How to teach a cat too fierce? How to teach a cat too fierce

       You must be patient with cats, because cats are naturally keen on biting and scratching. My kitten has been biting and scratching for two months. Especially when I raise my hand, I jump over, or walk and jump on my feet. First of all, I have to trim my nails for the cat in three or five days, wear long sleeve trousers, and protect myself. Then, when the kitten bites and grasps, I have to cry “ah, ah, pain.” When you take a picture of the kitten’s head, the force is moderate. If it is heavy, the cat will be angry. If it is light, it will feel that you are playing with it. Tell it No. slowly, the cat will know that this will hurt its owner, even if it grasps and bites it less. If you want to buy a cat scratch board and stick for your cat, you can distract your mind so that if you are tired of playing with these things, you will not want to bite or scratch. My cat has been training for about two weeks, and has been much better. Your cat is 11 months old. It will be troublesome to change it. You should be more patient.

       To put it simply, if you want to make your cat obedient and smart, the owner can use the method of kindness and mercy. When a cat is disobedient, hitting can’t solve any problems. On the contrary, it may have adverse effects. But it is necessary to yell loudly to let the cat understand that it has done something wrong and make the owner angry. But in the process of dealing with disobedient cats, we should grasp the scale of the combination of kindness and awe. Do not cause fear and imbalance in the cat’s heart, but also achieve the effect of shock.

       First of all, in the face of disobedient cats, the owner can no longer indulge without principle, which will only make the cat more unscrupulous. In life, the owner should train the cat from an early age to develop good living habits and attitude towards people. The owner should guide the cat to complete the training and give it care and care. Let the cat see itself as its master and obey itself. Let your own instructions have a deterrent effect on the cat.

       To know why a cat is so fierce, the first thing is to observe it carefully, understand the cat’s temperament and character, and grasp the reason for its ferocity. On the other hand, cats are very noble, quiet, and even lonely pets. There are several reasons for it to become fierce, such as the unfamiliar environment makes it feel afraid and nervous; it encounters an invading enemy; when it is in heat, it has to fight for a spouse; when it mistakenly thinks that its master will be unfavorable to it and will hurt it and feel afraid. To put it simply, cats are very fierce, mostly because they have no sense of security. In order to better protect their lives, the cat’s character will become alert and defensive.

       When the cat becomes fierce, parents should not irritate it. First let it calm down, and then carefully look for the reason why the cat is fierce. As for how to deal with it, after finding out the reason why the cat is fierce, we should find a targeted way to solve it.

       Let the cat become clever, no longer fierce. First of all, parents should give it a sense of security and create a sense of security for the cat. For example, if you take a cat to a new and strange environment, the owner should accompany the cat and encourage it to get familiar with the new environment. At the same time, when the cat has not adapted to the new environment, do not let strangers and strange animals harass it, so that its pet cat has an absolute sense of security, and will not become vicious for a little situation.

       In addition, when the cat is young, parents should have a plan to cultivate the independent and strong character of the cat. Don’t spoil it too much, don’t let it develop freely. Whether it is lifestyle, or life attitude should be scientifically guided, so that pet cats become sensible, clever, not vicious and aggressive.

       When a cat bites, he doesn’t know the weight. He is playing with you, but you must educate him. The owner doesn’t like to bite. All cats love to bite people, so do my meow, and they are also very painful. Then I found a way to deal with him. Don’t dodge the first bite. The more you dodge, the more his teeth scratch you. When he bites, you should quickly send your hand to its mouth, so that he will not bite easily, and you will not hurt so much. Second, immediately put the other hand on her nose, so that he could not breathe, he let go. Now my meow meow sometimes opens his mouth to bite me. I immediately point his nose with my finger. He immediately tilts his head back and pushes me outward with his claws. Ha ha ha.

       Many people have been complaining that their cats are always scratching and biting people. The scars on their bodies do imply the tears of their owners. But this is not all the cat’s fault, the owner also has a certain responsibility. Cats are not human beings. They are lovely, but they can’t understand human psychology after all, and human beings can’t explore what they are thinking. If we get along with each other for a certain period of time, we can understand each other’s thoughts.

       First of all, the evolution of cats has always been in the direction of super hunters. All the organs on their bodies are designed to catch up with their prey and kill them quickly. Although they have been pets for thousands of years, these structures have not disappeared. For example, the intensity of fighting between cats can’t be applied to humans, so let cats know that they will hurt you.

       Usually, cats will learn skills by chasing each other in the process of growth. After this stage, they will also understand what strength will not hurt their partners, but this strength is not suitable for human beings. Therefore, in the process of cat growth, when the cat scratch and bite you, you should stop it, such as yelling loudly and patting the place where it is forced, so as to slowly understand what to use You’re under attack.

       If you put your hand in the dog’s mouth, the dog will not exert any force. It will always open its mouth or bite gently. The cat is also completely OK. It just needs training and guidance. After all, cats are much later as human companions. Our generation and future generations are making efforts for the pet of domestic cats.


       Wild cats are the largest group of cats attacking human beings, because they must be vigilant in the wild, or they will not survive. Some foreign statistical data show that the average life span of stray cats is only two years. They should not only tolerate peer bullying, but also prevent individual species from becoming hostile to human beings. Those stray cats of relatives must be abandoned by domestic cats, and they have a very comfortable community to live in, but such things are rare.

       When you encounter stray cats, don’t take it for granted that all cats are cute. You should step by step to eliminate hostility. Don’t go up to feed or touch them at the beginning. The stray cats in cities are basically domestic cats. Hostility can be easily eliminated under normal circumstances, but you can’t do it too quickly.

       Don’t think that a cat’s scratch and bite shows how bad a cat is. Any pet needs to be guided. Even a cute cat must also cultivate reasonable living habits. Cats are not a burden, but a part of our lives. Don’t let everything have to end in tragedy.

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