Introduction to the breed of Scotch fold eared cat

       The ears of Scotch eared cats are neatly buttoned on their heads, so it is natural for people to draw them to the side of the elves in their minds. Among cats, the ear folding elves belong to it.

       Origin of Scotch cat breeds

       It is said that in 1961, a female cat in a shepherd’s house in Scotland gave birth to a litter of kittens, including a strange kitten. It has white fur, tight ears and an owl like face. Since its origin is close to Scotland’s Cooper Angus, it has been named “Scotch fold eared cat” according to the place of birth and the phenomenon of ear fold down. The first cat, Susie, was the ancestor of the Scotch cat, Susie gave birth to another white one. At this point, a shepherd’s neighbor, William Ross, noticed that Susie had unique ears. So he decided to work with his wife, Mary, to experiment with this kitten and breed a new breed with folded ears.

       Introduction to the breed of Scotch fold eared cat

       The Scottish Fold eared cat has attracted a lot of people’s interest because of its lovely and charming appearance. But the funny thing is that they were more common abroad than in their hometown, Scotland, England. Since the breed had not been recognized by the cat fans Management Committee at that time, British breeders were hardly interested in it. It was registered in the United States in 1973 and recognized by the British Cat Association in 1984, 11 years later than in the United States. Susie, which suddenly gave birth to the folded eared kitten, is the earliest origin of the Scottish folding ear cat. However, this kind of fold down ear is a rare mutation. Because of the birth of deformed cats in the past, breeding was banned in the UK for a period of time. After careful cross breeding by breeders, healthy kittens have been produced and won the CFA champion in 1978.

       Scottish jacketed cats were born with ears that were not folded. About three to four weeks old, their ears begin to fold down Or simply do not fold down! It’s not until 11 to 12 weeks old that breeders can generally tell what they are (PET, breeding or race). At present, only those with broken ears can participate in the competition. Of course, every breeder hopes to breed cats that can participate in the competition. However, the value of standing ear folded cat in breeding process is priceless.

       Purchase price and price of Scotch eared cat

       When choosing a cat with folded ears, be sure to check the elasticity of its tail and check its legs and feet. It should not be thick or inflexible due to short and thick legs or separated toes. To determine the elasticity of the tail, you can use your hand to “very gently” move it from the base of the tail to the tip of the tail. If the elasticity is normal, this arched stroke will not cause discomfort to the cat. Again, this movement must be very gentle!

       If the breed of Scotch fold eared cat is relatively pure, it will be more than 5000. If the pedigree is quite pure, the one with pedigree certificate will be more than 10000. If the breed is not very pure, but in the past, it is between 2000 and 3000.

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