Is goat milk suitable for kittens?

       Most pet owners have done their homework for the health of their own milk. Now it is generally believed that pet sheep milk powder should be selected from “foreign” milk powder. After all, big brands, strict quality inspection abroad, good milk source. But in fact, is the foreign milk you buy really a native foreign product? Now many foreign brands have already put their origin in China for us in order to meet the domestic sales demand. If you want to buy “pure” foreign milk powder, you have to do overseas shopping, but you can’t tell whether it is a temporary product or a fake product. What’s more, the supply of goods is not stable.

       In fact, since the foreign milk powder chooses domestic as the manufacturer, it shows that China has the strength to make a good milk powder to let customers rest assured. For example, pet Wu AI high goat milk powder is a high quality domestic pet sheep milk powder. In the current pet sheep milk powder real goat milk content is generally low environment, they independently developed a goat milk content as high as 95%. This is a rare high level in the world.

       We know that dogs and cats are generally not recommended to drink milk. Because milk is easy to cause diarrhea, and goat’s milk is more suitable for the constitution of pet cats and dogs. Therefore, the current pet goat milk powder industry is also booming. However, some unscrupulous businesses are using black heart means, clearly the main ingredient is milk powder or milk products, but add some antidiarrheal drugs in which to fake sheep milk powder. And parents see their baby drink these so-called “goat milk powder” no diarrhea, think it is really to baby drink goat milk.

       Other products seem to have a high protein content, but in fact, they add “whey protein” (note, this is extracted from milk) or even plant protein “violence” to increase the protein content.

       And goats’ milk goats’ milk powder is not only genuine goat milk or high pure goats’ milk, but also does not add flavor chemicals or protein substitutes. In addition to the pure flavor of goat milk, the whole goat milk powder has no other attraction to baby meow, baby during pregnancy and old children. Even if you don’t like drinking water, you can’t resist the temptation of pure frankincense.

       Goat milk powder also contains lactose, don’t believe what goat milk can beat lactose intolerance. The cat will have diarrhea after drinking it, and then it may die because it is too small… My little kitten originally bought kitten cat food: milk cake, you put it in front of it, and then put some lactose free milk in it (now they are sold, put a little to soften the cream), and give it to eat. When you eat it one month old, you can eat milk cake directly. You just have to resist it, but if you are hungry, you will eat it.


       Goat milk powder

       Due to the weak intestines and stomach of young cats, it is difficult to digest dry food, so it is suitable to feed on liquid food, such as wet food or milk powder. Obviously, milk is the most easily obtained milk source in our daily life. However, there has been a saying: you can’t feed milk to kittens, but you can use goat’s milk instead. But is it really the case? Is goat milk really suitable for kittens? ????

       So why can’t you feed the kittens milk? Why do some cats loose after feeding milk? This is because kittens may have a “lactose intolerance” reaction to lactose in milk. The so-called lactose is a kind of disaccharide with the molecular formula of C12H22O11. In nature, it only exists in the milk of mammals. It is the disaccharide in the milk of mammals, so it is named. In mammals, especially in young mammals, the intestine secretes lactase, which decomposes lactose into glucose and galactose, which are then absorbed and digested.

       However, if the secretion of lactase is insufficient, or lactose intake is excessive, the undigested lactose directly enters the large intestine, which stimulates the large intestine to move faster, causing abdominal stridor, diarrhea and other symptoms, which is called “lactose intolerance”. Lactose intolerance is common in mammals, some of us also have this disease. However, unlike adults, diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance is fatal to kittens, because it is often accompanied by severe dehydration. If vulnerable kittens are not treated in time, they will die. The content of lactose in milk is relatively high; therefore, for the sake of safety, it is not recommended to feed young cats with milk or milk powder. ??????

       Then, since milk is not suitable for kittens, can goat’s milk be used instead of milk to feed kittens? This is also wrong. In fact, goat’s milk is not as lactose intolerant as some advertisements do, because it also contains lactose in proportion to its content in milk. Therefore, feeding goat milk or goat milk powder to young cats may also cause lactose intolerance in young cats, but for lactose tolerant kittens, it can be drunk. ?????????

       Of course, the feeding of kittens needs milk source. Milk contains essential substances for the growth and development of kittens. If we can’t find a cat nurse who can provide breast milk for kittens, you can’t judge whether your cat is lactose tolerant. What should we do? ??????????

