Is it not good for kittens to sleep – cats love to sleep?

       The cat Bai often sleeps, and the spirit is not very good. First of all, Du is to consider whether the cat is sick or not

       For example, if the cat has a cold or other disease that makes the cat feel uncomfortable, the cat will sleep in a bad mood

       In addition, cat anemia can also lead to a cat’s lethargy and lethargy

       In this regard, we should take the cat to the pet hospital for examination

       Timely treatment of anemia is also a measure

       If it is nutritional anemia, we should pay attention to feeding some camp food

       Then mix the meow want blood cream into the food and feed the cat

       Cats must sleep 16 hours a day, although most of them only sleep for a few minutes. Cats are the most sleepy animals in mammals. The reason why even scientists do not know clearly is that cats are the most sleepy animals in mammals

       Cat’s sleep is divided into two states: sound sleep and non deep sleep. 30% of the cat’s sleep is sound sleep, and 70% is easy to wake up

       The brain of a sleeping cat is as agile as when awake, alert to impending danger

       Cats sleep half of the day: cats spend 14-15 hours in their sleep, and some cats sleep more than 20 hours, so cats are called “lazy cats.”. However, if you carefully observe the sleeping appearance of the cat, you will find that as long as there is a sound, the cat’s ears will move, and if someone approaches, it will jump up. Originally, the cat is a hunting animal, in order to be able to keenly feel all the outside world, it does not sleep very dead.

       Cats who live with people sleep more dead: cats who live with people tend to sleep more at night than during the day. This can prove that cats adapt to the law of human life and rely on people. And even some cats will openly open their stomach to sleep, gently kick it, it still sleep, really lost the face of the hunting animals, happy smile generous.

       The cat sleeps 18 hours a day, and the kitten is longer. If it sleeps well, it means that it trusts you~

       Cats love sleeping

       Sleep is an important behavior that animals can not lack. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of body and brain, and prepare strength and energy for the next activity.

       Cat’s sleep time is about twice that of human. But cats don’t sleep as intensively as people do. They sleep several times, so cats can get up at any time of the night. The big headed lion of the cat family sleeps about 20 hours a day.

       Studies have shown that three-quarters of cats’ sleep is fake sleep, or napping. So, it seems that the cat sleeps 16 hours a day, but it only sleeps for 4 hours.

       People have different positions when they sleep, and cats, like people, have different positions when they sleep. Cats sleep on their stomach, sit and sometimes sleep on their backs. The cat still talks in his sleep, which is called. Cats wake up in nightmares and open their eyes.

       Cats are very careful about the choice of sleeping places. In summer, cats can accurately find a ventilated and cool place. In winter, the cat can find a warm place accurately. In addition, the cat also follows the movement of the sun many times to move to sleep. Like a sunflower, it’s always facing the sun.

       Cats always strive for the most comfortable place to sleep. For example, sleeping close to the heater often makes the cat’s tail scorched; sometimes, the mother cat and the cub will choose a comfortable place to sleep together, but it is easy for the kitten to suffocate and die;

       Sometimes the cat puts the furniture, the furniture, the furniture to find a good place to sleep

       The products are damaged by stepping over. These cat owners have to pay attention.

       Caused by cold or hunger.

       Cat’s sleep time is affected by many factors. For example, hunger, oestrus, year, climate, etc. When these factors change, the cat’s sleep pattern will change. For example, when the weather is cold, the cat is hungry, and during estrus, the cat’s sleep time is shortened. On the contrary, when the climate is pleasant and comfortable, and the environment is safe and stable, the cat’s sleep time will become longer. And the cat’s length of time on the water varies according to its age. In general, young and old cats sleep longer than adult cats.

       What’s more, the study also found that although cats sleep for a long time, they often don’t sleep deeply. We know that even when a cat is sleeping, it can wake up quickly when there is something wrong with the environment. In fact, in such a long sleep time, many times cats are false sleep, their response to the surrounding still exists. And the real deep sleep time may only be about 4-5 hours.

