Is Bago black face good – which is white and black

       My family also has a, very cute, after professional analysis is a dog, and myna has only one color, the following is a reference, you have a look!

       What is the breed of pug? Some experts believe that this dog was born in the lowlands of Scotland and spread to Asia, and was brought back to the west by dutch businessmen from the Far East. Some experts also believe that this dog is an oriental breed, originated from the short haired breed of Beijing dog, and later became a bullfighting dog. Some people think that the pug is a small type of mastiff of French Bordeaux, and many works have painted the pug as decoration ¡£ In Victorian times, the dog’s popularity peaked.


       Pug (or Pug) is charming and elegant. It was officially named “Pug” at the end of the 18th century. It means ghost, lion nose or monkey. A pug is a thoughtful, cute little dog clock that doesn’t require exercise or regular grooming, but needs a companion. There are many wrinkles in his face and he looks like a boxer. It’s a way of communicating with grunting breath and sniffling like a horse. At the same time, the dog has a good and clean personality, these characteristics become the reason for widespread love. Generally speaking, the appearance is square and short and fat. Crooked, long legged, or short legged myna canines are not popular.

       [body type]

       Myna is characterized by small to large, condensed (as may be described), compact, well proportioned, and a hard muzzle. The ideal weight range is from 14 to 18 pounds (male or female). The scale is square.


       The head is large and heavy, not arched, apple head, forehead does not shrink back. The eyes are very dark, very large, prominent and eye-catching. Spherical, eyes full of serenity and desire. Very bright, excited, full of enthusiasm. The ears are thin, small, soft, like black velvet. There are two ear shapes: Rose ear or button ear. The latter is ideal. The wrinkles are big and deep. Muzzle short, blunt, wide, but not upturned. The occlusion should be a slight protrusion of the mandible.

       [neck, topline, body]

       The neck is slightly arched and stout, long enough to hold the head aloft. The back is short and the topline is horizontal. The body is short and fat, the chest is wide and the ribs are well expanded. The tail should be rolled as far as possible above the buttocks. Multiple curling is more ideal.


       Lower body, very stout, very stout. Viewed from the side, the elbows are directly under the shoulders. The wrist is strong, neither excessive nor downward. The feet are neither as long as rabbit feet nor as round as cat feet. Toes properly separated, black toenails. Wolf claws are usually removed.


       A stout, powerful hindquarters with moderate hind knee angles and hocks perpendicular to the ground. From the back, the legs are parallel to each other. Balance the hindquarters with the forequarters. The thighs and hips are full and muscular. The feet are the same as the forequarters.


       The coat is beautiful, smooth, soft, short and glossy, neither hard nor like wool. The color is silver, apricot or black. Silver or apricot yellow should be clear, with strong contrast with other color stripes and face color.


       The stripes are well defined. The color of the muzzle or face, ears, ear edges, thumb spots, diamond spots on the forelimbs and back markings may be black. The face color should be black.


       From the front, the forequarters are well guided, the wrists are strong, the feet are square on the ground, and the middle toes are forward. The hindquarters are powerful and relaxed. The posterior knee joint and hock joint do not turn inward or outward. The hind leg is in line with the front leg. The front and back legs are naturally slightly convergent. A slight twist in the hindquarters indicates that he is relaxed, confident and happy.


       This is a stable breed, showing a stable, cheerful, charming, noble, friendly and lovely temperament.