       At this time, the owner can choose to prepare Shuhua milk for kittens, which can be found in larger pet stores and online shopping malls. Shuhua milk is lactose free milk or goat’s milk. It is better for lactose intolerant kittens. If there is fat intolerance at the same time, low-fat Shuhua milk should be selected. Some of the fiber components in Shuhua milk may not be suitable for all kittens, because the constitution of kittens varies greatly. For the sensitive kittens, slight differences in ingredients can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. But for the body is better, not very sensitive to the fiber contained in Shuhua milk, Shuhua milk can be taken. ??????????????????????

       Iboth super Shuhua goat milk powder is a good infant milk powder. Each drop is made of high-quality milk source from New Zealand. The protein structure of goat milk is the closest to that of breast milk. It is easy to digest, and the broken chain fatty acids are easy to digest and absorb. The molecular protein of goat milk is one third of the milk, which is easier to digest and absorb, and is not easy to constipation. The content of immunoglobulin in goat milk is rich in the same epithelial cell growth factor (EGF) as breast milk, which can improve immunity and prevent virus invasion. Iboth Shuhua sheep milk powder is low in lactose and nutritious in Shuhua. The cat can’t be lax after drinking. If you buy it in Boqi mall, you can get a 50% discount. If you need it, please go and have a look. ????????????????????????

       Methods: pet sheep milk powder identification method

       Brand, scope of use, quality, efficacy.

       Brand of pet sheep milk powder

       We must choose high-quality brand pet sheep milk powder.

       Application scope of pet sheep milk powder

       Cats in pregnancy and childbirth, infancy and low immunity.

       Quality of pet sheep milk powder

       1. Natural high goat milk powder, breast milk formula, milk content as high as 95%, similar products have higher milk content.

       2. It contains four kinds of immunoglobulin, growth factor, lactoferrin, low sensitization and no harmful addition.

       3. A variety of nutrients, scientific ratio, promote the development of young pet, improve immunity.

       Efficacy of pet sheep milk powder

       Enhance immunity, improve gastrointestinal function and promote development.

       Note: identify the quality of goat milk powder. Sensory: bag milk powder, hold the milk powder bag with your hand and rub it back and forth. The real milk powder has a delicate texture and makes a “squeak” sound. The fake milk powder mixed with sugar, coarse particles, made a rusty flow sound.

       Color discrimination: the real milk powder is natural milk yellow; the fake milk powder is white, with crystallization, bleached white or unnatural color.

       Smell: when the package is opened, the milk flavor of real cow milk powder is unique to milk, while that of real goat milk powder is natural; the milk fragrance of fake milk powder is very little, even no milk flavor.

       Taste: the real milk powder is delicate and sticky, easy to stick to the teeth, tongue and palate. It dissolves slowly and has no sugar sweetness. It has the pure flavor of goat milk powder; the fake milk powder dissolves quickly in the mouth, and does not stick to the teeth, and has a strong sweetness.

       Dissolving speed: put the milk powder into a cup and wash it with cold boiled water. The real milk powder can be dissolved into milky white turbid liquid after stirring, and the fake milk powder can automatically dissolve or precipitate without stirring.

       The obvious characteristics of fake milk powder are crystal, white or other unnatural color, coarse powder, fast dissolution, even in cold water without stirring, it can also quickly dissolve or precipitate.


       Cats are just born and need breast-feeding to get the necessary nutrition to sustain their life. However, not all cats can get enough breast milk. For artificially fed kittens, due to their weak intestines and stomachs, the preferred food is cat milk powder


       There are many kinds of food that can be eaten in cat’s life. In addition to professional cat food, there is also cat milk powder. Here, cat milk powder does not mean * milk powder, or general purpose milk powder for cats and dogs, but special milk powder for cats


       Choose special milk powder for cats. It is better to choose products that can replace breast milk and can be easily absorbed by cats, such as goat milk powder for Gooden cat


       During the feeding process, it is recommended to eat less and more meals

       Goat milk powder also contains lactose, don’t believe what goat milk can beat lactose intolerance. The cat will have diarrhea after drinking, and then it may die because it is too small

       My little kitten bought kitten’s food at the beginning: milk cake, you put it in front of it, and then put some lactose free milk in it (now it’s sold, put a little to soften the cream), and give it to eat. When you eat it one month old, you can eat milk cake directly. You just have to resist it, but if you are hungry, you will eat it.

       The newly born kitten has a very weak gastrointestinal function, and can’t eat any hard and stimulating food. Therefore, nutritious liquid food is the most suitable for young cats. Compared with cat breast milk, Wowo goat milk powder is also more nutritious. For young cats, goat milk contains a lot of adenosine triphosphate, which can fully decompose lactose in goat milk. Therefore, eating goat milk can reduce the incidence of lactose intolerance symptoms and allergic reactions.

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