I want to give the dog a name – I want to give it a nice name

       Dog mm woman

       [fragrance] name

       Milk Cola coffee milk tea ice cream fairy pearl water drop snowball milk enamel Apple Rose

       Lily strawberry green tea orange juice jelly pudding clove


       Jiajia Jiajia Xiaoxi snow and ice angel angel Qiqi little love baby xianxianni

       Annie Fifi sweet ball Millie fruit sugar little baby babe Mo little snow Lolo

       Happy Nanai, fragrant fragrance, snowflake, dolphin, coco Reno, Domaine

       Jennie girl lalami Fei Lulu lost Su Su Su Silk Road, and Xinxin thought about Anna

       Snow baby princess cotton ball leisurely Serena Elizabeth Sophia


       Milanta Sally Angle Summer Jully Lucky Happy Sandy Candy

       Emily Amy Sunny Cloudy Rainy Sunday Windy Coco Apple

       Miffy Dearm Honey Soso Luna Cici Maggie Andy Firya Leolei

       Dog DD man


       Seven swords, sea, earth, wind, wind, Christmas, whirlwind, Prince Sirius, son of God, Lingyun

       Gentleman, lion king, heavenly king, Constable, count Simba, stone hero, typhoon Dragon King, Prince Khan, thunderstorm

       Black abyss Empire storm London


       Luoluo Doudou hairy fat a Bao youyou small Q Agui QQ Secale coke Qiqi ball

       Wang Cai Dian, Bobo maniac, jumping worm, babe, Mo, Ding, Lala, Feifei, Bangbang, little wolf

       Longlong didi cocoa beans, duonono, Xiaobai, dashengzai, dudilu, Lulu, feiyangyang

       Mickey DICA Old MacDonald Carr bear shuck bone stone


       Locke, Caesar, Doug, Charles, Halley, Harley, Fendi, willedo, Tony, haritoby


       Eric Baroque Da Vinci Victor Dennis Oscar Becks


       Max Jeffy Jeffries Demo Bush Lemon Honey Berry Seven

       Yoyo Ada Elle Golden Rocky Blacky Lucky Happy Sunny

       Windy Rainy Cloudy Sunday Apple Passat Bodi Soso Danny Robin

       Micky Pocky Polo Diven Bino Hawaii Andy Michel

       This is a very common category, such as Dingding, Dangdang, Xiaobai, Doudou, Qiuqiu, Xiongxiong, etc., or the English Name: Lucy, lucky, Michele, Jack, coco, etc. all belong to this kind of lifting method. The feature is that it is easy to bark, and the dog is easy to identify and remember. The disadvantage is that it is easy to duplicate the name.

       Karlkaqi’s clumsy and clumsy

       Maggie McDull, Ann Joe, Qiao congcongcong, Dudu girl

       Mickey Minnie happy baby Q baby pig

       Lucky, rich, rich and rich, vivi, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

       Ham, sausage, coke, Winnie, Harry’s ass

       Boisterous arrow bubble, crooked and tinkling pinopi

       Wangwanggaga baboon baboon Taotao taotaotaotuan kawaimic

       You know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you

       Fortune flower Xueer Beibei hamburger

       Zhang Jiami Kangkang, little IBA, big black fur friends are constantly updating….

       Rocket sunspot Dandan Xiaoyu bean flower ball

       Dingding xiaopang Lulu duokaka braised Dingding ash

       Cute polysaccharide ugly tiger drill magic egg yolk quarrel

       Coco, coco, fortune, Lida Road, Henry

       Cola bubble chocolate, red beans, yakubi, Snoopy, diced bean, Xiaobei, lucky

       Su style Bini

       Choose your own


       Samoye! Wow is so cute. I like it

       Ha ha, give a dog a name must call good, dog also easy to understand the name Oh

       Is your Samoye white?

       Ha ha, male or female?

       How to call him prince or childe???


