Is Garfield easy to keep

       Garfield cat is also known as exotic short hair cat. We are not unfamiliar with it, because the cartoon “Garfield cat” is deeply loved by everyone. In real life, because Garfield is cute and honest, more and more cat lovers choose to raise Garfield. So, is Garfield easy to keep? What should be paid attention to when raising Garfield cats?

       In terms of life, Garfield should first build a warm and comfortable cat nest for it and build a happy and relaxed living environment for it. At home, Garfield also needs to prepare a fixed toilet, choose a fixed place to eat. Let Garfield cat daily life, through training let it develop good habits. Let it sleep, excrete and eat in a fixed place, and get along well with the host.

       In terms of diet, parents should choose appropriate food for feeding. In general, professional cat food on the market is the best food for Garfield. This kind of professional cat food is developed according to the nutritional needs of cats. The cat food contains the nutrition needed by Garfield to ensure the normal growth of Garfield.

       In terms of health, parents should clean and tidy the cat in time. Garfield should be groomed at least once a day; teeth should be brushed 3-4 times a week; eyes, ears and anal gland parts should be cleaned once; toenail growth of Garfield cat should be checked and necessary trimming should be carried out in 3-4 weeks; Garfield’s hair should be cut short at the same time; Garfield’s bath need not be carried out frequently, but it also needs to be thorough when necessary clean.

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