How to raise Siamese kittens

       Siamese kittens of 2 to 5 months old are in the growing stage. More calories are necessary for fast growing kittens.

       A cat weighing 1 kg at 3-4 months after birth needs 130-250 calories per day, 100 calories after six months, and 80 calories for adult cats. In terms of nutrients, cats are basically carnivores, so they need more animal protein.

       In addition, if calcium intake is insufficient, it will lead to incomplete growth of bones, teeth and claws; when taurine is insufficient, it will cause blindness or heart muscle disease; and when vitamin A is insufficient, it will also cause visual impairment or skin condition deterioration, so we can consider giving more of these nutrients. The calcium requirement of young cats is 40% higher than that of adult cats.

       Because the development of young cats needs these kinds of nutrients, if you only feed cat meat, there will be malnutrition, but if you give the cat too much vitamin, it will cause poisoning symptoms. In the past, many cats were fed with leftovers, but at that time, cats could go out of the house to catch some small animals to supplement the problem of insufficient nutrition.

       Today’s cats are kept indoors, so cat owners should pay special attention to nutrition. If there is no correct nutrition related knowledge, it is better not to do the cat’s food by themselves. It is a better way to feed cats to feed on the cat feed produced by factories. It is suggested that cat owners should choose different feeds to feed their cats according to their life cycle (infancy, adulthood, pregnancy, etc.).

       Finally, birch net also said that although the young cats eat a lot during the development stage, they basically control the amount of food they eat. For kittens, as long as they are willing to eat, it doesn’t matter how many meals they feed a day. There is no need to limit the number of times a day.