Is jinjila breathing heavily is she sick?

       Generally speaking, ginger (details) is a more gentle cat, breathing sound is relatively shallow. If parents suddenly find that jinjila’s breathing becomes heavy and shortness of breath, it is necessary to observe whether the cat is in a very emotional state. If the cat is in a very stable state, they should consider whether jinjila has a cold.

       If it is jinjila cold, this situation is relatively easy to treat. To deal with cat cold, expel cold and detoxify as the treatment principle, first of all, keep jinjila warm to avoid being cold again. If necessary, if you find your cat sneezing and runny nose, you can give your cat some pet specific cold medicine. If you don’t have it, temporarily use the cold medicine for children, such as Radix Isatidis and Radix Bupleuri, and then supplement some nutrients. Generally speaking, the problem is not big. It’s the best medicine for pets.

       In addition to the cold, more headache is the cat nasal branch, cat nasal branch is the cat’s upper respiratory tract infection is a very strong acute infectious disease, also known as infectious rhinotracheitis. The pathogen of the disease is feline rhinotracheitis herpesvirus. Under natural conditions, it is usually transmitted by respiratory tract and digestive tract. The early symptoms of the nasal branch of the cat are elevated body temperature, runny nose, tears and so on. However, for cats with nasal branch, the mortality rate is too high, and these symptoms are very similar to the cat’s cold (details), so we must pay attention to distinguish.

       If parents really can’t tell whether the cat has a cat’s nasal branch or a common cold, after all, the treatment methods are very different. It is suggested that parents should take them to a pet hospital for professional treatment, so as not to delay the treatment time of cats.