cat’s toilet space wider, which will also make them feel more self-contained and have a wider range of activities.

       Cat scratch board

       Preparing a cat’s favorite claw board can help sharpen their nails and keep them away from your favorite sofa. In addition, it is necessary to cut nails regularly for cats!

       Cat climbing frame

       Cats like to climb trees, and they are born to be the king of everything. Prepare a cat climbing frame that is in harmony with the size of the room, so that they can have fun. They will not consider climbing your closet and refrigerator.

       Cat’s nest

       A quiet and comfortable bed, no need to prepare a quilt, the cat’s body temperature is high, hate to be bound, wear clothes cover quilt this anthropomorphic domestication way will only make them hate, cat nest need to be placed in a quiet and warm corner. A sense of being able to keep it private can make the kitten feel secure.

       Cat stick

       Cats are natural predators. They are cold killers. Their movement vision is very strong, and they can accurately lock fast moving objects. Therefore, shaking cat Teaser stick is their favorite toy. It is enough to prepare a toy~

       Go out bag

       When you take a cat for vaccination or other outdoor projects, cats are self-conscious animals, so when you take them out, you must use a rope or bag to control them around you. Usually, they hate the feeling that the rope is tied to the neck, so the bag is the best choice.

       Say now, kittens should eat some pork liver or beef, so as not to have diarrhea. Moreover, the weather is relatively hot, to make a ventilated nest, but also to prevent hateful fleas, cats and cats when they are young, it is easy to bathe, grow up not afraid of water. Eat fresh fish, oh, do not fish, or it will be stuck in the throat, there is a kitten, you do not often hold her, this will let it germs, and the growth of cats is not good, hee hee… These are my experiences in raising cats. I like cats very much. Unfortunately, they have disappeared after growing up. Alas


       You can use porridge mixed with chopped pig liver and a little salt to feed him. The cat likes it very much.


       When taking a bath, fill a basin with warm water, not too hot, mixed with detergent. Cover the cat’s ears when washing. Don’t let the water fill in. The cat will be very uncomfortable. Note: the first time a cat takes a bath, it will be very scared. Try not to scratch yourself.


       I don’t need to tell you how to sleep. You don’t have to worry about it. It knows how to sleep at home. If you want to make a nest for it, you can do it!


       Finally, you can take advantage of its sleep to cut its sharp nails, so as not to scratch and hurt people, remember to only cut a little, do not cut too much, otherwise it will hurt.

       These are my experiences in raising cats! Wish your cat health and happiness every day! £º-£©

       If the kitten is not weaned, give it milk first. Don’t eat anything else.

       Nearly two months later, they will be weaned.

       You go to the supermarket to buy some Weijia cat food. Cat food contains vitamins and protein that cats need.

       Go and buy some cat litter and put it in a small basin. It will go to the toilet in it. If you don’t spend money, you can get some sand.

       It’s better not to give the kitten anything else. Just eat cat food. If you are greedy, it will be hard to grow up,

       I hope it will help you.

       It seems that the cat can’t drink milk. It won’t digest. My cat is vaccinated, and then give it a good habit. It’s convenient to use cat litter. In terms of eating, cat food is good. If you eat too much other things, you will become picky. As a rule of thumb, my cat has been spoiled now. If you do something bad, you should educate it at that time. After that, it will not work. It will forget. I don’t know why you taught it.

       It is best to let the cat mother take care of it for 2 months, that is, you can raise it after weaning. Because kittens can learn a lot of skills during this period. Some kittens can’t use their sense of smell to identify food and water, can’t lick their hair, it’s too long since they left their mother when they were children.

       If it’s not convenient, make a comfortable nest for the kitten, and make sure it’s surrounded. If it’s convenient, it’s better to cover it. Kittens like this. They feel safe. Cat litter and toilet, needless to say, can be found everywhere in pet shops. If you eat, you can eat goat’s milk with water. Pet shops also have special milk powder, but don’t drink milk. Usually should pay attention to keep warm, so small resistance is very low, easy to have small hair disease. Do not take medicine in a hurry for general minor diseases, affecting development.

       Cats need to prepare everything they need: litter, litter basin, shovel for excrement, cat food, and vaccination on time.

       Cats need to take them to get vaccinated after nine weeks. Generally, the better vaccine in China is cat triple vaccine, which is given once every 20 days. A total of three injections are added with rabies vaccine. After the injection, you can take a bath one week later. Before that, you can’t bathe for a long time. It’s dirty.