       Call him Xiaoai. Or Sarang. Sarang means little love in Korean. Ha ha

       Because my dog is wearing a very nice coat with a hat, I find it looks like Jay Chou

       Ha ha, so my baby is called Jay

       How happy the name is

       Ruirui is very auspicious

       Ball, hairy and lovely

       Miffy, Kawaii

       Beibei, your little baby

       Chocolate is good, sweet, and unique. Too many dogs are called lulu. I’m old

       Hua Hua, dog, William Vivian, mumble, T-shirt, steamed bread and bean

       Xiaobai, Neng, Feifei, Yahoo, Duke, Prince, Lele, Qiuqiu, Yuanyuan

       Hua Hua, Hu Juan, Hu Dou, pepper, Ding Ding, Dangdang, aimi, Doudou,

       Babel, Babel, pork, preserved eggs, baby big, dog’s eggs, big money

       Duoduo, Fengfeng, Dalai, Feifei Xiaoxiao, Nana, stinky, noisy, Pipi

       Laifu, Lala, Da Ben, Ben, Ma Tuan, Guoguo, Meimei, gege, tank

       Xiaozai, Dongdong Qiqi, Zaizai, marshmallow, bouncing, agent, Tiantian, Xiaowan

       Binbin, Yangyang, fat woman, robber, famous brand, parallel goods, fox, Annie***

       Xue Lang Zai Zi, Niu Niu, Dou Dou, Xiao Xiao, Harry, Nostoc flagelliforme

       English is not bad, though Chinese is preferred

       English: Chinese: Source: Meaning:

       A towering mountain in Hebrew; apocalyptic

       Hebrew fatherhood; great spirit

       Abel Abel Latin life; breath

       Abner Abner Hebrew wisdom; wisdom

       The noble Hebrew father of Abraham; the father of all

       Adair Adair Scotland, Ireland as strong as a tree

       Adam Adam, the first Hebrew man in the world, male

       Adolph Adolf the noble wolf of Germany

       Adonis Adonis Greek man

       Alan Allen Scandinavia is handsome and good-looking; harmonious and peaceful; happy (original meaning)

       The noble intelligence of England; the guardian of mankind (remember Einstein

       Aldrich, the wise ruler of England

       Alexander Alexander the protector of Greek humanity (the name of the king)

       Alfred Alfred, England; Teuton’s wise adviser; clever helper

       Alger ager, the glorious and noble guardian of England

       Good looking; good looking

       A man of noble birth in England

       Of the Latin white people of Alva; blonde

       Alvin Alvin Teuton is loved by everyone; everyone’s friend

       Alvis Alvis the short, sharp man of Norway

       Amos, a Hebrew with a long way to go

       Andre Andre French brave, valiant

       Greek male, brave, valiant

       Andy Andy Greek male, brave, valiant

       Angelo Angelo, angel of Italian God

       One and only one; the God of love in Celtic mythology

       A person of high French birth or upbringing

       Antony Antony Latin is praiseworthy and highly respected

       Antonio Antonio Latin is praiseworthy and highly respected

       Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer Archer

       British noble and brave

       Aries Aries (Aries)

       Arlen yallin British oath

       Armand Armand German soldier

       Armstrong Armstrong British man with strong arms

       Arno Arno Teuton Eagle

       English noble or aristocratic

       Arvin Evan Teuton treats people equally

       A gift from Hebrew god; a healer

       One who lives in a forest or forest in England

       Aubrey the rich and powerful king of Teuton

       A sacred, venerable, or dignified person; August

       Latin refers to a person born in August

       English mischievous, pranksters

       An Irish folk singer

       Baldwin a brave man in battle

       Bard bard the British are very happy people who like to raise livestock

       A Greek mountain dweller

       Barnett Barnett, British leader with noble talent

       A brave British soldier; nobility

       Barrett a man of great responsibility

       Barry Barry, an excellent Irish shooter

       Bartholomew Barcelona Greece is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus

