How to raise a pet tortoise

       Tortoise breeding, pay attention to excretion of acid, that is, tortoise body accumulated uric acid, can be used to supplement water when there is no water.

       But if you don’t excrete acid for a week, the acid will form stones in the bladder, making the tortoise unable to eat and then die.

       So the best turtles are red legged tortoise and Herman tortoise.

       Red leg is characterized by no acid excretion, which can be regarded as a turtle without acid excretion. In this way, it is unnecessary to consider the acid excretion every day. However, the disadvantage is that it is a rainforest turtle. If the humidity is not in the range of 60-70%, the skin will be dry, the eyes cannot be opened, and even the skin will peel.

       Herman is characterized by a large amount of acid excretion. Herman basically has a high frequency of acid excretion and a large amount of acid, so it is not easy to get stones. However, there are still cases of stones. However, the turtle does not pay attention to humidity. As long as the temperature is enough, it will hibernate when the temperature is low. However, the disadvantage is still acid excretion. Once the acid is not discharged for a week, it depends on whether there is a stone.

       These two kinds of turtles are very expensive, but also small turtles, 4-5cm.

       As for some turtle friends who say that Burmese tortoise is easy to raise, it is completely based on the cheap price and large size. In short, if you die without heartache, the turtle will also excrete acid and need to be heated. However, many of these turtles are mountain products, that is, wild turtles, and have parasites in their bodies.

       Therefore, if you want to raise a tortoise, you can choose from Herman or red leg. It’s OK to eat some meat. Herman is a vegetarian turtle. …

       1. Any turtle can be raised as a pet!! 2. Turtles, you hate trouble, tortoise more than hope, more trouble than turtles!!! 3. No tortoise is easy to raise. It’s not easy to keep it well. 4. Everyone’s psychological orientation is different. You think 100 is cheap, others think it’s expensive!! Therefore, this cheap positioning is not easy to say that the owner of the building to consider, no more think of the tortoise

       My family has dogs and cats. Dogs are Border Collies. They come home in 45 days. They are full of excrement and urine and tears. Cats are two rescued stray cats, one male and one female, oh no, one father-in-law and one sister. When they came, they were dying. Now they are two fat people. Then, as a person who has come over, I tell you that you should be patient to keep a dog. You should be able to tolerate it urinating everywhere, to be able to endure its daily cleaning calls, to be able to keep biting your things (especially when you were a child). You should be able to take him out for a walk at least once every morning and evening. You should be able to do external drive every month, inner drive every three months, and every day and earth every day Sweep the floor, and play with it every day when it is lonely… It’s relatively easy to keep a cat. You don’t have to worry about whether you have time to go out for a walk (because you don’t need to), you don’t have to do the drive every month (because the cat doesn’t have to go out), and you don’t have to play with it all the time (because sometimes it doesn’t bother to take care of you)… But it doesn’t lose less hair than a dog, and it doesn’t necessarily eat less than a dog… (two cats in my family, which add up to less than 20 kg, eat more than my dog of 30 kg). So, in summary, those who are prone to abuse, like to be active and have enough time to accompany each day, can choose to have a dog; those who like to have their own independent space, not having enough time every day, can choose to keep a cat. Personal opinion, for reference only.

       Friend, you want to raise now, but you haven’t, right?

       Since you haven’t raised them, you must know where to buy them? Can’t catch it by yourself? Capture belongs to hunting behavior. This is the scope of animal protection. You can’t touch it. Just ask the seller to provide a proof, which is the proof of origin.

       Can I say that?

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