Husky always takes the new kitten — Husky’s personality

       If your dog is a medium or large dog, you can quickly grab the dog’s hind foot and shake off the other dog (remember not to shake off the dog too hard), at this time, remember to use strict

       Li’s tone to his dog said “no”, this is to tell it: I’m the boss, I’m here, you can’t fight!

       There are also some ducks or models to stimulate it, when it is about to rush up and bite it, it will be severely criticized, and at the same time, pat his head, not too light, or he will think you are playing with him, not too heavy, or he will hate you for a long time

       The answer above is very funny. If the dog can understand people, we don’t have to worry about it

       I can’t stand kicking. I can’t even kick away. I like to catch small animals. My songlion has caught a sparrow. I was shot dead. What’s more, such a lively little ha ~ ~’Is that after the naughty point, try not to take it to places where there are lots of chickens and ducks. The children are also naughty. This is the only way to do it. I can’t bear to part with it

       It’s not hate. Sometimes it’s playing. My house ha, too. When he sees a chicken and a bird, he chases him and holds it in his mouth. He doesn’t kill him intentionally. My dog often uses his mouth to pick up his baby. HA is very naughty. Try to keep ha away from the small animals. If he sees a small animal going up, he should loosen the rope a little and then pull it back quickly to stimulate him and stop him loudly¬£¬® Pay attention, the collar of the neck must be the kind that is put on the neck, not on the body, because his strength is too strong, because the collar can be pulled, so he will not use so much force.)


       Siberian sled dogs are typically friendly, gentle, alert and sociable. He does not show the dog’s strong possessiveness of territory, does not have too much doubt about strangers, and does not attack other dogs. Adult dogs should have a certain degree of caution and dignity. This breed is intelligent, docile and enthusiastic, and is a suitable companion and loyal worker.


       1. Beautiful

       The biggest advantage is its beautiful and cold appearance. Almost everyone who has seen xiaoha will love him from the heart. Maybe it shows the human’s psychology of catching wolves. Ha ha, who called Xiao ha look like a wolf too much.

       2. Docile and friendly

       Xiaoha’s personality is very gentle, almost no active attack on human phenomenon. For China’s current dog status, gentle and friendly little ha, can let you and the dog in the surrounding environment have a certain advantage, more easily accepted.

       3. Lively and active

       Xiaoha likes to play. It can play with you for hours without tiredness. Most of the time, you are tired and spit out your tongue. It is not enough to express the happiness brought by this.

       4. Enthusiasm

       Xiao ha’s enthusiasm is incomparable. For a long time, he will bump into your feet and lick your saliva.

       5. Seldom bark

       He seldom barks. He only makes a wolf howl in some special circumstances. Although it sounds creepy at night, it is just suitable for his wolf like appearance. Maybe many people think it is the nature of xiaoha. In most cases, he hardly makes a sound and thinks he has a dumb dog.

       6. Less food

       Compared with dogs of the same size, xiaoha’s food intake is only 2 / 3 or even 1 / 2 of that of their own, so it’s really economical to raise them.

       7. Easy to keep clean

       Sometimes, your baby may not have a bath for a month, but every day’s combing will make his hair not sticky and gray, and it looks so clean.

       8. It’s easier to be affected by other dogs

       Xiaoha’s work dog belongs to the social class, and other dogs live in groups. They are less likely to be jealous and accept new partners more quickly.


       1. Neuroticism

       Xiaoha is a little neurotic, especially the mother. Always do something that you break down for no reason, such as walking on the road, eating grass suddenly and starting to run, running around the house and then starting to spin around, and so on. You have to be fully prepared to think that it is normal in the hair nerve.

       2. A total saboteur

       Anything at home, it will carefully help you check n times, in order to investigate the hardness of your purchase items. This serious degree, to a friend’s house to buy a washbasin in a day. It not only tests your purchasing power, but also tests your financial ability.

       3. Extreme freedom

       Once out of the house, xiaoha will escape from your sight as long as you have been. The probability of being called back is less than 30%. I remember a friend who analyzed with me that the four legged little ha always thought that his parents with two legs could catch up with him… Sweat to death.. ??

       In any case, it is recommended that all users of xiaoha should lead the way. Don’t loose the rope if you don’t know it.

       It’s a dream to think of a little ha who looks like a wolf and can follow his own walk without running around.

       Easy to have diarrhea, drink too much water, eat too much oil diarrhea, used to dog food, suddenly give it a steamed bread diarrhea, anyway is easy to have diarrhea.

       5. Energetic

       It is always to play, to run, to jump, torture you tired want to jump, it is still holding the ball to give you a body of saliva. Even before you wake up and open your eyes, jump into bed to torture you for playing with you.

       6. Intense enthusiasm

       Xiaoha is warm to you and the same to others. Maybe the passion for others is more crazy than the passion for you.

       7. Ignore your existence

       When you go outside, no matter how you call it, it strolls on its own. Anyway, it doesn’t care about you.

       8. You can’t protect your family

       This kind of guy has no distinction between friends and enemies. Don’t think it can protect you and help you watch your house. There’s no way… Maybe it’s just a little sneaky.

       Husky character. Husky comes from Siberia, also known as Siberian sled dog. It was originally used to pull sleds. But since it was treated as a pet dog, it has gone off course! For example: when the host pretends to faint, Jinmao will try to wake up the master or stay with him, and husky will run away without looking back. Although it looks cool, don’t be blinded by your appearance. Today, I’d like to introduce Husky’s personality.

