Is a cat afraid of heat in summer?

       I’m not afraid. A cat can know where to make it comfortable. It needs sunshine to supplement vitamins. If you just blindly shut up in a place without sunshine, it will get sick, and will feel shivering day by day. To build a lot of quilts, the cat raised by my aunt downstairs is such a fate. It’s very poor, but we should give it drinking water. In fact, you don’t have to worry about

       Of course, cats are afraid of heat. My cat lies on the ground in the shade when it’s hottest in summer. The whole body is next to the ground and moves around for a while

       When it’s hot, the cat is afraid of it, but in general he can stand it

       Because he can make his hair warm in winter and cool in summer

       Only the nose and soles of the feet can dissipate heat

       When it is very hot in summer, the ground temperature is relatively low. Cats use this condition to make the body contact the ground for heat to regulate body temperature.

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