Is long haired Garfield easy to raise – Garfield or tabby?

       Don’t tease me upstairs – allogamy is an atavistic phenomenon. Garfield itself is a hybrid, and Meiji is matched with Persian cats. In addition, in the breeding process, after four or five generations, exotic short haired cats need to be hybridized with Persian cats to maintain some properties of Persian cats, such as thick limbs, flat face, etc.

       At the same time, because heterosexual short mothers have long hair genes, sometimes their babies are hairy, which is called exotic long hair. They are all very lovely. This is a normal pet

       Bed It’s not necessary, but I don’t want to have a cat fight!

       Grab the board It is the Savior of the housing enterprise and furniture. It is used to sharpen the sharp and short nails

       It’s a kind of sport. When the cat is happy, it will catch it

       Bag It’s convenient to take your cat to see a doctor

       Comb Comb your hair, long hair and short hair

       Toys If you don’t want to pay for it, just roll a piece of paper into an old paper ball

       Economic toys! An ordinary Bobo has to fight!

       Nail clippers Cut your nails, isn’t it

       Food, water bag If you choose something that is not easy to overturn, you should not choose something too deep

       Bedpan, litter and shovel POOP is a part of everyday life

       Ear wash, eye wash Do daily cleaning

       My family has two Garfield, always red tiger spot, the other pure white Garfield. Garfield’s face is flat, different from ordinary cats, so the lacrimal gland is a congenital problem. She loves to cry. The color of her tears is often reddish brown. Therefore, I need to buy a special lotion for wiping tears. What I bought is Yanjing + tear stain powder. I don’t want to mention the specific brand to avoid advertising suspicion. The red tiger spot is OK, the face has patterns, so the tear marks are not serious, pure white is not good, the small face often has to wipe the face. Moreover, Garfield’s nasal branch is not good, which is also congenital, and has certain relations with the lacrimal gland. However, there is no problem with good care since childhood. Keeping pets should be attentive and lazy is the best. Finally, two masters