Is cat nose dry sick?

       As we all know, a healthy cat’s nose should be wet and cold, and the owner will occasionally touch the cat’s nose to determine if the cat is healthy. Is the cat’s nose really wet all day? How accurate is it to touch the nose to make sure whether the cat is sick or not?

       In fact, the nose of some kittens will dry when they are sleeping or just waking up. This is a normal phenomenon. Cat owners should correctly distinguish the difference between depression and rest. Some kittens sleep for 20 hours every day. If the nose is dry at this time, it is easy for the owner to mistakenly think that the cat is sick. In fact, it is not. Therefore, we should take the cat as a whole Status to determine the health of the cat.

       When a cat has a cold or a fever, its nose must become dry. Sometimes, however, it’s not the disease that makes a cat’s nose dry. Sometimes it may be due to the indoor environment. The cat’s environment is dry and hot, so the kitten’s nose is easy to dry.

       If it has been very dry, then it may have a little cold or a little fire, you can touch it, whether the ears are hot, and when the nose is dry, it is not hot, the stool is normal and abnormal, whether the mental state is good, and if there are no other symptoms, you can rest assured.