How to remove lacrimal gland in cat

       USA Shorthair

       Some secretions often appear in the cat’s eyes, especially when eating too much salt or human food, the hair around the eyes will change color. If you do not do care for a long time, lacrimal glands will be formed, which not only affects the beauty of the cat’s face, but also may cause eye infection, which seriously affects the cat’s health.

       1. Do not use eye drops for cats. Cat eyes often appear in some secretions, if ignored, it will be around the eyes into the “lacrimal gland”, and sometimes change the color of the fur, so often clean up. Use cotton ball or gauze dipped in warm water on the eyes, soften the secretion and wipe it off with a wrung cotton ball. Cat’s eye is very sensitive, can’t give it eye drops because of eye dropsy.

       2. In addition, boric acid water may cause inflammation, which must be paid attention to when using. Some breeds, such as Persian cat, are easy to get dirty around eyes due to tears. But if in addition to eye dropsy, but also accompanied by fever, loss of appetite, mental depression and other symptoms, it may be ill, must be sent to the hospital immediately.

       3. In addition, if the eye excrement is too much, making the eye clear almost can not open, or send to the hospital as soon as possible.

       Jinjila’s eye droppings may be caused by improper diet, or the cat has conjunctivitis and nasal branch. In addition to cleaning the eye excrement, it is necessary to adjust the cat’s diet structure and cooperate with other drug treatment to make the cat recover quickly.

       1. The fire is inflamed

       In daily life, cats are fed single dry cat food for a long time, or they are fed with too many canned meat and snacks, which causes inflammation in the body and secretion of a large amount of eye excrement. In this case, it is necessary to clean the cat’s eye excrement in time, adjust the cat’s diet structure, and give the cat light food, and do not feed too much canned food and snacks to the cat.

       2. With conjunctivitis

       Conjunctivitis is a common problem of eye diseases in cats. The incidence rate of young cats is high, and the duration of the disease is very long, which makes cats feel very miserable. After jinjila developed conjunctivitis, the cat will not only have too much eye dropsy, but also photophobia, conjunctival congestion, redness and swelling. Conjunctivitis is usually caused by a virus. Cat should use eye drops to clean eyes, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, until recovery. Also to ensure indoor hygiene, to avoid cat eyes infected with other viruses.

       3. Have a cat nasal branch

       Jinjila has a series of symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, cough and red eyes. The cat may be suffering from the cat nasal branch, which will not only cause selective conjunctivitis and ophthalmitis, but also cause complete blindness in severe cases. Once these symptoms are found, they should be treated in time. At this time, in addition to using eye drops to clean your cat’s eyes, you should also consider feeding your cat with meow, think, lysine to fight the virus.

       First of all, if the cat often eats greasy food, it is easy to have tear marks. If the cat eats too much greasy food, it will also cause eye inflammation, more eye droppings and tears. Therefore, the cat’s diet should be light and healthy, control the oil and salt content, abandon the old-fashioned high-fat cat food, and feed ecological food or natural food with low salt and low oil.

       Then can give the cat eye drops to improve the situation of tears, 2 ~ 3 times a day, each time 1 ~ 2 drops of state fun cat eye drops can. The tear marks gradually became lighter and disappeared.

       1. Daily cleaning

       If the cat’s tear stains are not very heavy, use a hot towel to clean the area around the eyes every day. But if there are stubborn stains, you should use starch and boric acid powder to remove the semi mixture. First, add water to mix the starch and boric acid powder into a paste, and then put it on the cat’s tears, let it dry naturally, and then brush it clean after drying. However, be careful not to let the powder enter the cat’s eyes, otherwise the cat’s eyes may have ulcers.

       2. Eye drops

       Jinjila will have tears, a large part of the reason is that the cat is infected with bacteria, bacteria, etc., which makes the cat’s eyes have problems. The cat will not only have tears, but also increase secretion and even inflammation. This simple daily cleaning can not completely remove the cat’s tears. Pet owners should also drop cat eye drops 2-3 times a day to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation in cat’s eyes, which can gradually improve the problem of cat’s tears.

       3. The diet is light

       In addition to the above measures, pet owners should also pay attention to the diet of jinjila. If jinjila eats food that is easy to catch fire, it will cause more tears in eyes, eye droppings, tear marks and other symptoms. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to feeding the cat some light food, to control the salt and oil content of the cat, do not eat too greasy cans. Low sensitive ecological cat food should also be used,