How to shave the English short gradients? How can this happen?? The color of the short silver gradients is yellow, and the cat’s hair is yellow

       British short silver hair yellow, mainly because the body’s nutrition can not meet the needs of hair, and in daily life also did not take good care of the blue cat’s hair.

       Pet owners want to change the blue cat’s hair back to the original appearance, that is, to prepare a good diet for the blue cat, and then feed some lecithin. In daily life, they also need to do a good job of hair care for the blue cat.

       1. Good diet structure:

       When feeding the blue cat, the pet owner should choose a good cat food, and then feed the blue cat some cooked fish, chicken and beef as supplementary food, and control the salt and oil content. Meat is usually three to five times a week. Feed a small amount of apple puree and carrot to blue cat.

       2. Feed the blue cat with lecithin

       Pet owners in the blue cat to supplement the basic needs of nutrition in life, pet owners have to give blue cat additional nutrition. For example, add some meow lecithin to your food. Pet owners can also feed blue cats egg yolk once a week, which is good for hair.

       3. Hair care for blue cats:

       The wrong way of Bathing will damage the hair of blue cat, so blue cat should use cat’s hair shampoo instead of adult’s bath gel, soap and shampoo; after bathing, the hair should be dried in time to avoid catching a cold; there is also a special comb for the cat when combing the hair of the blue cat, which will not damage the hair of the blue cat.

       Extended data:

       The life habits of yingduan are as follows

       (1) Adaptability:

       Its adaptability is very strong, will not change because of the change of environment. So, if you buy this cat, don’t worry that it will give you a headache because of the changing environment.

       (2) Character:

       British kittens are bold and curious, but they are very gentle, and they don’t lose their temper or bark.

       (3) Exercise:

       British Bobcats like to get close to their owners and sleep on your knees. However, cats who don’t exercise for a long time are likely to get fat, and those who are overweight will have problems in their health. So, you should play games with it for at least half an hour every day.

       (4) Hair loss:

       The coat of British short haired cat is soft and thick like flannel, rarely shedding and easy to take care of. Once upon a time, cats shed their hair all the year round, especially in spring and autumn.

       Cat’s own comb will swallow the hair into the stomach, over time in the stomach to form hair ball, if can not be vomited out, and can not be timely discharged through the intestinal tract, retained in the stomach, will form a hair ball blockage, affect appetite, and even endanger life. Therefore, if it is in the depilation period, the owner can comb the hair several times a day or let it eat the hair cream.

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