Is cat poop thin? – why is cat poop thin

       Cat laxity, and the excrement is yellow, spirit if there is no problem, normal eating, the problem is not big, can be analyzed from the following reasons: some personal experience, I hope to help you.

       1. Food problems: look at the food for eating, such as rice, whether it has deteriorated and whether there are allergic ingredients. If so, it is suggested to change food and give the cat clean and hygienic food.

       2. Stress reaction or indigestion is not good. When cats suddenly change their environment and live in a new home, there are more or less stress reactions and diarrhea. In addition, some cats’ intestines and stomachs are fragile, and the food they feed can’t be digested well. It is suggested that the cat be fed with mew Changyi and supplemented with probiotics to see if it can help the cat get through better.

       3. If you take too many baths, you should pay attention to this situation. If you take a bath three times a month, you can’t take it too often. Otherwise, it’s easy to cause discomfort, diarrhea and even skin diseases.

       4. There are parasites in the cat, which is also common. You can take the cat to the pet hospital and check it

       1. Pay attention to diet: do not feed indigestible food, ensure drinking water, do not feed raw water, do not feed salty food.

       2. Pay attention to the health and temperature of the cat’s living environment. If possible, sun for 1-2 hours every day.

       3. Properly assist some digestive drugs, such as dried yeast tablets.

       Do not feed cats by force after diarrhea. If they are in good mental state and have no other symptoms, they should fast for 12-24 hours according to the situation, and pay attention to replenish more water. After fasting, do not rush to feed cat food, but feed some soft and digestible cat food. On the contrary, if the spirit is dispirited and accompanied by bloody stool, fever and other conditions, should be timely medical treatment.

       The vast majority of cats’ diarrhea caused by changing food will be alleviated by fasting. However, parents must understand and abide by the steps of changing grain, which needs to be mixed slowly. Even if the stomach and intestines are very good, they should complete the food exchange within 3-5 days, continuously increase the proportion of new food and reduce the proportion of old food.

       Healthy cats defecate normally almost every day, and their stools are soft and hard, and their intestines and stomachs are not fully developed. For example, if the food is not good enough, it may lead to diarrhea, and the Yellow stool of cats may be related to the food they eat, such as the cat food made of corn flour. Compared with the color of diarrhea, the excrement removal officer should take measures to treat the diarrhea of cats, so as to avoid the cats Diarrhea is more and more serious damage to the intestines and stomach.

       1¡¢ Pay attention to food

       For kittens, it is best not to feed dry cat food, because the kitten’s intestines and stomach are not fully developed and can not accept dry and hard cat food. Dry and hard cat food is easy to damage the cat’s intestines and stomach and cause diarrhea. Pet owners also need to check the cat food cat meal in time, to see if there are rotten ingredients, or some toxic food, if some, should be timely replaced with fresh food, and further observation of the cat.

       2¡¢ Stress response and indigestion

       Cats eat too much or too much at once, and their intestines are relatively weak and prone to indigestion and laxity; cats may not be familiar with the new environment, resulting in stress reactions, which may lead to feline laxity; for these two cases, you can first fast for half a day or a day, and then take high-energy probiotics for conditioning, and then observe whether the cat’s stool is slowly formed, if it does not work Consider other reasons.

       3¡¢ Watch out for cats catching cold

       Some cats have relatively low resistance. If they stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time and do not blow dry in time after taking a bath, the weather suddenly turns cold and does not do a good job in keeping warm, it is easy to cause cats to catch cold and loose. To this end, let the cat stay in a warm place, place the heater, and observe whether the cat sneezes or snivels.

       What is the cause of feline laxity?

       First, whether cats change their environment or change their cat food will produce stress reaction. They will have diarrhea. Instead of eating, they need to see what they are feeding. They usually give more meat, or people eat little kittens will be sparse, and there is cat food. If the chemicals such as attractant, essence and other chemicals also lead to diarrhea, so this situation suggests that cats should stop eating and stop drinking. God, watch, feed some Changwei Bao to see if the cat is getting better, and then immediately change food, change to natural cat food, do not give the cat to eat those additives chemical things ~ our hospital almost does not give cats and dogs with too much food attractant, small cats are easy to loose, old people eat so many years of serious kidney failure and inflammation; so we should eat natural cat food At least choose the best one in China. Many cats in our hospital use the exported fresh cat food. The natural cat food is made of duck salmon. I have a good conscience about the formula. The protein content is not very high. If it is too high, it is easy to dilute. It needs a transition. After eating the natural cat food, we can change the high point The cat with protein content is willing to be fat, and it is better to have no grain;

       Second, less food and more meals, pay attention not to feed cold food and water, do not let them eat more, less food and more meals is more conducive to digestion, reduce the burden of the stomach. Remember to let them eat food and water are warm, do not let them eat cold. Water is water that burns at an open temperature, below 40 degrees Celsius.

