Is breeding male cats good for cats – what’s the harm of not sterilizing cats

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       With more and more strict regulations on dog keeping in various cities, more and more people keep cats. Of course, this is also because kittens themselves are very cute. In addition, raising cats is more in line with the living habits of modern young people. Therefore, there are more and more cat owners. Keeping cats has become a new trend. However, many people want to have a cat, but they don’t know whether it’s better to have a male cat or a female cat. In my opinion, if you are a novice, it is more appropriate to have a male cat than a female cat. The specific reasons are as follows.

       Male cats are more beautiful

       The face of the female cat is very small, but it has a pair of large, slender and delicate eyes. The clean and distinct features of the female cat are also a major feature of the female cat. There is no excess meat on the female cat’s face, and the contour is very clear, which makes it look fresh. The male cat is more in line with the majority of people’s aesthetic of the cat, big head and big cheek, looks very round and lovely, and the male cat is generally larger than the female cat, looks more temperament. In appearance, male cats are more in line with human aesthetic than female cats.

       Male cats have better personality

       In character, the female cat is generally much smarter than the male cat, and the little male cat always looks like a little silly boy. Male cats are heartless and reckless at all times, while female cats are more careful and think more, and their personality is more sensitive than little male cats. Male cats also prefer to be coquettish and more like to be with people than female cats, not as cold as kittens. If you like that kind of sticky cat, then the choice of male cat is more appropriate.

       It’s easier to take care of male cats

       The performance of male and female cats during estrus is different. The female cat will take the initiative in estrus, and the performance of estrus is generally rolling and crying, while the male cat will urinate all over the room. In contrast, the sterilization of female cats is more troublesome, the recovery period is longer, and of course, more money is needed. The sterilization of male cats is more convenient, the recovery period is faster, and the money cost is not as large as that of female cats. Male cats don’t need to be pregnant and have babies, so it’s very easy to take care of them. It is suggested that for the first cat of novice, it is more suitable to buy a male cat.

       Male cats are cheaper

       In the cat house, the price of male cat is always lower than that of female cat. With the same breed and pedigree, if it’s just a pet, it’s more cost-effective to buy a male cat.

       Well, this is the end of science popularization! Again, no matter what gender cats we have, we should treat them well.

       1. Male cats without sterilization will be in heat and spring

       If the owner of the pet has considered that he will not take the male cat to the hospital for sterilization operation, he should have a preparation in mind, because the male cat that has not been sterilized will have estrus and spring. When the male cat is in estrus, he will call for spring, and show irritability and irritability; he will also urinate in the room from time to time, which is the normal performance of the male cat in estrus.

       2. Male cats do not do sterilization, smell the smell of female cat estrus, will be estrus.

       Estrus is irregular and cannot be obtained, which can cause pain to the cat. Male cats want to look for female cats. If they are stopped, they will not eat, drink or urinate, and begin to get sick, which will bring many problems.

       Extended data:

       There are many benefits of cat sterilization, which can reduce the probability of some diseases in cats, and can also make the cat’s temper become gentle.

       1. It can reduce the occurrence of diseases. Because of the different physiological structure of cats, because estrus and childbirth may cause many diseases.

       2. For male cats, it can avoid the problems of tumor and prostate hypertrophy caused by estrus.

       3. Frequent oestrus male cats are most likely to have urinary tract obstruction, because there are secretions blocked, sterilization can fundamentally solve this problem.

       Adult cats begin to oestrus every spring. Both male and female cats can oestrus. The oestrus of male cats is usually caused by the smell of nearby female cats. Female cats can give birth to 12 at most and 2 at least in a litter, generally 3-6. Cats with good physical strength can give birth twice a year.

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       The disadvantages of cat sterilization are as follows

       In estrus season, both male and female cats howl loudly all day and night. One estrus lasts for 5-10 days. In addition to affecting themselves, it also affects other family members. The purpose of male cats is to declare their territory sovereignty and guide female cats to find themselves. The odor of urine of the uninfected male cats is very strong, which will have a serious impact on the environmental sanitation. They are vulnerable to infectious diseases, especially free range cats or stray cats. Sexual behavior during estrus is likely to spread infectious viruses, such as cat AIDS.