       Husky’s personality

       1. The king of destruction

       It is not for no reason that husky is called the king of demolishing families. It has a powerful destructive power, no matter what, it can be disassembled. Small to table corner door frame, big to sofa mattress. It’s not just the economy that tests your patience.

       2. Very lively

       Husky is full of energy. Every time he takes him out, he looks like he has been imprisoned for a long time. Excrement shovelers must be prepared. When you go out, you must wear a traction rope and never loosen it. It’s famous for letting go,

       3. Very enthusiastic

       Enthusiasm is one of Husky’s characteristics. Because it is not only warm to its master, but also to outsiders. And the level of enthusiasm is 100 percent. Therefore, the excrement shoveling officer who raises husky should pay attention to it, otherwise he will leave with others one day.

       4. Rich expression

       Although husky and wolf look very similar, but its rich body language and facial expression and wolf are very different. Can have the expression package of walking. Everyone should know how rich Husky’s expression is

       5. Neuroticism

       Husky is a bit neurotic, especially the mother husky. Always do something that you don’t know, such as walking on the road, eating grass suddenly, running around the house, and then starting to spin around. This also requires pet owners to be psychologically prepared. Besides husky, I don’t think we can find such two dogs.

       The above is the character characteristics of husky. Although Husky is a destroyer, he is a bit of a wrecker. He is also a bit stupid. Once he gives up, he doesn’t. But it does not affect people’s love for it.

       My family has a husky

       The little guy was held when he was three months old. At first, he was very afraid of strangers. He was prone to drag him. He refused to leave. He was also very stuffy at home. He didn’t play or make noise. He thought that husky was suffering from depression. Ha ha. Later, I became familiar with it and showed my nature. I was a little crazy. Because he is still young, he is in the stage of growing teeth. He bites whatever he sees. He has bitten all the stools at home, but this is no way to do it. Ha ha. Many people think Husky is fierce, but in fact, he is very good with people. Because he has the blood of wolf in his body, he is still a little bit bloody naturally. When he sees a cat and a chicken or similar small animal, he will rush to bite him. My husky once killed a chicken and a kitten… He likes the host very much and doesn’t like to be alone. Every time I watch TV, when he finds that I’m not around him, he runs over and sleeps by my leg. All in all, husky really likes people. However, he has a tendency to bully the soft and be afraid of the hard. Sometimes, some children will run around him if they are disobedient. To be honest, husky doesn’t like this. He will take those children as creatures that invade him and will rush at them. Therefore, don’t always say that husky is terrible. If those people didn’t provoke him, he would not have become so terrible.

       Finally, although I love husky very much, I really suggest you don’t raise husky, because the trouble he brings is far greater than the joy he brings to you…

       Xiao ha belongs to the sled dog category, is a very smart dog, also very listen to people’s words, will never bite people’s, but if you don’t give him enough space to exercise, it will make your home upset

       There is absolutely no way to give the dog raw meat, in that case, any dog will bite

       If you spoil him too much

       Make him feel that as long as he is more fierce than you, he can frighten you

       This is the nature of animals

       In fact, there are many ways to train dogs

       Most of them come from theoretical knowledge

       It is the best way to start from practice

       Let him give in to you

       so to speak

       It’s like a Mustang

       If you want to ride it, you have to make him surrender to you

       If you make him feel weaker than he is, he won’t let you drive him

       My little golden hair

       They are also very protective when they are two and a half months old

       It’s not a round trip. It’s three months now

       Of course, when you fight, you have to palm it

       It’s going to hurt


       But you can’t get hurt

       Wrap it in a newspaper

       Loud voice

       As long as you exert yourself, you can still beat him

       But I don’t think it’s going to hurt him

       80% of them will not attack people. If a dog wants to attack you, he will protect you. Xiaoha is a means of transportation in the polar regions, and it is common for them to borrow from each other. Therefore, he seldom attacks people. Of course, a few cases are not excluded.

       When I’m in danger, will I yell twice?

       Generally, xiaoha doesn’t yell, and he won’t judge whether you are in danger. If he thinks you are in danger, once I fell at the door after drinking too much and didn’t open the door, my baby was stunned to wake up all the family As soon as I opened the door, I found myself lying outside

       Will you recognize me alone?

       Xiao HA is a working dog. He is very friendly to anyone. Of course, he is especially good to you. If you have deep feelings with him, he won’t run with others with you.

       I hope to know him well and then decide whether to raise him or not.

       The answer is not long, but whether it solves my question. Thank you for your reply~

       If you want to have a dog to keep a caretaker or not to have a baby, he can’t do it. If it is to pull out to soak mm He is quite qualified

       — don’t worry about this!

       You said the kitten is wet. It’s your dog playing with the cat

       It’s just that the dog is more curious about him. It’s all the saliva the dog licks!

       In fact, you don’t have to worry, because the cat has enough self-protection ability. You can jump to the place where the dog can’t touch!

       My family is also in this situation, sometimes you look at them together, it’s fun!

       I don’t worry about cats, but you worry about your dogs. If cats don’t like dogs, they may scratch dogs!

       Because the cat is much stronger than expected! Dogs are no match at all!

       It’s the same in my family. Husky and his little cat

       At first, it was frightening because Husky’s teeth were sharp and his hands were a little heavy

       You should slowly let husky feel that cats are very cute. First hold the cat and contact husky. Husky is a dog with a lot of curiosity. Let him satisfy his curiosity and it will be OK

       And when the cat grows up, husky won’t catch it

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