       There have been professional studies that have explained the sleeping conditions of cats: “cats don’t sleep like this all the time in a day. They are the way to sleep less many times. Generally, each sleep time is about 1 hour. The changes of brain waves during cat sleep are divided into fast wave sleep and slow wave sleep. Fast wave sleep is in deep sleep state, and slow wave sleep is in shallow sleep state. Cat is a very alert animal, even in the sleep state still can not relax, so fast wave sleep is usually only 6-7 minutes, slow wave sleep has 20-30 minutes, this alternate. That’s why we often see cats that are supposed to be sleeping very fast when they hear sounds or other movements

       A cat has about 16 hours of sleep and “false sleep” a day, so you can see that a cat is always snoring Answer In addition to the necessary activities such as predation, migration and so on, animals in nature are basically dozing off or lying still, because this can reduce heat consumption. Only people who are full of love and lust spend a lot of time and energy on singing, dancing and playing mahjong


       The cat you see sleeping is actually divided into two types. One is sleep in the real sense. It is indeed sleeping. Another is that it is equivalent to closing eyes, relaxing the body but awake. If it is called, it will gently wag its tail or move its ears, but it will not open its eyes and take the initiative to “respond”. In addition, cats in this state will usually make a similar snoring sound when breathing, except that snoring is the iron evidence of sleeping, while cats are just the opposite That means it’s not really sleeping.

       The domestic pet cat’s diet is guaranteed, and its safety is guaranteed. It doesn’t need to be vigilant and look for food all the time. Its task is to eat, drink and sleep enough, and then sell a cute fool to make the owner happy. I always want to live such a life as our cat.

       Studies have found that the length of cat sleep can be affected by many factors. For example, hunger, oestrus, age, climate rights, and so on. When these factors change, the cat’s sleep pattern will change. For example, when the weather is cold, the cat is hungry, and during estrus, the cat’s sleep time is shortened. On the contrary, when the climate is pleasant and comfortable, and the environment is safe and stable, the cat’s sleep time will become longer. And the cat’s length of time on the water varies according to its age. In general, young and old cats sleep longer than adult cats.

       It depends on the cat’s character. Outgoing and cheerful cats generally play for a long time and sleep a little shorter; introverted cats sleep longer.

       But I think if you’re willing to play with it for a long time, maybe not.

       My cat sleeps for a long time and often sleeps. As soon as I ignore it, it runs to sleep because it has no sleep. I think it’s normal. (personal opinion based on my understanding of my cat)

       Cats like to sleep when they are free, which is a normal thing. Cats sleep about 16 hours a day, especially kittens, which may reach 18 hours a day. Cats always give people the feeling that they are lazy, so it’s normal that they like to sleep.

       Moreover, cats get enough sleep during the day, and they will be very energetic at night, so their life and rest are opposite to those of human beings, which may be the reason for their biological clock, because they will get up to catch mice at night.

       And cats are also very selective about their sleeping environment. They like to sleep in the quilt or in their owners’ arms. They like to sleep in a warm environment.

       Although cats like to sleep, when there is a sound in the room, they will wake up. Their vigilance is still very high, and if your cat sleeps too much, you should also consider whether he is sick.

       In my opinion, cats, like most animals, need sleep. It’s just that people and cats have light sleep and deep sleep. Generally speaking, cats are in light sleep most of the time!

       You can even think of this point. For example, some elderly people sleep in their chairs all day, basking in the sun, and they always like to take a nap when they are free. This kind of thing may be related to sleep. Just as people get older, their sleep will decrease, their deep sleep will be especially less, and their shallow sleep will increase. So will cats. Cats may sleep more and grow up when they are young In the future, there may be more naps. The real birthday sleep should not be much, but more shallow sleep.

       In addition, I think that as an expert in catching mice, cats need more quiet sleep, and then it is related to their habits. When they act, they can move quickly.

       As a lazy cat, it’s OK to choose sleeping What else can you do?

       Cats need a lot of sleep, like lions, who sleep 20 hours a day, 24 hours a day, to maintain their physical strength in pursuit of prey.

       Moreover, some animals do not dare to sleep too long for fear of natural enemies, or that the animals that sleep more are extinct. However, felines do not need to worry about this aspect. On the evolutionary path, they do not have to sacrifice high-efficiency sleep to supplement energy. Instead, they train themselves not to sleep too dead, and can wake up and run away whenever they hear the wind and grass. Animals like humans usually consume their brains and need a lot of sleep to supplement their energy, but because of their stronger ability, they have deep sleep, which only needs seven or eight hours a day.

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