How to treat the cat with insect repellent

       The health of cats can be guaranteed by keeping cats healthy. The parasites and fleas on cats can be transmitted to the breeders through the environment, especially the cats whose owners do not feed properly and often take meat as their staple food. Therefore, it is necessary to expel the parasites and fleas inside and outside the cat.

       I. types of anthelmintic

       Generally speaking, cat anthelmintic can be divided into internal anthelmintic and in vitro anthelmintic. The most common cat repellent in vitro is Freon. The above several should be imported anthelmintic, of course, can also use domestic broad-spectrum anthelmintic. But I think the price of imported anthelmintic is more expensive, but cats only take it once a year, so it is guaranteed to eat imported anthelmintic. After all, anthelmintic is toxic, and if it is not used properly, there will be tragedy.

       2. Dosage of insect repellent for cats

       Anthelmintic is toxic, so it must be fed according to the instructions, especially the domestic anthelmintic. Before using it, you must weigh the cat’s weight and calculate the dosage that should be taken according to the weight. Sometimes there will be a lot of medicine left. If you think it is wasted, you can give it to the stray cat.

       Preparation before and after repellent

       The cat should take a bath before the external anthelmintic treatment. After it is completely dried, put the insect repellent on the back of the cat’s neck where it can’t be licked. Don’t give the cat a bath before the anthelmintic fails. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the medicine, the cat should fast for 5 or 6 hours after feeding the anthelmintic 3-4 hours after eating the food.

       Four, in vitro deworming must not use the kind added into the bath water

       A friend once asked me about the external deworming. I asked him to buy flean drops, but he didn’t buy it. He bought an anthelmintic added to the water to bathe the cat. After using it, he came to consult me. I immediately realized that the insect repellent could not be used, but it was too late. His cat died of poisoning.

       Cat skin structure is very special, toxic substances can penetrate through the skin into the body, plus cats have the habit of licking hair, so if you use that kind of insect repellent, it will lead to poisoning and death of the cat.

       5. Do not use a flea collar to expel insects in vitro

       In addition to flea collar, most of them are made of dichlorvos, which is toxic and harmful to cats.

       6. Pay attention to observe the feces of cats after anthelmintic treatment

       After anthelmintic a few days, there will be dead parasites and eggs with the stool excretion, if the symptoms of diarrhea, or to consult a doctor.

       7. Observe the cat’s mental state after anthelmintic treatment

       After anthelmintic treatment, some cats with weak intestines and stomach and poor physique will have vomiting, listlessness and even fever. Generally, this kind of symptoms can be improved in 1-2 days. If it lasts for several days, you’d better consult a doctor.

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