       Third, the diarrhea caused by parasites should be treated conservatively. First, stop diarrhea. Parasites can cause diarrhea in kittens. Therefore, we suggest that we should choose conservative treatment. First, stop diarrhea for kittens. If not, go to the hospital, and then ask the hospital to prescribe a prescription to stop diarrhea, and then quickly expel the worms,.

       Fourth, know what drugs to choose for the treatment of diarrhea In addition, six kinds of bacteria, norfloxacin, amoxicillin and cephalosporin capsules, should not be given to kittens. After use, the condition of kittens will be reversed and unstable, and the toxicity is high, which will easily damage the cat’s body

       Fifthly, if these are useless, it is recommended that you take your cat to a regular pet hospital for an examination, so as not to delay the cat’s condition

       Why do cats have diarrhea?

       Cat diarrhea is diarrhea, which is a syndrome of indigestion and malabsorption. The clinical manifestations of the sick cats were increased defecation frequency, fecal moisture content, fecal shapeless, and even water spray.

       The causes of diarrhea in cats are quite complex and diverse. There are virus induced diarrhea such as feline distemper (also known as infectious enteritis); diarrhea caused by bacteria, such as Pasteurellosis and colibacillosis; and diarrhea caused by genetic defects, such as Persian cats. However, the majority of diarrhea in cats is caused by gastroenteritis.

       The diarrhea caused by gastroenteritis in cats is mostly caused by overeating, eating rotten food and indigestible bones, eating foreign bodies such as hair, plastic toys, paper, wool, etc., taking stimulant drugs such as aspirin and corrosive drugs such as arsenic, mercury, lead, carbolic acid, etc., as well as cold, malnutrition and sudden change of feed. Whatever the cause of gastroenteritis, the common symptom is diarrhea (diarrhea), which leads to dehydration and weight loss in cats. At this time, the main performance of the cat is listlessness, loss of appetite, vomiting and abdominal pain, diarrhea, fecal odor. Intestinal mucosal bleeding is also black or black green stool, or with blood, blood clots and other symptoms.

       (1) To eliminate the possibility of infection of pathogenic microorganisms to cats. The infectious diseases of cats are caused by the invasion of certain pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) into their bodies. The main sources of infection of infectious diseases are cats with infectious diseases, cats carrying bacteria, ill treated dead cats and excreta of sick cats (such as feces, urine, etc.). Therefore, the sick cats should be isolated and raised in time. The sick cats must be deeply buried or buried. The cat’s nest, food utensils and bedpan should be disinfected regularly. The bedding materials of the cat’s nest should be changed frequently. The food fed to the cat should be cooked food. The drinking water of the cat should be disinfected by bleaching. In addition, keeping the air circulation in the cat house and the surrounding environment is a very effective method to reduce some pathogenic microorganisms in cats.

       (2) Vaccinate regularly. At present, there is no ideal drug therapy for some diseases of cats, such as feline respiratory virus disease. Therefore, the most effective way is to regularly carry out the corresponding vaccine injection to prevent the occurrence of such diseases.

       (3) Strengthen feeding management, scientific feeding. Many medical and surgical diseases in cats are caused by mismanagement, especially in the case of domestic feeding. Therefore, only by strengthening the feeding management and feeding the cats scientifically can the cats grow healthily.

       There are many reasons for cats to loose, such as unclean food, stress response, parasites and so on. If you want to solve the problem, you need to find out the reason why the cat is lax, and the right medicine can help the cat get better soon. Let’s share some common causes and solutions of feline laxity based on personal experience. The food is not suitable for cats

       Feeding a cat with human food will cause the cat’s intestines and stomach discomfort and diarrhea due to its salt and oil composition. Or feeding adult kitten cat food can also cause the kitten to loose due to discomfort. In this regard, the owner of the cat should ensure that the food is clean and suitable for the cat. When feeding the kitten, you can feed the kitten food or wet cat food.

       2. Poor digestion or stress reaction

       If the cat’s own stomach weak, poor digestion, it is easier to loose. When changing the cat food, changing the environment, vaccinating, being frightened and other reasons, the cat will also loose due to stress reaction. For these two cases, the cat can be fed with pet Xie Ting and observed for two or three days. If it doesn’t get better or worse, other reasons should be considered.

       3. Parasites

       If there are parasites in the cat, it can also lead to diarrhea. If the cat’s stool is bloodstained and emaciated, it may be caused by parasites. For this case, you can take the cat to the pet hospital for stool examination, and give the cat anthelmintic under the guidance of the doctor.

       Finally, if the cat is not only accompanied by other symptoms, it will have vomit and vomit foam. It will have bloody blood and strong smell, and even have a fever. In this case, the cat should be taken to the pet hospital for treatment in time, because it may be infected with enteritis or cat plague.

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