Introduction of standard chinchilla rabbit

       Many people have heard of jinjila cat, but they don’t know there are jinjila rabbits. Today, I’d like to share with you some simple information about this kind of rabbit.

       Chinese name standard jinjila rabbit

       Common name alias scroll rabbit

       Standard chinchilla


       Mode of reproduction viviparous

       He is gentle and obedient, knows how to recognize people, understands people and is close to people, but has strong self-esteem.

       Body shape: weight: 5-7.5kg, short body, flat head, vertical ears and no more than 12cm in length. The standard chinchilla rabbit is named after its fur is very similar to chinchilla lanigera, a rare South American animal. The base of the hair is dark gray blue, the middle part gradually becomes light gray, and the tip of the hair is black. When the wind blows, it presents a beautiful vortex, so it is also known as “scroll rabbit”.


       American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)