       The internal and external deworming should be carried out just after being carried back. The internal deworming should be done for two months, and once every half a year. It is better to do the external deworming once a week. In terms of diet, it’s good to give it cat food. When buying cat food, you should pay attention to what stage the cat eats. In the growth and development period, it’s best to supplement some nutrition, give it some high nutrition or vitamin tablets, milk can drink, will get lactose intolerance, drink goat’s milk.

       We must vaccinate in time to prevent the occurrence of feline plague and other malignant infectious diseases. Because the cat plague virus is very harmful to the kittens less than four months old, and the virus is infectious and can be transmitted without direct contact, so in order to let the kittens grow up healthily, please timely vaccinate your baby. The time of vaccination was about 12 weeks for kittens, twice before the age of one year, with an interval of 20 days, and then once a year.

       It is recommended to give the kitten a little meat food every week, but the amount should not be too large. A few small pieces of nail plate are OK. It’s even better if you can chew and feed the kitten, because the cat’s digestive system lacks an enzyme that can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to digestion and absorption of kittens. As for canned cats, it is not recommended for cats under four months old. If you have to feed them, you can mix a little bit of Canned Rice and give it to them.

       1. Physical examination. Before picking up a cat, make sure that the cat is healthy and has been treated with insect repellent.

       2. Choose the right cat catching tools: you can choose the appropriate size of the pet air box or small iron cage (cover the outside with air permeable cloth to prevent the cat from being scared by the unfamiliar environment). For big cats, try not to use cartons in case they are scared and run away.

       3. Give the cat a quiet and free environment. Don’t rush to hug or kiss a cat when it gets home. Families with children should pay special attention to prevent children from teasing cats. Cats are well-known sensitive and slow-moving animals. In order to prevent cats from being frightened, try to give them a time to get familiar with the new environment. It is suggested to put the kitten in a room without disturbing it.

       4. Do a good job of protection.

       Like children, kittens like to bounce and rub around. So put away the tools, glass and other fragile things at home.

       5. Bathing and deworming.

       ¢Ù Take a bath. A health check-up is required for the new member of the family. Observe whether the cat is dirty, whether there are fleas, whether there is a cold. The kittens within 3 months should not take a bath because of their low resistance. For cats over 3 months old, go home and take a bath. If you take a shower, close the window. And timely hot air drying. Beware of colds.

       ¢Ú Anthelmintic. Because cats are mammals covered with fur, they will have internal and external parasites. And parasites run to people is a headache. So we should eliminate them in time.

       In vitro deworming: Freon spray or flean drops (do not use flea collar and metalaxyl). Effective removal of fleas. A spray of fleas will all come out. So when spraying, put it in an open and clean place. It is suitable for all kinds of dogs and cats over 8 weeks old.

       Internal anthelmintic: Bayer’s for cats or big pet. According to the instructions, more than 8 kinds of parasites in the intestines of tapeworms, Ascaris lumbricoides and worms in any development stage can be eliminated, and the elimination rate is more than 99%. There are 2 species of Ascaris (Toxocara felis, Toxoplasma lionii), 4 hookworms (Ancylostoma felis, hookworm canis, hookworm narrowhead), and 2 tapeworms (Taenia canis, Taenia gigantica).

       Dosage: once every 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks. And then once a month until six months old. Cats over six months old eat once every three months. Cats over one year old eat it once every six months. Deworming drugs are not recommended for pregnant cats. If necessary. Take once 10 days before delivery. After the end of lactation, take it once every 2 weeks and 4 weeks.

       ¢Û Vaccine: when the master is 4 months old, he will take it to make the vaccine. To avoid the owner of the common cat plague, nasal branch and other diseases. Some owners save money and don’t want to fight, but for kittens and puppies, cat plague and nasal branch are very low cure rate diseases. (PO owner saved a dog with canine distemper and died miserably in the end) so please remember, every price is worth the goods. Don’t sacrifice your kitten’s safety to save money.

       1. The newly raised cat will not get used to the cat’s nest. It can sleep wherever it likes. New environment, Cat City

       Will run to the dark corner to hide. So it can run wherever it likes. It has a sense of security, so it can get familiar with the environment faster.

       2. You don’t need to close the box. If you close the door and window, you won’t run out.

       3. If you play with it now, it will only scare it. In the process of getting familiar with it, you can occasionally tease it and talk,

       After a long time, it will be ripe.

       4. It’s not recommended to let the cat out of the house for free. It’s OK to keep it at home completely,

       5. The cat will find a warm place. If it’s not a kitten, you don’t need the bulb to keep warm. Just leave it alone.

       6. If you buy a cat, you can vaccinate it if you keep it for a week. Because it is bought, rabies and triad are necessary.

       7. In the case of kittens, it is easy to keep them together. If you fight, it’s temporary. You’ll have a good time.

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