How to train cats to be aggressive

       Cat’s aggressive behavior is mostly caused by emotional stimulation, so the owner should avoid anything that may affect the cat’s mood. If the cat has aggressive behavior, how should the owner train? 1. If it is a lonely old cat, you may as well add a kitten to accompany it. It’s easier for an old and a young to accept each other, but it should be noted that the kitten should be brought home by a person the old cat never knows. This person appears in the hope that the old cat will not associate you with the kitten and produce jealousy. 2. If the old cat is hostile to the kitten, we can call the kitten “the kitten of the old cat”, because it can make a positive connection between them. Secondly, when talking to the kitten, you should talk to the old cat at the same time, so that the old cat can be involved and have normal contact with the kitten, so as to cultivate the feelings between them. 3. If the cat is particularly nervous about someone, you might as well refer to the person as a cat, such as “this is Lily of the cat, it is Lily’s cat”. Connect them. This will dispel the cat’s tension and anxiety about the person, but practice it over and over. 4. Cats are easily affected by their owners’ emotions. As masters, you should do more stress reducing exercises and activities to relax you and your cat. 5. Some owners will go to the pet hospital and use tranquilizers to control the cat’s mood. However, if only try the tranquilizer, it is a temporary but not a permanent solution. To be effective, the cat’s behavior must be reconstructed and supplemented with sedatives, so as to help the cat and reduce its aggressive behavior. 6. Music can also relax cats and reduce their aggressive behavior. So, you can play your music with soft background music, which can also soothe the cat. 7. When a cat is nervous, it will naturally attack its enemies with its claws, so you should often cut the cat’s nails. When cutting, it is better to let another person hold it to distract its attention.

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