Is bronchitis transmitted from cat to dog – can dogs get sick to cats?

       Suggestion: bronchitis is an allergic disease, which is related to the immune function of constitution and physical fitness. It needs anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic treatment. At ordinary times, it needs to strengthen the Constitution and improve immunity, such as injection of thymosin, BCG polysaccharide, gamma globulin, etc. It is suggested to find experienced TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment with TCM. Cats can cause allergies. Can cause bronchitis or asthma.

       Generally, it will not be transmitted to dogs, but it will be transmitted to other cats. When a cat has a cat nose branch, it is suggested that the owner should take measures to help the cat get rid of the nasal branch.

       1: Pay attention to the eye hygiene of cats

       When the cat has a cat nose branch, the cat’s eye dirt will increase, some cats will continue to shed tears, pet owners should first pay attention to the cat’s eye health, regularly use some non irritating wet paper towel to clean the cat’s eye dirt, otherwise eye dirt will paste the cat’s eyes. After the pet owner cleans the cat’s eye dirt, he can use some cat’s eye drops to drop the cat’s eyes. Pet owners should pay attention to the eye hygiene of cats.

       2: Help your cat with the nasal branch

       After the pet owner pays attention to the cat’s eye hygiene, then he has to help the cat deal with the cat’s nasal branch. Pet owners can give their cats some meow nose. Then the pet owner should give the cat proper nutrition. In addition to feeding the cat food, the pet owner can also feed the cat some egg yolk, beef, chicken breast, etc., and pay attention to the rich and reasonable diet structure of the cat.

       3: Do a good job in isolation and pay attention to hygiene

       If there are other cats in the family, the pet owner should isolate the cat with the cat nose branch, and do not let the cat with the cat nose branch contact with other kittens, because the cat nose branch is infectious, the pet owner can lock the cat in the cat cage. Pet owners should use household disinfectant to mop the floor, and then wash the cat’s daily necessities, and then dry them before using them.

       If the cat’s nasal branch is very serious and the cat can’t eat normally, it is suggested that the pet owner should take the cat to the pet hospital in time to seek the help of the veterinarian. After all, the pet owner has limited ability and can only ask the veterinarian for help when necessary.

       Feline viral bronchitis, also known as cat nasal bronchitis. With more and more cat families, cat nose branch is also a high incidence of cats. Cat friends often ask whether cats get nasal branches, whether they can infect people or dogs.

       Can cat nose branch infect dog and person

       1. The nasal branch of cat is caused by cat herpesvirus type I infection. The antigenicity, G C content in genomic DNA and sequence of virus DNA are different. Feline pemphigus virus and canine pemphigus virus have antigen correlation.

       2. Due to the special physiological structure of cats, there is a large amount of arginine instead of lysine. Feline herpesvirus is used as a vector to replicate and transmit the virus. Lysine can neutralize arginine and block the replication and transmission of the virus. According to the data of the United States, * *, and Taiwan in recent 10 years, no cases of human and dog infection have been found. Both humans and dogs can have lysine in their bodies and will not be infected by the cat herpesvirus.

       How to solve the nasal branch of cat

       1. If the cat has a fever, it should be sent to the pet hospital in time for antipyretic injection. In case of emergency, physical cooling can be carried out first.

       2. If only sneezing, runny nose, tears, you can take meow ammonia nutrition cream to relieve sneezing caused by the nasal branch of the cat, improve the excessive secretion of eyes and other problems; slow down the degeneration of the cat’s retina and lens aging; long term use can effectively prevent viral diseases and improve the anti viral ability of cats. This product is suitable for cats with nasal branch symptoms. The paste is more easily dissolved and absorbed. Adult cats were fed with 5 cm long strips or as needed every day; the feeding amount during weaning period was reduced by half; the preventive dose was given twice a week. Feeding method: feed directly or with the diet.