       Bart Bart Greece was also one of the twelve disciples of Jesus

       Barton Barton Barton the British people who live in the Rye

       Basil Basil basil

       Beacher Beecher English Waves

       Beau beau, a French dresser***

       Beckbeck British stream

       A Hebrew son; a mountain

       Latin blessed; eloquent; sacred

       Benjamin Benjamin’s favorite Hebrew son; lucky

       Bennett Bennett the blessed in Latin

       Benson Benson, a Hebrew, British man of paternal character

       Berg bergteuton iceberg

       Bernard Bernard Teuton is as brave as a bear

       Bernie Bernie Teuton is as brave as a bear

       A man of glory and glory in England

       Berton Burton, a man of industry and thrift in England

       Bertram Bertram a lucky and outstanding man in Teuton

       A person who can see the surroundings in France

       A powerful fighter or protector of Germany

       Bing bin Germany comes from a very special village

       Bishop bishop UK Supervisor

       Blairselt plain; a swampy battle

       Blake black British bleaching

       Blith the happy man in England

       Bob Bob Teuton’s glorious reputation

       Booth booth a small hut in Norway

       Borg bergslav lives in a hereditary castle

       Boris Boris the Russian war

       The educated aristocrats of England

       Boyce Boyce an independent living in the forest of France

       Boyd budsert blonde; Caucasian

       Bradley brandley England comes from the wide grass

       A vibrant British; a broad island

       Brandon Brandon England comes from the shining mountains

       A powerful leader of Brian brycert and Gail; born high

       A famous King of Scandinavia

       Brookbrook the British people who live by the stream

       A forest in France

       A brown or black skin of Italy

       Buck buck British bucks

       A free man in England

       People who live in castles and fortresses in France

       Short French

       Burton Burton a small town on the English hills

       Byron Byron British country house, a lover of natural scenery (famous poet)

       Caesar, emperor of Latin

       Calvin Calvin Latin bald

       Carey Carey wells, the people who live in the castle

       Carl Karl the great man of Germany

       Carr Kyle, a Norwegian swamp dweller

       Carter Carter, the British carriage man

       Cash cash

       Cecil Cecil Latin, with dim vision

       Cedric, commander in chief of the Celtic war; generous

       An experienced British soldier

       Channing Johnny French priest

       A British merchant; a hawker

       Charles Charles Latin Teuton strong, male, noble, strong

       Chasel chateau, French Hunter

       The Roman town of Chester Jaster


       A follower or follower of Greek Christ

       A messenger or servant of Greek Christ, signifying Christ

       Clare Clara Latin has a clear mind

       Latin with a clear mind; clever; famous

       Clark Clark, a Latin and British scholar

       Claude Claude

       Clement clement, a kind, kind man

       Cleveland Cleveland a British man from the rock area

       A man from the steep mountains of England

       Clyde, Clyde wells can be heard from a long distance

       Colbert corbert British crew

       Colby Kolby, a Norwegian from the dark regions

       Colin collinger children or***

       A person of aid, wisdom, or guidance

       Corey Conley a Scottish Lake dweller

       Cornelius the horn of the Latin sun; a symbol of kingship

       Cornell Cornell the golden haired French man

       Curitis Curtis French polite

       Cyril Cyril of the Greek nobility

       Dana Dana Britain is as pure and shining as the sun

       Daniel Daniel the Hebrew god is my judge (Katie meow’s boyfriend)

       Darcy Darcy a man from a great castle, a black man

       Darnell Danielle the Hebrew god is my judge

       Darren Darren Irish people with great potential

       D * * e the Hebrew loved one

       D * * id David the Hebrew beloved

       Dean Dean, British valley; the leader of the school; the leader of the church

       Dempsey a proud and powerful man

       Dennis Dennis, the God of wine in Greece and Greece

       The ruler of Germany

       Devin Devon Irish poet or scholar

       Dick Dick: Germany is brave and bold

       Dominic Dominic Latin belongs to God

       Don doncelt world leader

       Donahue Donahue, the reddish brown warrior of Ireland

       World leader; chief

       A person from the Black Sea; dark gray

       A wise and honest man

       Duke Duke of Latin; leader

       Duncan Duncan Gale’s Brown warrior; a tanned warrior

       Dunn Donne British refers to a person with black skin

       Dwight DeWitt Teuton white or blonde

       Dylan Dylan Dylan wells ocean; God of waves

       A noble leader of keen intelligence in England

       Ed ed ed. a wealthy guardian in England

       Eden eden, the garden of Hebrew Eden, light and joy

       Edgar Edgar the happy soldier of England

       Edmund Edmund, the rich protector of England

       Edison Edison the British people who enrich themselves by taking care of others (well, you should know)

