How to train short and naughty?

       When it comes to beauty short, many people are familiar with it. It is the abbreviation of American short hairy cat (detailed introduction). Many people are attracted by its round body and cute appearance. Especially some children and girls like it very much. When they are small, they have shown all their lovely advantages and can sprout me We have a bloody face. Even when we grow up, we are very cute, but the mischievous beauty is amazing. Many officials feel big because they are too naughty. They don’t know how to train them. So this article will give you some advice on how to train them.

       1. Keep in the cage properly

       Because Mei short is very naughty, so they often run around the house. They not only sometimes damage our things, but also make the owners feel upset, and often disturb the owners to do their things. How can we train them if they are too naughty? At this time, we can keep them in the cage for a period of time every day. When we put them in the cage, we must not keep them in the cage all day long. We only need to keep them in the cage for one to two hours every day, because cats can’t be caged for too long.

       2. Appropriate punishment and reward

       How to train short and naughty? Those who are too naughty often do some wrong things in our life. For example, they are too naughty and damage the things in our family. At this time, we should exercise our right to be masters and give them some criticism and punishment in time to let them know that it is not right to do so, but we can’t beat them too angrily. We’d better treat them Oral criticism is OK. Of course, if they are good, then we can also give them some snacks as a reward, and praise them with a spoiled tone, and the praised cats will be very happy.

       Before reading this article, maybe you still don’t know how to train the naughty girl. I believe that after reading the above content, you all know how to treat the naughty little American short of your own family correctly?