Is it suitable for the elderly to keep cats

       For the elderly, it is more suitable to have a cat than a dog. Have you considered whether the elderly in your family are suitable for keeping a cat before raising a cat? I’ll analyze it for you. 1. Accompany the elderly: many children are willing to buy an animal and put it in the old man’s place as a substitute when they can’t go back often, hoping that the old man will not be lonely. But basically, what the elderly need is not pets, but their own children. Of course, if you insist on holding an object for the elderly. What should I do? Generally speaking, fish and birds are often raised by the elderly. The difference between them is that they are dynamic and static. It is the same with cats. As long as cats are sterilized, they are quiet animals. If you treat them well enough, you can trust them to take care of them. It is definitely a good choice to adjust their mentality. But what kind of old people are not suitable? First, the old people who are always sick in bed; second, the old people who love to be clean, but all the animals with long hair will lose their hair. If the old people complain all day and spend a lot of time dealing with the cat’s hair, it is better not to choose the cat, and the cat litter will be hung on the paw to get to the ground; third, the elderly with cat hair allergy; Fourth: for the elderly with heart disease and poor memory, cats are a very difficult race to serve. If the heart of the elderly is extremely fragile and needs to be recuperated, I personally don’t think it is suitable for such an old man to clean up the cat litter and buy food every day. Fifthly, for the elderly who have been mentioned some strict requirements before they agree to have a cat, some of their children prefer to be clean or have many things to do. They have mentioned a lot of requirements, such as not to let the cat into their own room, not to enter the kitchen, We can’t defecate, we can’t grab the sofa, we can’t go to bed, we have to keep them in captivity, and so on. All cat owners can’t help laughing when they hear these demands, because cats can’t do any of these things. Of course, if you only want to keep it in a cage, you’d better forget it. If you don’t exercise for a long time, the cat’s temperament will change greatly. Either is lonely and thin, or is manic and restless, which is dangerous for you. 2. Simple love: some old people just like cats, and they are also healthy. They clean up the litter, comb their hair, feed food, and talk to cats and cats every day. These things can make them happy and relaxed. There are many such old people who are super loving grandparents.