       3. Some cats will shed tears, even red and swollen eyes, conjunctivitis, this time, also need to give the cat eye drops. If the cat recovered, after three months old, pay attention to the cat triple play, reduce the infection rate of cat nasal branch. The environment should be disinfected and sterilized. The litter should be cleaned regularly. Don’t be lazy. Ask pet owner to have patience, cat nose branch treatment is not one or two days to recover immediately, do not give up the cat easily.

       The nasal branches of cats do not infect people or dogs. They can only infect each other between cats. So pet owners can take good care of cats. When a cat has a cat’s nasal branch, the pet owner can take the following measures to help the cat get rid of the problem.

       1. Disinfect and isolate

       When a cat has a nasal branch, the pet owner should disinfect the environment the cat has been in and isolate the cat separately. Also keep the environment dry and ventilated. This can prevent the sick cat from passing the nasal branch of the cat to other healthy cats or cats from secondary infection.

       2. Supplementary nutrition

       Cats are weak during the nasal branch and need a lot of nutrition, especially lysine. Lysine can combine with arginine in cats to prevent further spread of cat herpesvirus. Therefore, pet owners can feed cats such nutrition as meow Zhiqu to supplement nutrition and lysine to cats and enhance their resistance.

       3. Injection of antipyretic needle

       Cats will also have symptoms of fever during the nasal branch of the cat. Therefore, pet owners should often check the cat’s temperature. If the cat’s temperature exceeds 39 ¡æ, he needs to take the cat to the pet hospital for fever reduction. And under the guidance of the doctor to carry out the necessary nursing work.

       Scientific research has proved that 80% of cats in the world will be infected with a virus – herpes virus. Also known as the nasal branch. It has strong infectivity and great harm. So many parents have questions: is the same pet, cat nose branch can infect dog? The following is about the understanding of the cat nasal branch virus and treatment measures.

       1¡¢ Recognize the harm of nasal branch of cat

       The nasal branch of cat is one of the common infectious diseases. Mainly through the respiratory tract and digestive tract infection, the main symptoms of cough, runny nose, respiratory sound heavy strengthen, more eye dropsy, loss of appetite and other respiratory symptoms. Severe disease can also lead to death, especially in young cats, because of low resistance and weak disease resistance.

       2¡¢ The principle of feline rhinovirus

       In fact, not only dogs, but also humans can be infected with herpes virus; only humans and dogs can use their own lysine. So the lysine in the body neutralizes arginine, and the nasal branch of the cat can’t develop in dogs and people.

       It has to be said that this is caused by the defects of the cat itself, because the cat can not get lysine, but can produce a large amount of arginine, and it is arginine that is needed for the development and replication of herpes virus in vivo. After years of research, scientists in cats have proved that lysine can inhibit the production of arginine, and arginine is reduced. The virus can’t replicate normally without a promoter. In this way, we can control the development of nasal branch virus in cats.

       3¡¢ How to treat cat nasal branch

       For the treatment of nasal branch of cats, first of all, give the cat Sunol to kill bacteria and antivirus, then give the cat to eat the cat’s lysine, supplement lysine, control the arginine, enter the cat as a supplement, compete with arginine, resist the growth of arginine on the virus, and inhibit the replication of the virus. During the treatment process, the conjunctivitis of the cat will cause the cat to shed tears and increase the amount of eye droppings. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with eye care.

       It takes a long time to recuperate the nasal branch of cat. The key point is to take cat amine every day. Only by supplementing enough lysine to inhibit arginine, can the disease degree of cat nasal branch be cured.

       This will not happen for the following reasons: there is no transmission of disease between cats and dogs.

       If there is a wound in the skin, it may spread the disease.

       If you are afraid of mutual infection, it is safest to isolate sick pets.

       There are many ways of disease transmission, and even can spread to people, so the isolation and treatment of disease is very important.

       A healthy and well cared cat will not pose any harm to human health. Do not let dogs and cats walk on your food or contaminate food utensils; comb cats and dogs regularly and check whether they have fleas and other parasites; do not feed raw fish and meat to cats and dogs; pay attention to whether there are signs of illness, and if so, treat them immediately.

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