       Edward Edward a wealthy guardian of property in England

       A rich friend in England; a valuable friend

       Egbert Teuton was very talented and distinguished

       Eli Eli, Hebrew great, outstanding

       Elijah Elijah the Hebrew Lord is God

       Eliot Iliad, France, Hebrew, devout believer in God

       Ellis Ellis Hebrew god is the Savior

       Noble or famous in England

       Elroy, the king of the Latin royal family

       Elton Elton’s Old English farm

       A noble; friend (Elvis Presley)

       Emmanuel Emmanuel Hebrew god with us

       Enoch Enoch Greek, Hebrew pious

       Eric Alex, leader of Scandinavia

       A warm-hearted, true, or sincere person in Germany

       Greek or Latin of noble descent

       Evan irvencelt is a man of high birth

       Everley Evely England refers to the field where wild boars fight

       Fabian Fabian the Roman bean grower

       Felix Felix Latin happy or lucky

       Ferdinand Ferdinand Ferdinand Ferdinand Ferdinand

       Fitch Fitch the blonde of England

       Ford Ford ferry on the British river

       Francis Francis a free man, a free man

       Frank Frankie, the man of liberty in France

       A free man in Latin or Germany

       A peaceful ruler of Germany; powerful and wealthy

       Gabriel Gabriel a servant of Hebrew god; God’s power is powerful

       Gale gall sings in Ireland; a stranger

       A man with a spear; a hound

       Gavin the eagle of war, the eagle of victory

       Greek, Latin, of noble blood

       Geoffrey Jeffrey the sacred peace of France

       Greek farmer

       Gerald Girard the brave soldier of Teuton

       Gilbert Gibert Teuton’s shining oath; a hostage

       Giles, the Greek shield bearer

       Glenn grancelt narrow valley

       Godfrey Godfrey, the French God of peace

       A British hero; a strong man

       Greg Greg the Greek vigilant

       Gregory Gregory the Greek vigilant

       Griffith Griffith Griffith Welles: a strong protector of his homeland; ruddy

       A person who lives in a grove in England

       Gust * * e Gustav German or Swedish war

       A British guide; wise

       Hale hall the heroic glory of England

       Irish scientific; gifted in invention

       A small village in the French or Norman mountains; a barren mountain

       Hardy hardy a brave and noble man in Germany

       Harlan harrenteaton comes from a cold country

       Harley Harley England is a prairie or grove of rabbits

       Harold Harold, British leader; fighting bravely

       Harry Riley medieval English war, soldier

       French bitter; progressive or exuberant

       Hayden Hayden Teuton comes from a hedged town

       One who runs a family; a family ruler

       A famous or brilliant soldier of Germany

       A German soldier; a man

       Hilary Hilary Hilary Latin happy

       Hiram Heller Hebrew of high status

       Hobart the light in the heart of Germany

       Hogan Hogan Ireland is always light

       Horace Harris Latin teacher

       Howar hould Teuton keeper

       Hubery Hubert: bright personality in France

       The German reason; intelligence

       Hugo Hugo Latin reason; intelligence (famous poet and writer)

       Humphrey, a supporter of peace

       A man proud of hunting in England

       Hyman Heyman Hebrew life

       Ian Ian the man who reflects the glory of God in Scotland

       Ingemar is a descendant of the famous family of Ingmar

       England refers to the son of a big bird, a symbol of wisdom

       IRA eller, a highly alert Hebrew

       Isaac Isaac Hebrew laughter

       Isidore a gift from the Greek goddess esses (Egyptian goddess)

       Ivan Ivan Russian God’s gift of mercy

       British Swordman

       Jack jack the gift of the Hebrew god

       A Hebrew substitute; a follower

       James james Latin replacement

       Jared Jared’s Hebrew family, lineage, birth

       A Greek healer; a man of great knowledge

       Jay Jay the beauty of French Bluebird

       The holy peace of France, Jeff

       Jeffrey Jeffrey the sacred peace of France

       Jeremy Jeremy the nobility of Hebrew god

       Jerome Jerome the Latin holy name

       Jerry Jerry, the holy name of Latin

       A gift from a Hebrew god; God is in

       Jim Jim Latin

       Jo, Joe, Hebrew god will give

       John John Hebrew god’s merciful grace

       Jonas Jonas the Hebrew dove of peace

       Jonathan Johnson from the Hebrew god

       Joseph Joseph, the Hebrew god will give again

       Joshua Joshua, saved by the Hebrew god

       Joyce Joyce Latin happy

       Julian Julian Greek hair is soft and represents youth

       Julius Julius Greek hair is soft and fluffy

       Justin Justin Latin honest

       Keith Keith Irish wind; woods

       Kelly Celtic

       Ken Kenn, a handsome guide in Scotland

       The head of an Irish warrior, referring to a leader (an assassinated president)