       It directly leads to the increase of stray animals. A pair of cats can give birth to 10 kittens a year on average. After a year, the number will increase exponentially! Human capacity is limited. Kittens who have not been adopted and cared for will eventually join the army of vagrants and fall into the streets. Nowadays, the huge number of stray cats has brought adverse effects on human life, and the survival of stray cats will become more and more difficult. Frequent oestrus can lead to diseases. The risk of urinary tract diseases in non sterilized cats is much higher than that in sterilized cats. The older the female cat is sterilized, the more likely it is to develop genital tumors.

       Advantages of cat sterilization

       Sterilization of cats can relieve cats from tension and reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases. For male cats, it can avoid tumor and prostate hypertrophy caused by estrus. For female cats, high estrus frequency can cause ovarian cysts, and the cats who have given birth will have problems such as pus accumulation, tumor, ovarian tumor and fibroids.

       After sterilization, cats will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, such as feline. Let the cat get rid of the tension, irritability and loss of appetite caused by estrus, and restore the lively nature. And for the male cat, it will also change the habit of venting. Avoid breeding blindly and control the number of stray cats. Let the cat character become quiet, can better develop good living habits.

       Extended data:

       Cats have reproductive capacity from 7 to 12 months after birth. Estrus usually occurs from January to March, may to August, or October. The gestational period is about 62 days. One to eight fetuses are delivered at one time. Generally, it is 3-5. A good cat can give birth twice a year.

       Newborn kitten, its eyes and ears are sealed, a little hair, about 7 to 20 days to open eyes, 9 to 15 days to learn to walk. They can eat solid food when they are four weeks old and weaned in about eight to ten weeks.

       When kittens are 6 months old, they can live on their own, with a life span of about 10 years. Domestic cats living in human families, of course, also have 36 years of over age longevity. However, the wild cats living in human cities are not so lucky. They may only live for a few years.

       Cats are very fertile. They live in human cities and have no natural enemies. According to IFAW’s calculation, two cats and their offspring that have not been sterilized can give birth to 420000 babies in seven years.

       Their amazing reproductive capacity has made them overproduced in many countries. Even in the United States, where animal protection is more mature, millions of healthy cats are euthanized every year because they can’t find enough adoptive families.

       The cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately. Good at climbing, but not good at falling from the top.

       Even when falling or jumping from a height, the cat uses its tail to adjust its balance so that its padded limbs land on the ground. Pay attention not to pull off the cat’s tail, which will affect its balance ability, and also easy to cause cat diarrhea, shorten the cat’s life span.

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       The estrus season of male cats is relatively long (about 5-6 times a year). If it is not sterilized, the owner should find a healthy female cat for him every time. Moreover, the physiological period can’t be changed. It’s very painful for the cat, and it’s easy to get urinary diseases. At the same time, during the estrus period, it’s also irritable, easy to jump out of a building, or run away from home. It’s really painful for cats not to be sterilized.

       In addition, sterilization is really good for cats. It can eliminate the symptoms of estrus. The mood of cats will be more stable, they will not bark, they will not urinate everywhere, and they will not always want to run outside. At the same time, it will increase the cat’s appetite, more adapt to family life, avoid the need for estrus to consume energy, and can appropriately extend the life span.

       Would you like to ask whether your cat is a pedigree cat with CFA breeding rights or an ordinary rural cat? If it is a pedigree cat, don’t let the cat have sex too often, because the CFA association has found that in fact, there are not many cats in estrus, even relatively painful. Estrus will lead to loss of appetite and weight loss. Male cats will also be due to repeated estrus caused by secretions blocked urethra, suffering from urethritis. ***If it’s a common country cat, it’s recommended to have it sterilized, otherwise it will only produce more small wild cats. If the owner can’t raise too much, it will probably discard it, which is even more harmful to the cat. Even the pedigree cat also suggests sterilization to protect the health of the cat Good.

       The male cat is just curious and uses the kitten as a toy. She doesn’t really bite and claw hard. She thinks that the big cat has no threat to the kitten, so she can rest assured.

       £¡£¡ But. Don’t let the male cat play with it. It can hurt the kitten. After all, the cat is too small.

       My kittens have normal contact with big cats only after the full moon. At the same time, we watch ourselves.