I’m not here. Why doesn’t the dog go out for fear that he will get lost

       If it is a big dog, it may have something to do with its previous life state or some unpleasant experience (such as being beaten or frightened by a car). You should play with it more and let it establish a trust with you. Don’t scold it. Slowly, it will follow you and protect it Your thoughts. Take it out to play for a while, and then give it something delicious to expect from the outside world.

       Dogs need to be exposed to the sun, or there are a lot of bacteria on dogs. Timely injection of preventive needles can not prevent our owners. If you have nothing to do, take it out to play more. My dog is even less daring and scared to see cockroaches. Now it has become one of the most domineering dogs in our building. If you see something unpleasant, you want to go up and bite it. You have to bolt a chain every time.

       My dog used to be Bailey, but now my pet is called Beibei. Don’t be sad. If he can remember the way home, he will come back. The dog will urinate as a mark. If he has enough play, he will come back. The dog I used to keep went home the next day after he went out. If you have a picture of a dog, you can send it to the city to find a dog

       I used to keep a Keka like this. When I came here, it was just full moon. I had been at home for two months during the summer vacation. I never took it out. Later one morning, I took it out to buy food for it. After I went downstairs, I put it on the top of it. The whole body was shaking. I held it and found that it was shaking all the time. Even the nails were stretched out and I tried to hook my clothes. I often took it out

       You usually bring it out more, but try not to let it out of your sight

       Don’t let it play outside, even if you are outside, you should take care of it

       Let it understand that it is not outside to play

       As soon as the master called it knew it was going home

       Otherwise, it will make it feel obedient at home and can not be obedient when it goes out

       (I’m good at ordinary times. I take it out to play, but I don’t want to come back. It doesn’t work to scold. I want to fight and run away, and I’m dead.)

       Home environment it is familiar, have a sense of security, the outside environment is strange. The dog did not go out of the door, timid, take it out a few times, agreed to the second floor~~

       At the beginning, we should encourage it, don’t scare it, find a place where there are no other people and dogs to put it down, let it be familiar with it, and play for a while, it should be no problem

       If he is used to it, he may not want to go home, but not necessarily. Some dogs are naturally timid. My dog is 7 years old. He is still afraid of people and dogs. He doesn’t want to go out. Sometimes he is willing to go out and run home in five minutes~~~~~~~~

       There are two possibilities. One is to run away with the little female dog. The little male dog does not have the estrus period, and the little male dog of a friend’s house will run away with the little female dog in June.

       Second, they were caught. That’s how my first dog was caught.

       I think you’d better post a notice in Taiyuan and microblog, and post photos. There are still a lot of good-natured people in Weibo. If you turn around, you may find it. But I don’t really have much hope. If it’s husky or something, it might be sold by a dog dealer, a little local dog… You know. In fact, I can understand your mood. My family is also a little local dog. I just ran away from the chain a few days ago. I was in the same mood as you at that time. Dogs are not good or bad breed, a week will have feelings, like relatives. But you’d better plan. It’s very unlikely that our dog will survive outside.

       Male dog is relatively easy to lose, I give you the analysis of several possibilities! First of all, accidents happen to dogs in the city. There are many cars and many people. Even if dogs are smart, they can’t escape from the clutches of people. They may be crushed to death by cars or be eaten by people. But don’t worry. I’m just saying maybe! Dogs will not get lost, as long as they go out without being locked up or killed and sold, they will come back by themselves, otherwise they will not come back. Besides, the next possibility is that although no one attaches importance to the native dog, its loyalty is incomparable with that of a dog. Alertness, intelligence, and loyal waiting are the most important characteristics of the native dog. They will not leave. Then the biggest reason for this loss is that the female dog is in heat The female dog took away, and the male dog’s nemesis was the oestrus female dog. Once he heard the smell of the oestrus female dog, he would follow her all the time. Even the well-trained dog could not resist the power of love. The general male dog can’t control this situation, and has been trained better! You should pay attention to whether there are estrous female dogs nearby to see if there is a group of dogs gathering. If you find the female dog with hair, you can go to see where his home is. The male dogs are usually in the female dog’s house and are locked up by them. If the dog is gone, it is likely to be eaten or taken away by them! I used to have a dog lost for two months, and finally found it, because the female dog was locked up, so I finally found it! These are my real experience, hope to help you!


       I think you should respect his choice

       Since he ran downstairs to play, you should stand in his position

       He craves freedom

       Maybe he doesn’t like to stay in the environment belonging to human beings and yearns to return to nature

       Eager to live with his kind

       Not willing to live under the skirt of human beings, want to face with their own strength

       The world

       Please respect the animal’s choice

       If you have any questions, please add them. I will help you as soon as possible

       How long have you had your dog?

       A native dog is usually in heat when it is one or two years old

       If you don’t give it out, it’s very troublesome

       Or you’ll be taken away by another dog as soon as you go out“`

       =¡£ =

       I had one, too, a long time ago““

       Always call at the door, I let it out, the result is the same as you, are never back

       Actually, I think`

       If you really like it, you should believe that it will be happy enough

       If you don’t believe it, neither you nor yourself will be happy““`


       I lost a dog at home when I was 15

       I can think of it now when I tease it

       There is always a dull pain in my heart

       It’s very obedient to me,

       I smile at it, when I hold it,

       It would wag its tail against me

       When I pulled my face down

       He looked down and didn’t seem to look at me

       It accompanied me through my childhood

       Make my childhood full of fun

       But now~~~~~~

       Whenever I think about it in pain, I tell myself:

       It will leave me sooner or later

       I just didn’t expect to leave so suddenly

       I like to watch it wag its tail against me

       I’ll be happy


       I will face my life with a smile every day

       Face my life with a smile

       I also have a story similar to you, my family bought a kitten, a very small yellow cat, very cute! Only the palm is so big, at that time I had a summer vacation, I played with it every day, it would catch grasshopper, very lively! But a few days later, it got sick. I didn’t know what the disease was. I couldn’t move my body even with blinking eyes. After all, we lived together for a long time. The next day it died. I cried. A big boy couldn’t help but shed tears for a little cat. Mother asked me to throw its body in the garbage, I put it in a box and buried it under a tree, it will not be lonely!

       Later, my mother bought another one, which looks like that one, but is a little bigger. This one is very healthy and grows to adulthood. But my father bought another dog. When the dog saw it, the dog chased it. From then on, the kitten had to live on the wall. My father asked me to put it outside. I didn’t want it. But every time I let it out, it would run back. Later, my mother put it in her pocket (in order not to let it know the way back) and gave it to someone else’s house far away from my home. It was winter at that time, and there was thick snow on the ground. I learned that the next day it ran out of that family, and five days later, it came back to my house I lived in the ice and snow for three days and was shivering with cold. I fed it a lot of hot and delicious food. But I stayed in the school after the beginning of school, and there was no time to feed it. It called on my wall every day until its voice was hoarse, and it could not make any sound again. After I went home from vacation, I saw it lying on the wall powerless and dying. I fed it a delicious meal, and never saw it again. It may have gone. I hope that some families can take it in. Now I think about it Want to cry, if it can understand me, I will say to it: sorry!

       You should usually take your dog around your home more often, so that he knows the location of his home. If he suddenly goes out, he will get lost or be taken away by others. It has been three days. If the advertisement doesn’t work, I really hope it won’t work. I understand your mood very well. I once lost a Samo. I often dream about him. Alas, I can only comfort myself: he is eating well in his new master’s house, and he is very happy. There is no other way….