Is it safe to carry cats on the train

       Maine cat

       In case of house change or job transfer, we will inevitably have to move. If it is a long-distance journey, it will be hard for our cat. The owner can not directly carry the cat into the train, so he can only choose to consign it. The following small editor will talk about the matters needing attention about checking cats by train.

       1. We must first consult whether the train to the destination can consign cats. This is the prerequisite for the carriage of cats by train. If the train can be checked in, you must book in advance and make an appointment for shipment at the same time.

       2. Go to the authorized epidemic prevention station or animal hospital to obtain the immunization certificate of the cat. The immunization certificates include rabies vaccine certificate, animal immunity certificate, animal quarantine certificate, and vehicle disinfection certificate. Take these certificates to the animal quarantine certificate of county level issued by animal husbandry and veterinary animal inspection office.

       3. After all the procedures are completed, go to the railway consignment office. ***It’s better to check in one or two days ahead of the departure date. Don’t go there until the day of departure. You should know that the efficiency of the monopoly department is not high, so we must set aside spare time to avoid delaying the train. ***In addition to the second point, you should also bring your ticket and a escort card so that you can take care of the cat in the truck during the journey.

       4. Prepare the cat’s needs the night before departure. It’s better to prepare a strong cage with a bigger point, and do not use the air box or cat bag. First, the air box and cat bag are too small for the cat to put in the litter basin and cat’s food and water; second, there are all kinds of luggage in the truck compartment, which may crush the air box or cat bag. Be sure to prepare a large cloth, cover the cat’s cage with cloth, and give the cat a relatively closed space, which can give the cat a little sense of security. If it’s winter, be sure to keep warm for your cat. The cat cage should be the kind of cage for medium-sized dogs. It is large and strong. In addition to litter basin, food and water, it can also be put into a comfortable cat’s nest to make the cat’s journey more comfortable.

       5. Before you get on the train, it’s better to keep an eye on the people at the check-in area to find a safe and easy place to put cats. You should have a good relationship with the steward of the freight car so that they can take care of the cat for you. If you have an escort disease, you can go to the freight car to accompany the cat on the journey to ensure the safety of the cat. But be careful not to let the cat out of the cage. The truck compartment is very messy. If the cat is released, it will be difficult to find where to drill.

       6. After arriving at the destination, you can wait for the cat with the bill of lading, so that you can complete the whole train consignment. When you get home, you can comfort the suffering little guy!

       However, it should be noted that it is really hard to consign cats by train. If it is a long-distance move, it is better to consign cats by plane.

       Yes, although it’s cheap and convenient to ship by train, it’s easy for them to fail immunity or get scared during long-distance travel, and have diarrhea If you go to the pet store to buy a pet bag and take it directly to the train, it will not be bad. Of course, you should be careful not to be totally reckless. There should be no problem

       For pets to be transported by air or by high-speed rail, the following relevant certificates are required:

       1. Get at least a week’s vaccination with a nearby veterinarian.

       2. Two days in advance, take the pet and epidemic prevention certificate to the nearby veterinary station for a physical examination and obtain the health certificate. Then use the health certificate to exchange for a pet exit quarantine certificate upstairs.

       3. One day in advance, take your pet and go to the railway veterinary station (Animal Quarantine Station) for stamping.

       4. The train of the day, 2-3 hours in advance, with pets, with a special air box (can be self-made cage, but cartons and other containers can not), to go to the check-in procedures. Show the immunization certificate, exit quarantine certificate and the ticket of the day, and then take a form to fill in, weigh and charge.

       5. After the certificate is completed, people can’t leave. They should accompany their pets until they enter the freight car with them to settle down the pets. Of course, people can go back to the carriage they are in. After getting off the station, go to the arriving station and get the pet with the bill of lading

       Hey hey, look at your courage. It’s OK. We all love small animals. Last time I saw a little dog on the bus for more than 40 hours. Still playing in the hallway. Prepare a paper box with air vent and water absorbent to prevent the cat from urinating. If you are afraid of hunger, put some cat food. It’s better not to let it sleep before getting on the bus, so that it sleeps in the car. Small animals should be taken with you.

       Beijing Spring Festival train consignment of small animals

       Due to the different local policies, friends from other regions should call and consult the local authorities.

       1. The owner should take the small animals to the local epidemic prevention station for physical examination within seven days after getting on the train. It is about taking the body temperature and injecting rabies vaccine (if you have been vaccinated with rabies vaccine in this epidemic prevention station recently and have a certificate, you may not need to note it), and then issue the “health exemption certificate”, “disinfection certificate” and “entry and exit certificate of county and city” for shipment. Note: the validity period of the three certificates is seven days.

       Rabies vaccine injection is about 50 yuan, other costs are not more than 50 yuan, that is, a small animal in the epidemic prevention station these costs do not exceed 100 yuan.

       2. Take small animals, cages (if the cage has requirements, urine can not be leaked), three certificates and tickets to the railway station 4 hours before the departure. The freight is 1 yuan / kg. Then you can get on the bus. There are many details about buying tickets, for example, it is better to be close to the baggage car to take care of the small animals nearby in time; considering the time of taking the animals into consideration, the owners should prepare enough food and water for themselves and the small animals.

       3. At the end of the holiday, when the animals are brought back, the shipment still needs three certificates. Therefore, when the owner has a pleasant holiday, don’t forget to renew the three certificates before shipment in advance.

