Is cat vomiting sick

       Xiaobian just had a cat club. One day, he came home and saw a large pool of vomit on the ground. He thought that the cat had pushed the litter out. Later, he learned that it was the cat who vomited. Every time he saw the cat vomiting, he would worry about whether the cat was sick or whether his stomach was comfortable. In fact, there are many reasons why cats vomit. Some cases don’t need to worry too much, and some cases can be more serious. As a senior cat owner, you should know what to do when your cat vomits.

       Cats are very clean animals. In daily life, cats use their tongues to clean up the dirt on their bodies, so some of the fallen hair will be swallowed by cats. Therefore, in the cat’s abdomen will increase more not easy to digest the hair, will form a hair ball. This thing exists in the cat’s abdomen, which seriously affects its health and daily life, so the cat will regularly spit out these fur balls. Keep in mind that puffing is a normal physiological phenomenon, especially in long haired cats. Moreover, in the process of raising a cat, the owner should also regularly give the cat some hair cream to help it spit hair balls.

       In addition, if it is found that the cat vomits with other conditions, such as the vomit into a thin white water, there is a peculiar smell, often vomiting and so on. So it’s better to take the cat to the hospital first to determine the cause of vomiting, and then to deal with it. It’s normal for a cat to vomit, but it’s not normal to vomit anything else. For example, gastroenteritis diseases, parasitic diseases, etc., may cause cats to vomit. However, the causes of these vomities do great harm to cats. In order to keep pet cats healthy, it is necessary to find out the causes of vomiting in cats and then conduct targeted treatment.

       PS: it’s important to note that when a pet vomits, it’s best for parents to stop eating and drinking water first (it’s necessary to stop eating, sometimes you can prepare a little water for your dog). At the same time, parents should not take medicine for the vomiting cat. Remember to ask the veterinarian first for any medicine given to the cat. After being allowed to take medicine for the cat, it is necessary to avoid causing greater pain to the cat due to medication errors.