How to train cats to use litter? This method is very effective

       Cats are well-known for their hygiene. They should lick up any dirt on their bodies. When you have time or no time, you will comb your hair with your hands or wash your face. Love clean cats, and people like them. Cat defecation also love clean, always go to inconspicuous places, quietly looking for sand, or dust to defecate. Now in the city, high upstairs no sand, where to defecate? Cat litter is a good thing. How to train cats to use litter? This method is very effective. 1. Prepare litter and a box

       At home, it is necessary to defecate cats and prepare litter. This makes the home environment cleaner. Also need to prepare a small box, the box does not need to be too big, can accommodate the cat’s small body. This box is for cat litter. 2. When kittens start to be convenient, they will not be convenient in the small box filled with litter in most cases. They will smell everywhere, looking for a suitable place to be convenient. At this time, the tail will also have beautiful movements. When the owner saw it, he understood that the kitten should be convenient, so he took the kitten to the litter to prevent the cat from running out. It is convenient to hold the cat in the litter for several times, and the kitten will understand the meaning of its owner. It should be noted that cats and cats like to urinate in places with their own smell. At the beginning of training, the cat’s urine can be poured into the litter and stirred. Cats smell their own smell, will go to the litter to pee. 3. Choose dust-free litter. Some cats’ respiratory tract is not very good, too much dust will stimulate it. If the litter is too dusty, the cat will avoid it if it doesn’t like it. Therefore, the owner should choose dust-free litter when choosing litter. After choosing the litter, it’s better not to change it at will. Replace the litter frequently, and the cat will have to adapt again.

       How to train cats to use litter? If you have a cat in your family and you don’t have a fixed place to urinate, prepare litter for your cat. It’s clean and hygienic. Also remember to buy a shovel, in the cat defecate, convenient to deal with the poop.