       The train can check in pets.

       Requirements for vehicle consignment:

       1. Information about the living being consigned

       It includes pet species, age, basic habits, health status, feeding habits of water and food, etc., and it can also put forward the reasons and aspects that need special care.

       2. Packaging requirements and specifications

       It includes the weight of the dog or cat, the weight of the cage, and the total number of pieces. In addition, Wang also prompts you whether the other party ensures ventilation, whether there is a drinking fountain, and whether there are sewage measures.

       3. Related******

       The customer provides “animal health immunity certificate”, “quarantine certificate” and “carrier disinfection certificate”, totaling 3 certificates. In case of any shortage, the company shall specify the deadline.

       Extended data

       Regulations on railway passenger transport stipulates that:

       Article 52 the following articles shall not be brought into the vehicle:

       1. Articles prohibited or restricted by the state;

       2. Dangerous goods and ammunition stipulated in laws, regulations and rules and chemical products whose nature cannot be determined by the carrier;

       3. Animals and articles that hinder public health (including odor and other odors);

       4. Items that can damage or contaminate vehicles;

       5. Articles with specifications or weights exceeding those specified in Article 51 of these regulations.

       In order to facilitate the travel life of passengers, the following items are limited:

       1. 5 gas lighters, 20 small boxes of safety matches.

       2, no more than 20 milliliters of nail polish, light removing agent and hair coloring agent. Not more than 100 ml of alcohol, cold perm essence. Not more than 120 ml of mousse, hair gel, sanitary insecticide, air freshener.

       3. Guns worn by soldiers, armed police, public security personnel, militia and hunters on the strength of the gun holding certificate prescribed by laws and regulations.

       4. There were 20 newborn chicks.

       Baidu Encyclopedia – Pet consignment

       Baidu Encyclopedia – railway passenger transport regulations


       According to Article 67 of the railway passenger transport regulations, snakes, beasts and live animals with each head exceeding 20 kg are not included in the scope of consignment package (except for police dogs and animals designated for transportation by transport order).

       If citizens want to check in small animals such as cats and dogs, they must also meet the following conditions: first of all, the pets entrusted to them must be on the same train as their owners, and the trains for checking in pets must be equipped with luggage compartments. At the same time, passengers are required to present the pet immunization certificate issued by the * * gate.

       Extended data

       Pets can’t be carried into the train.

       According to Article 52 of railway passenger transport regulations, animals and articles that hinder public health shall not be brought into the train. Therefore, passengers are not allowed to carry pets or poultry on board.

       Even if they are lucky enough to avoid the inspection and take them on the train when entering the station, once they are found by the train staff, pets and poultry may be confiscated in accordance with the relevant provisions, and if they are found by the railway staff when they get off the train, they should also collect the package freight according to the regulations.

       Reference source: People’s Daily – a woman wants to take a 2-meter long pet snake to pass the security check by train, stunned by the crowd (photo)

       Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Pet consignment

       At present, except Hainan Airlines, which stipulates that dogs are not allowed to be consigned by Hainan Airlines, other airlines can also consign pets. First of all, you need to provide a quarantine certificate for your dog. Then you can buy an air box. Book the cabin with the cargo Department of the airline at least one day in advance, and check in at the airport three hours in advance.

       Yes, you can go to the China Railway Express next to the railway station for advice. Is it OK to transport rabbits? Dogs have to do it. Rabbits don’t have to. If you need it, you’ll have to go to the local animal husbandry bureau and tell him that you want to check it in the railway station, with a disinfection certificate and quarantine certificate. If he doesn’t pit you, it’s about twenty dollars. Then you take the goods to China Railway Express and say that it’s OK to check the goods. The price is calculated according to the weight. By the way, you have to buy a cage with a tray under it to catch the excreta. It’s really troublesome to ask the people of China Railway Express to give it to you directly, but he will charge more, about 100. No more than that. I have a dog, rabbits do not know the need for vaccination, if necessary, also take your vaccination certificate to go. What’s more, the train we’re looking for is one that needs freight cars. I hope it can help you.

       Rail transport (I’ve tried twice): with the master, in the cargo hold (optional). Two or three hours in advance. The freight is not very expensive, less than two yuan per kilogram. And a certificate of escort, 1 or 2 yuan.

       Road transport (1 time): can’t be with passengers, put in the luggage storage, ventilation conditions are not very good.

       The freight is about 100. It depends on the length of your journey. (it seems that there is no quarantine certificate)

       Air transportation (never tried): the freight costs, needless to say, are very expensive. Quarantine procedures are also cumbersome.

       No matter which mode of transportation is used, you should go to the recognized epidemic bureau to open a health certificate. When you go, don’t forget to bring your rabies vaccine with you. (those who do not have the certificate should go to the regular hospital area where the dog is vaccinated)

       1. The quarantine certificate (about 20 yuan) developed by the quarantine bureau should be taken to the station or airport. Only in this way can we allow shipment.

       2. There must be a cage. Water is not allowed in the carriage, but you can take it secretly. Or the dog will be very hard.

       3. On the train, you can not be with the dog, and have the same relationship with the conductor. It will let you go to the warehouse to see your dog.

       4. Quarantine certificate is valid, don’t issue it too early. It’s OK to leave in a week.

       5. You must call the station in advance to confirm whether the train number has a checked carriage.

       Have a good trip with your dog

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