Is a cat afraid of heat? Is a cat afraid of heat?

       Cats are afraid of heat.

       The reason why cats are afraid of heat is very simple, because there are no sweat glands on the cat’s body, and the heat dissipation capacity of skin surface is relatively poor. Cats usually lick their fur with their tongue, wet their fur with saliva, and cool down by evaporation of water. But in the hot and hot summer, these measures obviously can’t help the cat cool down and relieve the heat, and can let the cat move in the air-conditioned room.

       It depends on the environment in which it grew up. Some cats, its mother likes to be held, and it is often held by the owner after birth, it is used to being held. Most of the cats have strong personality and independence, especially those living in bungalows. They also have the wild nature of wandering. They absolutely don’t like to be held by people. However, there are some exceptions. For example, when the hair is not completely dry after a bath, they will be very cold. At that time, people are a good place to keep warm. When they are old, sick and need to be cared for, they may need your warmth.

       First of all, don’t hold it by force. At first, gently sweep its neck or chin. Cats generally like this and won’t resist. When it feels comfortable and safe, try to hold it gently. If it is reluctant, it will let it go. Let the cat know that the owner will not be difficult for it, and the owner will think about it. The other thing is sugar coated cannonballs. Remember to feed the cat’s favorite food, such as shrimp. The cat likes it very much. After feeding, take the opportunity to gently hold it to let the cat know that the owner is also very happy. If it is a clean and bathing cat, you’d better wash it in person and dry it in time, Cats are naturally clean. After a bath, they will feel very comfortable. Naturally, they will be very grateful to their owners, and their feelings will be different. The last one is to see the mood of the cat, too long intimate will sometimes be regarded as dangerous by the cat, so it will go away. The two-year-old cat is not old yet. It should be more active. Play with small toys with it to deepen the feelings. Take your time. If you are good to the cat, the cat will understand it. After a long time, it will come to get close to you. It’s just that the cat’s nature is arrogant, and it’s not easy to harp like a dog. If a cat purrs or rolls in front of you, it means that it is very happy to be with its owner and enjoy it!

       It doesn’t matter, the cat’s memory is short, you are good to her, after a period of time she will forget the naughty things she used to be beaten as a child! Love her well! She will bring you endless happiness!

       Some cats are very bad in character and don’t like to be held by their owners. But the owners want to hold them. What should we do? There must be a way. Most of the time, the cat will hate its owner to hold him, but sometimes, it will acquiesce in it. Some people have to ask, when and under what circumstances will cats allow their owners to hold themselves? Can you play cat? In these five cases, the cat is likely to let you hold.

       First, hold the cat when it’s bored

       If you particularly want to hold a cat, you can observe its behavior. When cats have something to do and have a good time, they hate their owners. Therefore, when the cat has something to do and has a good time, please don’t go to hold it. At this time, the pet owner’s holding it in the past is “suicide”. That’s right. Pet mainly holds a cat when it is particularly boring. In this case, the cat will not resent the owner’s embrace. It thinks that he has nothing to do anyway, so the owner can hold him if he wants.

       The second situation: hold the cat when it comes forward

       Sometimes, the cat is really disgusted by the owner’s embrace, even the owner, they will not be close to the owner. But sometimes, they will take the initiative to approach the host. In this case, if the master holds it, it will not resist. Therefore, if you find that the cat is leaning forward, you should reach for it and hold it in your arms. This kind of opportunity is once in a blue moon!

       The third situation: hold it when the weather is particularly cold

       Cats like to bask in the sun because they are particularly afraid of the cold. But let’s make it clear that cats really like to bask in the sun, but this does not mean that they are not afraid of heat. When the weather is particularly hot, it does not like the host to hold himself. That is to say, when the weather is particularly hot, don’t hold the cat, or the cat will hate you. When can I hold a cat? Yes, when it is cold, the cat is particularly afraid of the cold. When it feels the warm embrace of its owner, it will allow the owner to hold it.

       The fourth situation: when you have food in your hand

       In fact, if you want to hold a cat, you just need to grasp its weakness. One of the cat’s weaknesses food, you just take a food to tempt it, then it will slowly close to you, even if you hold it in your arms, it will not have the slightest resistance!

       The fifth situation: when the cat is sleeping

       If you want to hold a cat, you can actually hold it while the cat is sleeping. However, the pet owner must observe the cat’s sleep condition before holding the cat. If the cat sleeps extremely dead, we can hold it again.

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