       Kenneth Kenneth a handsome leader in Scotland

       A handsome leader of Scotland; a vast territory

       Kerr Cole Ireland means a black man with a spear

       One who has a soft eye in Ireland; a friend

       Kevin Kevin, Irish saint; very masculine; of good birth

       Kim Kim was born on the grass of the Royal fort

       King King King

       Kirk Kirk Kirk Gayle lives next to the church

       A narrow channel of Kyle wells; handsome

       Lambert Lambert, Germany’s clever obstetrician; bright

       French land; a man waiting for others

       Laurie Latin laurel

       Lawrence Lawrence Latin laurel

       Leif Lev Norwegian public lover

       Len Lenn Teuton the strong lion

       Lennon Lennon a thin man in a hat and Cape in Ireland

       Leo Leo Greek lion; Warrior

       Leonard Leonard Teuton is as strong as a lion

       Germany is patriotic

       Les lescelt comes from an ancient fortress

       A British camp in Leister; a man of distinction

       Levi Levi the Hebrews are united

       Lewis Louis France is famous on the battlefield

       Lionel lyonel France is like a lion

       Lou road France is famous on the battlefield

       Louis Louis France is famous on the battlefield

       Lucien lucerne Latin light, truth

       The outstanding soldier of Germany

       Lyndon Linton Teuton lives where there are bodhi trees

       Lynn Lin, a British Lake dweller

       Magee McKee the irascible in Ireland

       Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm Scottish missionary

       Mandel Mandel Germany refers to a person with almond eyes

       Marcus Marcus Rome is an aggressive person

       A militant person in Latin; a militant

       Mark mark Latin refers to aggressive people

       Marlon Marlon France refers to a person who looks like a hawk or a falcon

       Marsh Marcy France comes from a wooded area

       A British horse keeper and follower of the king

       Martin Martin, Latin, militant

       Marvin Marvin English friend

       The gift of the Hebrew god

       Matthew Matthew gift from the Hebrew god

       Having Latin black skin; Moorish

       Max Max Latin’s greatest

       One of the most influential and respectable people in Britain (good coffee)

       Meredith, protector of the sea in Maldives, Wales

       Merle more a thrush in France; French use this name to refer to those who love singing or whistling

       A British seaside fortress or hill

       Michael Michael Hebrew god like man

       Michel Mitchell England is like the glory and nobility of God

       Mick Mick a god like man in Hebrew

       Mike Mike the God like man from Hebrew

       German, Latin, Greek warrior; millstone; merciful

       One who raises townspeople; a warrior

       Monroe red swamp of Monroe

       Montague mantchula

       The dark and handsome appearance of France

       Morgan Morgan wells is someone who lives by the sea

       A French inhabitant of a quiet lake

       Morton Morton is from a village in the wilderness

       A Hebrew deliverer from the sea; a child

       Murphy Murphy Ireland is someone who defends the sea

       Murray morecelt sailor

       Greek aromatic; sweet or fragrant

       Nat Nath Hebrew gift

       Nathan Naiden, a Hebrew giver

       A gift from the Hebrew god

       A brave man in England; a leader; a champion

       Nelson Nelson son of England

       Newman Newman a popular stranger in England

       Nicholas Nicholas the Greek winner

       Nick nick the Greek winner

       Nigel Nigel the man with black hair

       Noah Hebrew calm, still, or peaceful

       Noel Noel Latin birthday; Christmas

       A French Nordic or Scandinavian

       Norton a man from a village in the south of England

       Ogden Ogden UK from elephant tree Valley

       Oliver Oliver the man of peace


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