Is American Curly eared cat easy to keep

       American Curl

       American Curly eared cat is very curious, known as the city explorer, is a good companion, suitable for all families. He is stable and intelligent, and his behavior as a kitten will remain for life. American Curly eared cats don’t like to talk much, but they know how to tell you what they need. It can also get along well with other pets in the family.

       Scientific breeding methods can not only make the hair of American Curly eared cat more beautiful, but also make it healthy and prevent the occurrence of diseases. In terms of breeding, let baby pet net give you some small suggestions. Let your cat grow up healthily and happily.

       First of all, in terms of feeding, we should follow the “three fixed points”, that is, fixed time, quantity and fixed point. Every day, we feed our pets and cats at the same time, in the same place, with the same amount of food. And let the cat develop a good habit of eating food within the prescribed time.

       Secondly, it is the food of American Curly eared cat. We can match it by ourselves, or we can go to the market to buy the matched pet cat food directly. Pay attention to the following when making your own food:

       1. Ensure the comprehensive nutrition of food;

       2. Keep the food fresh and not spoilage;

       3. Do not feed whole meat;

       4. Don’t eat too much high-fat food;

       5. Do not overdose cod liver oil;

       6. Do not eat raw fish;

       7. Don’t feed dog food;

       8. Don’t give him too many animals to eat, even though he likes to eat.

       The curly ears of American Curly eared cats are not artificial, but genetic mutations. Curly eared cats are peace loving and intelligent. They are flexible and clingy to their owners. Wen Chun is cute, alert and lively. The main feature is that the line between the ears and the neck is smooth. The ears are curly and round at the end, and are covered with decorative hairs. Be very careful with their ears to avoid breaking the cartilage. Don’t bend their ears into unnatural shapes. It has large walnut shaped eyes and a medium-sized rectangular body. American Curly eared cats have soft silky fur with very little undercoat. The short fur breeds have elastic hair but no fluffy handle. The tail of long hair cat is fluffy.

       Purebred animals generally have their own congenital diseases. But not necessarily all disease, inherited, there are obvious transmission, recessive inheritance. Don’t take it too seriously. Fate is fair. No human or animal is perfect. If it’s perfect, it’ll be short-lived~

       General cold should belong to the category of cold, pay attention to keep warm, do not suddenly cold and hot. There are also viral nasal branches, which start with sneezing and runny nose. And vaccination~

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