How to tell the male and female of puppet cat?

       Almost all the parents who have cats know how to distinguish the male and female cats. Some of them have never owned a cat, or they don’t know how to distinguish them. Because cats and dogs are not the same, the external reproductive organs are not as different as dogs. So, how do we distinguish them?

       In fact, it is very simple to distinguish the male and female puppet cats. The most basic thing is to distinguish the male and female puppet cats. From the appearance of male cats, their faces are relatively round and their noses are relatively wide, which are also relative to the female cats. In terms of appearance, the female cat will have a narrower nose and a smaller face. Just like our little face beauties, this method can also distinguish male and female. However, this way of looking at the face may not be so obvious, and it needs to be compared between male and female cats, and it may not be so easy to see for some parents who are not familiar with cats.

       However, in addition to looking at the face, we can also distinguish male and female from the physiological structure of puppet cats. First of all, male cats have no external penis. Like female cats, they have two external visible openings. Similarly, the two external openings are located at the lower part of the caudal root, and the upper opening is the anus. The distance between the anus and the external genitalia of male cats is a little farther than that of female cats, and the shape of the opening of genitalia is more round, and the opening of vulva of female cats is more like a crack. It may be a little difficult to distinguish when a cat is young, but when the cat grows up, the testicles of the male cat will develop, that is, the eggs will grow, so it is obvious that the male and female can be distinguished.

       In fact, when you don’t understand it at the beginning, it’s difficult to distinguish the male and female cats. When you have more cats and see more, it will naturally be very simple to distinguish them. The distinction, including kittens, is not too difficult.